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In the last week I have been researching the  top 20 hottest female personal trainers on the planet – it was tricky job, but someone had to do it! Rather than stick to the classic, solid weight lifting routines that many trainers like to adopt. Steph has experienced all areas of the fitness world, including having a years practical work in a Wellness Clinic. Steph also has 5 years training in Competitive Boxing and 7 years of State level Athletics. Previous article Paige Hathaway – Female Fitness Model Lower Body & Legs Motivation! March 13, 2012 By Jonathan Every morning I wake up and, after throwing on my awesome slippers, groggily open my email.
I decided to throw this question out to my Facebook family to see if I was the only one noticing it.
One of my favorite questions to ask groups of trainers at events I speak at is what their career aspirations are. In order to create large-scale change underground groups like GGS need to organize local groups who volunteer their time in local gyms and community centers teaching women to lift weights. Maybe a good way to start is for GGS to organize a contest or program where their beautiful and strong members send in videos. Female personal trainers constantly struggle to convince their clients that it’s ok to lift weights. There’s still some confusion over what it is, to blame is the epidemic called skinny fat.
That decision is they must choose between becoming a sexy female who also trains clients or a great trainer who also looks good. I understand that women want to look beautiful but there’s a difference between beautiful and sexy. Some also argue that movements like GGS have brought weight training for women to the mainstream. The result of what I’ve discussed above will be more serious female trainers on large industry platforms serving as role models. I expect a lot of feedback to this post and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.
It’s sexist because nobody asks a male trainer how much he can bench before asking for a spot.
The rest, like the idea that men want women trainers so they can have sex with them, and this is women’s fault because they encourage it, are just sexist and stupid and not worth responding to. Bulking and cutting have different rules for men and women, and even then need to be individually modified, i do not think I know how a guy feels when bulking, but honestly, I do not think I know exactly how another woman feels, she might respond completely different from me. Female trainers have a harder time, but so do all women in predominantly male professions, it runs way way deeper than just the fitness industry.
As a trianer, and a female trainer at that, I am finding myself trying to change the way both men and women do their trianing. What would be your suggestion to women who want to train their clients athletically that they can say to men to sell them on their services? The ball exercises work on balance, stability, body control, core strength, and engage a lot of stabilizer muscles. Can you point me to any articles that support the opinion that lifting heavy makes you slow?
As far as the ball thing goes, I totally agree with the idea of not training for strength with stuff like that.
I will be putting out another video that includes some of the other pull up variations, among other things. We hired some trainers over the Christmas break and our highest priority was to get a girl trainer but what we face is a lot of what you said.
Now the same goes for male trainers on the points above but I have found that there are more females receptive to change more so than males.
Somebody who finds the group already has the desire to lift weights and has been converted.
I’m a regular 24 yr old who works a full time job as a scientist and lifts for the love of it.
You obviously love what you do, and your co-workers and other people around you will see that. Let your results speak for themselves, be an example of how successful your training is and how happy it makes you, and be willing to talk to anyone who asks. I also think it’s important for us to share with them some of our weak sides as well. This greatest female personal trainers list contains the most prominent and top females known for being personal trainers. She helps her clients get into the best shape of their lives and helps them along every aspect of their journey. There she helped training many clients, of all sizes and ages, all this, whilst completing her third year of study in Exercise Physiology in Australia.
She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk as well, as visible by all her photos on her instagram. We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries.
This movement and ones like it currently act as a way for women who look good and lift heavy weights to celebrate their achievements with each other. These strong beautiful women need to branch out from behind a computer and show their faces to the public. I still remember speaking to a colleague who was visibly upset after she performed an initial consult. I also have a hard time believing that women can make effective trainers for men who’s goal is to bulk up. I’ve been privy to female trainers at my gym and friends of mine getting harassed by clients. On the other side of the coin there are brilliant trainers who also happen to be beautiful strong women. Well-tailored workout gear makes a fatty bum look somewhat well-shaped and a carefully chosen dress can hide lumps and bumps. It seems to me that every successful female trainer has a difficult decision to make that seriously alters their career path that men don’t deal with.

The first is the one right part of your article, that many simply don’t view it as a long-term career. I mean, you talk about sexist body image ideas and what’s the picture you choose to have at the top of your article? I was also a bit disappointed, do men really know about fatloss and weight gain when it comes to women? In the end we are all individuals and the most important thing is listening to your client . Women who are already confidently lifting heavy weights are promoting and contributing, and like your last post about making a difference states, this is not getting to the root of the issue. Keeping these things in mind that you mentioned will help keep those truly dedicated female trainers from caving into stereotypes and allow them to keep striving to be the best. It also allows the client to see that they can do things that they never thought they could do, and couldn’t do before training.
There is a high risk of injuring yourself that way when you put heavy weights into the mix. But I have to slightly disagree on the fact that groups like the GGS do not empower the women that really need it.
I think that underground groups like GGS are making some change but it’s not hit the mainstream yet. That way they don’t feel like what we have achieved is impossible for them to accomplish themselves.
There are thousand of females working as personal trainers in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones. These ladies may or may not be the best at what they do, but they make what they do look good, we know that for sure.
She has a very well received training plan that has helped over 200 people get amazing results. Steph has a body that had and will continue to spire hundreds of thousands of people to better themselves and go to the gym. All 3 groups were predominantly male with a couple females spattered throughout the group as per the norm.
It created a buzz and an underground movement that’s still ongoing with fantastic groups like Girls Gone Strong (GGS) leading the charge. Instead these videos should come from a softer side and focus on an introduction to weight lifting and how to get past the initial public ridicule. It’s going to take more than 10lbs of force to quickly pull the weight off of the client. While it’s inappropriate for any male to objectify their female trainer I would also argue that some female trainers are partially at fault.
Yet they work alongside girls who perpetuate this behavior and aren’t taken seriously. This makes it difficult for female trainers to sell women on strength training if they’re skinny fatness is already perceived as attractive. Once a beautiful and strong women takes sexy pictures they’ve decided to become a model first and a trainer second. With all the half-benches with feet in the air around, the simple truth is that many male PTs are, when it comes to the bench press, untrained. Even if the trainer have screwed up and put too much weight on the bar the client is still going to get hurt. There are completely different mechanisms at work here, do they understand what happens in a menopausal woman’s body, what the hormone imbalances every woman experiences feel like, how they influence your thinking and cravings for food, I think not. Unfortunately, there seems to be a divide in training and many still view it as a male oriented career. If women are serious about their job then they need to be a lot more careful about the gym they work at. As female trainers, we must reach out to show our female clients how to weight train properly and help them to understand the benefits of doing so.
With women it is that they don’t want to lift heavy, if at all, and they do cardio for 5 hours a day. Well, first of all, when you do new member workouts with guys train them that way and explain why you are doing the things that you are doing.
I think it is beneficial to not only work on strength and muscle building, but also include every major muscle group, balance, coordination, the stabilizer muscles, the core, stability, an elevated heart rate, movement, power, agility, explosiveness, flexibility, conditioning, variety, etc. Single leg exercises promote greater muscle growth and greater muscle strength because it works more muscles.
It’s a great strategy to use a video to attract new clients and your Facebook wall is definitely a good place to start.
I know cases where showing strong women like the GGS have made girls who were not lifting wanting to lift. Women still need to search out and find these groups or have an awesome mentor like yourself direct them to it.
Historic personal trainers have worked hard to become the best that they can be, so if you're a female aspiring to be a personal trainer then the people below should give you inspiration. These are my thoughts and I encourage you to put yours below in the comments section after reading the whole post. In my opinion a program like this would help to decrease the psychological barrier of entry for women. The only solution I can think of is to encourage gym owners to hire serious trainers or for talented female trainers to branch off on their own (which is what the women from the Facebook quote above did). Additionally it opens the doors for skinny fat women personal trainers to flirt their way to a full client list. In one of our famous 5 minute phone calls that lasts an hour we spoke about her having to deal with this very problem.
That trainer won’t have any job satisfaction or commitment from the client free of ulterior motives.
Additionally, walk into a gym and tell me you don’t see at least one pushing yelling to push one more. It alway scares me when men say they understand women and their bodies better than we understand men and it happens all sectors of society. Many find the idea of a female lifting weights or submerging herself in such an environment uncommon and odd. We have the ability to educate ourselves in whatever we choose, but people and stereotypes get in the way for some.

With men it is that they are always doing the same things like the bench press, arms, and all the upper body stuff that you can see in the mirror, and hardly ever, if at all work the lower body, and the other important muslce groups.
They were at the point where they could do a high amount of regular pull ups with ease so I gave them a new progression and made it challenging again for them. It is very important to do to get stronger, improve athletic performance, and improve body composition. You may argue that a Facebook group with over 12,000 likes shouldn’t be considered underground. My response would be that male trainers understand both fat loss and weight gain as they’ve probably tried to accomplish both themselves. Apparently male witers are better at writing about women than female writers are about men too. Hopefully the diligent ones will shine light upon their female clients and eventually saturate the media with such information.
I’m not saying that this goes for everybody, but for the majority of the general public. I throw it in there every once and a while to throw something different at the body and work things just a little bit differently. Posts, videos, and local groups focused on education and support will do a lot more to decrease the barrier of entry than showing off heavy lifts. Personally, I have felt uncomfortable in some gym environments to the point where I have been unable to train my client effectively.
I have a softball player who is a junior in high school that I made a video of training and I posted it on our gym website and my facebook page.
Using different pieces of equipment or changing an exercise slightly recruits muscle fibers in a different way. Some have contacted me and shared their fears about lifting or just asked the reason why they should lift. Michaels is best known for her appearances on NBC's The Biggest Loser and Losing It with Jillian.
I think it is beneficial to not only work on strength, but also include every major muscle group, balance, coordination, the stabilizer muscles, the core, stability, an elevated heart rate, movement, power, agility, explosiveness, flexibility, variety, etc. I got actually had a guy from the gym contact me and say he wanted to work out like that so he hired me. If your goal is to build muscle you actually engage your type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers with this type of workout, which are the ones that get the biggest anyways. There needs to be a balance of both to get the most powerful, useful strength and not just a bunch of excess muscle mass that effects your endurance and slows you down. We are not always going to be in a controlled and stable envirnoment like in the gym when we are in the real world.
Also please share this post, I want young female trainers to connect with the right networks early on in their careers. Interning at an amazing gym is helping me gain to confidence to learn how to design programs no matter what a person’s goals are. The purpose is to work on their posterior chain which is really important for runners and their ability to produce force off of the ground and be able to absorb the impact. Like with body building type lifting where you are lifting heavy at slow speed and with forced repetions.
Also, due to my attitude towards lifting, people who don’t personally know me but just added and followed me on Facebook are now approaching me for advice and want me to train them.
I find it hard to believe that men would ever be in this type of situation, you just don’t see a group of women eye raping a man, ever. In terms of being able to spot a 350 bench press, I’ll just hope that I have a strong man or fork lift on site to assist me in such a situation.
The band stuff with the legs was to work on their hip flexor strength because it was giving one of the guys problems last year during track season. The GGS kind of attitude is an eye-opener for women who really want to do something about themselves.
I have been underestimated many times because of my size and the fact that I am a women, but I have learned to get past these judgments and prove to my clients that I am worthy of their time.
The other band stuff was to allow them to be able to do explosive push ups to work on their power. After the conversations I have lately with a lot of them, if they are not serious about changing themselves, they won’t even make the time to be a cardio bunny. If they want a change, they will be open to what you are saying and become intrigued, wanting to learn and try it. Someone who does this type of workout will be able to do anything because they are covering everything physically that they need to work on. It’s important to change up what you are doing with clients, and I personally like to get them less dependant on machines and do the stabilizing themselves. It also gives you more room to change up what you are in doing besides just increasing the weight of the typical exercises you do.
I think a lot of athletes confuse body building techniques with with athletetic training and this is where they get into trouble. The clients who are athletes like challenges like that and it throws in something fun for them. Widely known for her series of fitness videos, she was appointed in 2006 by President George W. I think it is not only important to be strong, be also be able to do something with your strength. For example, I worked with a big, strong football player who was benching over 300 pounds and squating well over 500 pounds on a regular basis. He hired me to not work on what he was already doing, but to strengthen his stabilizer muscles.
For being as strong as he was, he couldn’t do any of the stuff that involved stability, balance, a lot of core strength, and full body strength. She has appeared on several reality-TV shows a€” and in 2013 she self-published the book Breakups Blow!
Since releasing her first fitness video in 1989, Friedrich has released over 190 fitness videos.

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