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Ever wish you could exercise in the comfort of your own home without the pain and problems usually associated with “normal” exercise equipment? In fact, studies have shown that the calories burned while using this product are at least double (and as much as 3 times) the amount burned when using a traditional treadmill. One of the best features of these machines is the ability to adjust them so they mimic a stepper, elliptical machine, or treadmill – or a combination of all 3. As anyone who has spent many boring hours on a treadmill knows, more flexibility and variety means more enjoyment. Now, to be totally honest, the WalkTC’s might not be the ideal machines for everyone  If you love to run, jog, or sprint you might be better off just buying a traditional treadmill (or simply going outside to a park or track).
Also, the new TC models are ideal for anyone recovering from sports injuries or back problems (which are becoming more and more common all over the world).
To get the maximum benefit from your own TreadClimber, be sure to ease into your workout routine and don’t try to do too much too soon.
Both TreadClimber machines and treadmills offer good workouts that can quickly boost your fitness levels. If you want a really cheap home workout machine, get a low-end treadmill or an inexpensive stepper device.

A designated staff member or supervisor must be present at all times the Facility is in use. It allows almost anyone, even those with knee and back problems, to get a great cardio workout without hours and days of post-workout soreness.
This is a huge benefit for those looking for an effective cardio workout that will burn calories and help with weight management in the most efficient way possible.
The new TreadClimbers actually help to increase workout motivation because of of their unique motion flexibility!
It will give you nearly all of the benefits of other machines without most of the negatives, all because of its unique low-impact motion design.
In fact, many professional and college level athletes use TreadClimbers as part of their sports rehab exercise routines. The exercise intensity levels can easily be increase by using the computerized adjustment controls built into the machines.
Even ellipticals, steppers, and stationary bikes can help get you fit if used on a consistent basis for several months.
White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant is to provide funds to local educational agencies to initiate, expand, and improve physical education programs in order to make progress toward meeting state standards for physical education.

Then you might want to seriously consider buying one of the new WalkTC TreadClimber models from Bowflex! The unique striding motion of the TreadClimber machines is like a combination of snowshoeing and hiking, allowing you to break a sweat and burn a lot of calories in less time (compared to a treadmill). People serious about losing weight and getting into great shape usually find the TreadClimbers the ideal solution for doing both. Also, for optimal fat and calorie-burning, try climbing without holding onto the handle bars.
They feature the same three-in-one motion flexibility the original Nautilus Mobia machines had. With prices now as low as $999 for the Bowflex TC5 model, it’s definitely worth your time to give these incredible machines a try. Of course you MUST be very careful before trying this because it’s easier to lose your balance!

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