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I was doing some quick mental calculations to figure out how to make the run be exactly 17 miles and made a few changes as I ran. This entry was posted in Running and tagged early morning running, marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, Ridgefield, running, running in Connecticut, Running in North Salem NY, Running in Ridgefield CT, summer running on August 31, 2015 by Ward.
As always, my long runs are slow, about 90 seconds off my hoped for marathon pace so I was finding myself running about a 12 min mile. This entry was posted in Running and tagged distance running, early morning running, Marine Corp Marathon, running, running in Connecticut, Running in North Salem NY, Running in Ridgefield CT, summer running on August 4, 2015 by Ward.
Having missed my 12 mile run this past Sunday and not wanting to fall behind in the training, I finally got my 12 miles in (well, 12.5!) this morning!
I continued south to my turn point and then west a spell and then headed back north to begin my return leg. This entry was posted in Running and tagged early morning running, marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, Ridgefield, running in Connecticut, Running in Ridgefield CT, summer running on July 29, 2015 by Ward. Now, I cannot put off the 12 mile run so I must do it tomorrow Wednesday.I am doing the Hal Higdon Intermediate One Marathon Training program for the Marine Corp Marathon on October 25th and really want to follow it correctly. This entry was posted in Running and tagged distance running, early morning running, Marine Corp Marathon, outdoors, Ridgefield, running in Connecticut, summer running on July 28, 2015 by Ward. My family and I were blessed to have a nice vacation in the high country of Colorado over the July 4th weekend and into the following week! The next day, I headed out for a 4 mile run up the trail that goes from Frisco to Copper Mountain and then on to Vail Pass.
I gave myself a days rest and then decided to run south on the same trail system (Summit County trail system) towards Breckenridge. We finished out the last two days in Frisco and headed back down towards the Greeley area for the last 3 days of the trip.
This entry was posted in Running and tagged CO, distance running, marathon, running, running in Colorado, Running in Frisco, running in Summit County on July 21, 2015 by Ward.
Anyway, I am back with my 2015 goal of running the 40th anniversary Marine Corp Marathon with my daughter Kara! At some point, I will try to do race reports for each of the races listed above along with photos. I have been getting over a silly cold for the past two weeks which really killed any running to speak of.
I travel to Colorado on Thursday for 11 days so I will be reporting on runs from the trip soon!
This entry was posted in Running and tagged Connecticut Half Marathons, early morning running, half marathon, Hartford Marathon 2014, marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, running in Connecticut, Running in Ridgefield CT on July 1, 2015 by Ward. The last two weeks of July marked the start of my formal training for the Hartford Marathon this October (as I mentioned in my last blog).
Earlier in the week I ran my 7 mile run and found myself running past one of the remaining working farms in Ridgefield.
This entry was posted in Running and tagged Hartford Marathon 2014, marathon, Ridgefield, running, running in Connecticut, Running in Ridgefield CT on August 5, 2014 by Ward.
The plan is for 18 weeks which is a bit longer then I need and I was comfortable with half marathon distances (having run two this spring).
This entry was posted in Running and tagged distance running, Hartford Marathon 2014, Ridgefield, running in Connecticut, Running in Ridgefield CT, summer running on July 29, 2014 by Ward. This entry was posted in Running and tagged early morning running, Ridgefield, running, running in Connecticut, Running in Ridgefield CT on May 13, 2014 by Ward.
Over the past two years, I have been doing my own training plans for my half and full marathons. My goal is to use the equipment at the fitness center here on campus 3 times a week to build my core. Good intentions mean nothing without putting it out there in public and being held accountable So, I will work on logging my workouts and milage and weight as this gets started and see what happens!
This entry was posted in Running and tagged Danbury Half Marathon, distance running, running, running in Connecticut on May 8, 2014 by Ward. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Fitness Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Exercise Machines, Weight Equipment, Home Gyms, WELCOME TO PEAK FITNESS! A recent report by the Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project found that the Danbury Police Department conducted 6,182 traffic stops from Oct.
Overall, 2,479 resident stops were made in Danbury with 46.51 percent of these stops accounting for minority residents. It was very humid but only 81 degrees and as I was running around 9am, the sun wasn’t that strong yet. The 14 mile run should have happened this coming Sunday but I will be out of town traveling and I didn’t want to miss NOT doing the run!
When I got to the high point of the run (High Ridge Road, good name, right?), the sun was just rising. Had planned on doing a 12 mile run this past Sunday but I held off as I found myself dealing with allergies!
Of course, this will be the HOTTEST day of the heat wave Not too worried about the heat at 4:30 am but the air quality and humidity should be interesting. It was a wonderful time having all of us together watching the parade, fireworks, walking, and exploring! Totally pumped about this and looking forward to the start of my 2015 marathon training season.
It will be SUCCESSFULLY completed on Sunday October 25th in Washington DC when i complete my 9th marathon running the 40th MCM!!
The plan has me running about 36 miles a week (so far) and that was quite the jump up from my normal 20 to 25 miles. The clouds kept the temperature down to about 75 (vs the normal 85+ this time of summer) but the humidity was up there around 68%. After about two laps, I remembered how much I do NOT like running in circles (okay, ovals) and headed out across the lacrosse field to find a way back to the road. It’s called the The Hickories and it is very focused on Community Supported Agriculture. I am not running a scheduled one but I will run the Ridgefield Half Marathon route as if it was live and see what I can do with my time! Two years ago, when I ran the Air Force Marathon, I followed Hal Higdon’s Intermediate One Marathon plan and it served me well! No traffic (aside from those who have to be at work at 6am) and everything so quiet and fresh. I will get in at least one run in NYC and try to explore more the running routes along the East River like I did a year ago. I am going to find a good plan and apply those basic techniques to see how much improvement I can make in my times AND my recovery after.
Buy treadmills exercise bikes home gyms dumbbells ellipticals multi gyms treadmills fitness club equipment. Danbury’s minority population comprises 38.64 percent of its total population that is of legal driving age.Patch File PhotoWant more Danbury news? The vertical distance from the lowest point of the run (mile 5.2) to the top of Vail Lane is about a 200 feet over less than a mile. One small bowl of Cheerios later, I was out the door at 5:02 AM to find it a delightful 67 degrees! Love when that happens (I did sort of plan it that way ) Continuing north, I found RT116 and ran to the high school and then looped back east to Ledges Road and then south to find North Street and home. I can find a number of excuses on why I stopped blogging (burn out, tired, busy, etc) but, since no one reads this, who cares!
I modified my route to stay a bit closer to home and included the nice (and very FLAT) run along Lake Mamanasco. Having not run here since my daughter graduated from high school four years ago, I didn’t know they had installed a nice new high security fence (way over on the other side) and locked up the old gate that I used to go through to get to the field. Sometimes, flowers and closeup shots of things take precedence over scenic views (like when the weather is cloudy or I just can’t find something else to photograph!) Truth is, it is a nice excuse to stop and take a short break on the run as you need to take time to smell the flowers, right?
I had been back and forth in my mind as to which marathon to run this year and Hartford won out as it was the most convenient one to run this fall being only 50 miles away.

I still poked around at a few others but I like how he has laid it out and decided to give it another go this year.
Okay, for most of you, a 37 mile week is sort of a yawn thing but for me, at my age (62 just this past Saturday) it took a bit out of me (actually, it took a LOT out of me!) One key thing to point out is that both days were very high humidity (thankfully, they were cooler in the 80s).
No music, just the sounds of the birds (so many of them!!), watching the sunrise begin, and the feeling of starting the day off the right way.
I ran 6 miles yesterday afternoon at work so my legs weren’t as fresh as I would have liked but I still felt good. I love running at that time so this will work allowing me gym time at lunch on my non-running days. Yesterday was my 17 mile run and I messed up and hit the save button at around 2 miles on my watch. Given I was slogging along and NOT having fun at this point, I wasn’t going to give in so I made a sharp right hand turn and headed down Main Street to Copps Hill Plaza and then a left to head back up to North Street. Again, as I wasn’t really ready for the altitude, my pace was SLOW but I did it and felt good after. YES, I was slow and YES, I really felt it around mile 6 but I finished the run I was blown away that I was able to do that distance at that elevation with only 5 days at altitude. I know that isn’t true as there are some short distance workouts that would kill me (short term pain vs the long term pain of distance?). I did this last Sunday as well and it’s a delightful new addition to my running routes.
This exciting discovery, at around mile 11.5, convinced me that I had to backtrack around the complex to find someway out! Proper preparation will go a long way to having the strength to finish strong and recovery correctly. Core alone will make a huge difference and the expanded running will help with the weight loss.
Hitting that 100 mile mark felt good and I am quite sure that I will do so in August and September as I peak the training for October 11th. Only 3 miles from home, in all 15 years of my running in the area, I haven’t really used it as part of my distance training. I did about the same amount of training before the race including some good solid long runs over 13 miles in the weeks prior to the race.
I don’t think I will ever see my PR times from 2006 where I had my best 5K, half marathon, and marathon times ever.
I bounded up those steps, haha, NOT A CHANCE, rather I SLOWLY walked up those long step steps, to the top and regrouped to head home. Now, my time is S L O W compared to many runners but it’s MY time and I like to push against it and improve. The plan says 7 miles on Wednesday, 4 miles Thursday, REST Friday, and then 7 miles Saturday and 15 miles Sunday.
I REALLY hurt the next day (sore in many places I never was sore before) and I allowed myself another day to rest.
I pulled out some old books I purchased way back when I started running 15 years ago about how to train and prepare for half and full marathons and low and behold, I found I had forgotten SO much about the process. What I think I will try to do is 7 miles Wednesday, 5 miles Thursday, rest Friday, and then the normal weekend. True, I build up my millage and do all that stuff but I was NOT at all focusing on how to improve CORE strength, my stride, breathing, pacing, and so forth. SURPRISE, after only a mile, I was not feeling the love I pushed to get two miles in and called it a day. I have another half marathon on June 22nd and hope to run a full marathon this fall (still picking it).

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