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This Pre-Owned Exercise Bike from Nautilus is an excellent investment addition to your gym or fitness facilty. The Star Trac(R) Pro Upright Bike is designed to give you quality, non-impact, cardio workouts for years to come. The latest Life Fitness Lifecycle to hit the gyms is the Life Fitness 95RI Recumbent  Exercise Bike which has deluxe back support and seat, 11 Wide Ride™ pedal adjustments, side and front handlebars and a dual-level alphanumeric LED console. For the past 25 years, Technogym has been the leading producer of Gym and fitness equipment. The Technogym Bike Excite 700 is the perfect choice as it brings you the full enjoyment of natural pedaling.
The Life fitness recumbent Lifecycle trainer features a wider, more comfortable seat and a semi-recumbent Bike position that enables blood flow to the heart. The Technogym Recline XT recumbent bikes effectiveness of pedaling plus the comfort of a perfectly biomechanical seat makes the bike the most popular machine especially with women who want to stay fit. This model offers Star Trac®`s sleek design and styling, coupled with the smooth feel of the belt drive system. The Stairmaster exercise equipment Spinnaker 3600RC, offers the user ease of use, incomparable comfort and possible the most biomechanically correct bike on the market. Technogym Top XT Upper Body Bike breathes refreshing innovation into the cardiovascular exercise sector. The C846 Recumbent Bike is self-powered and cordless with a battery back-up to eliminate downtime.The 846 features a simple, sturdy design with a smooth, comfortable motion, ergonomically correct design that fits a wide range of body types and 20 resistance settings using a magnetic, no-contact alternator resistance system to give a consistently smooth workout.
Schwinn® exercise The Evolution®-SR spin bike offers industry-leading features including our patented Smart Releaseundefined system – a unique coasting feature.
The leg master works on hundreds of muscles in the lower body to raise your body against gravity to the top of the ramp provided by the rails.
Training computer: Jumbo LCD displays measurement of time, number of oar strokes, speed of strokes, energy consumption, total distance covered. The new Elite Bike combines waist-slimming cardio with the power of resistance training in one revolutionary machine.

Youmeijia Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd is a specialized trding coorperation which mainly sell products by Internet and export and import products. A couple of years ago aEurodesignerwas bored and was sick and tired of everyone whizzing around on aluminum scooters. An exercise bike resembles an ordinary bike but unlike an ordinary bike it is a stationary piece of exercise equipment.
An exercise bike has among other features saddle, pedals handle and ergometer used to measure the work done.
An exercise bike is used to achieve maximum workout unlike a true bicycle which is used for transportation but the two devices share a number of things in common.
For those who never rode a bike before and those who are preparing for the Olympics, the CYBEX 750C is the perfect exercise bike to train on. The Life Fitness 95RI features heart rate monitoring; Lifepulse™ hand sensors and Polar® telemetry and it has 29 workouts, including 5 Zone Training+™ workouts and Air Force PRT and Fit Test protocols. The saddle position and smooth flowing movement ensure optimal muscle involvement, whilst the technogym CPR System makes it simple to program the heart rate you want to maintain during exercise. This new slant on exercise makes stationary cycling easier for every rider.Top class level of  fitness equipment in Ireland Gyms. The angle of the backrest guarantees involvement of the upper buttock muscles while the configuration of the lumbar support eliminates spinal fatigue.
It is about as reliable as any of its competitors` offerings, and is as comfortable to own as it is to ride.
The 3600RC, offers a relationship between seat, pedals and handlebars that ensures balanced muscle involvement. Providing a totally comprehensive exercise movement for the muscle groups in the shoulders, arms and chest it is sure to inspire total fitness enthusiasts. The contoured seat design, offers comfort, and easy leg movement making it as renowned for its comfort, as it is for its reliablility. It offers a biomechanically correct relationship between the seat, pedals and handlebars that ensures balanced muscle involvement for maximum user benefit.

It features a simple, sturdy ergonomic design with a smooth, comfortable motion that fits a wide range of body types.
Climb on and experience body-sculpting, high-cardio cycling in the privacy of your own home. Climb on and experience exercise body-sculpting, high-cardio cycling in the privacy of your own home. We have been specializing in manufacturing scooter, fitness equipment, hardware tools and etc. And because they carry the Life Fitness name—and the quality and appeal that represents—they are a great foundation for many fitness facilities in Ireland and throughout the World. This commercial exercise bike is extremely reliable with sophisticated design, comfortable ride and superior performance. The most deconditioned user or rehab patient can use it safely because of the low power input requirement (20 Watts) and it goes up to a massive 900 Watts, All possible because of the CYBEX self-tensioning drive. It also boasts a distinctive design, and user-preferred features like our popular personal cooling fans, easy-up seat adjust, and intuitive pedal straps. User can select from up to 9 different languages and an integrated reading rack and accessory tray. Like many 5 star fitness centres and Hotels throughout Ireland and across the world.Technogym equipment gives an excellent return on your investment.
The C846 has 20 resistance settings and uses a magnetic, no-contact alternator resistance system to give a consistently smooth workout.
Nautilus assembled a team of cyclists and trainers to help push the envelope on performance and comfort while redesigning the exercise bike experience. Belt tension is important because a lot of belt tension is needed to create a high power training tool.

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