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Futurama has developed a cult following partially due to the large number of in-jokes it contains, most of which are aimed at geeks. The Joke: Fry and the robot cop URL track down a traffic violator who turns out to be Erwin Schrodinger, the 20th century quantum physicist. The Joke: When Bender goes to Mars University, he runs into his old fraternity, Epsilon Rho Rho.
The Meaning: Epsilon Rho Rho is abbreviated as ERR, which is an abbreviation of "error," a reference to errors in programming.
The Joke: At one point, the Futurama crew walks through a gym, passing various people on various exercise equipment. To further clarify, LXIV is 64, Commodore 64 was an early and very popular personal computer.
Futurama contains several jokes about the Hardy–Ramanujan number (1729, the first taxicab number, one that is expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways). First explanation is inadequate, second one is plain wrong and misses the point completely. I liked the post as this is a collection of a lot of jokes and they set fit on the cartons involved .
We previously ran articles on the disturbing truth behind costumes from The Next Generation and Troi's cleavage . When I was a kid I made Wolverine claws using paper towel tubes, rubber bands and metal coat hangers. The Flash   (2014) -  Chad Rook as Mark Mardon Check out the greatest villains of the Flash TV series! Meaningful use (MU) intents, may have unintentionally produced meaningless use for a group of health care consumers. According to, Chun & Patterson (2012) 20% of the US population is expected to be older than 65 years by 2030.
Chun & Patterson did a study conducting usability testing on the interface of an internet-based telemedicine system between younger and older adults.
In Hong Kong, two researchers, Or & Tao conducted a study verifying the usability of the self-management system developed for older adults with chronic illnesses.
After conducting a literature search using the terms, MU, Health IT, usability and older adults, there appeared to be gap in literature. Usability of health care technology is important for older adults because it can have implications for quality and effectiveness of health care. The question I leave my readers to ponder, “Will older adults have the capability to use health information technology to better their health outcomes after all stages of MU has been implemented, when so many designer flaws exist”? From Paper to eHealth – What’s Current in Health Informatics Usability for Senior Citizens?
Milt is the seminal fluid of aquatic animals (like mollusks) who reproduce by spraying it onto eggs. Each line in BASIC is numbered, and the term "GOTO" tells the program to go back to the line number that comes after it.

Bender pronounces it gibberish until he looks in the mirror and sees "1010011010." He runs off screaming. However "1010011010" translates to 666, which is commonly referred to as the Number of the Beast and associated with Satan.
The implication is that the woman is working this muscle, and has the machine inserted in herself. I liked the joke related to ERR as how they are being made fun of and i really appreciate that joke as one of the most 11 nerdiest jokes.
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created MU for several beneficial purposes, the improvement of health care delivery efficiency and quality, cost effectiveness and patient safety. Online access to health information is a positive development; studies have shown that people with chronic diseases who use the internet have better self-care practices than those who do not. This predisposes this vulnerable population to usability issues which can restrict their access and use of internet based health information.
Older adults had a longer task completion rate and time compared to their younger counterparts. They reported the following technological usability issues, ineffective system design, lack of ease of use and convenience of access, and a mismatch between the system features and the needs, expectations and characteristics of the users.
Nonetheless, there has been a few previous studies on the subject that included general guidelines to reduce usability issues. In today’s society for optimum health, health care consumers are expected to participate in their treatment by communicating online with their providers, use online medical diaries, access their electronic medical records in addition to being able to seek, find and understand and appraise health information to address or solve a health problem.
First, most members of these groups are experiencing a decline in their physical and cognitive abilities, making it more difficult to interact with technology. Here's His Queen Audition This 12 Year-Old Girl Mastered Dubstep Dancing In A Year By Watching YouTube Videos This 15 Year-Old Girl Absolutely Crushes Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' He Wanted To Remove The Popcorn Ceiling.
The idea that it could be found in a couple of books, tucked away into a closet is kind of like the Mona Lisa in a broom closet. In other words, if this were a BASIC program, it would read "Home Sweet Home" in an endless loop. As the name implies, strong force is the strongest of the four, responsible for holding together subatomic particles at the nuclei.
Time travel code is missing, complete with symmetry so that Fry can read it from his behind while looking in a mirror.
If all objectives are met, MU has the capacity to offer all health care consumer’s better access to their medical records, the ability to communicate electronically with health care providers and the power to be more actively engaged in their health care process. Since older adults with chronic illnesses require constant self and professional care, reliable timely health information is essential for their well-being. However, an assortment of skills are required for patients to use the internet in relation to health information. Thus, when other health care consumers are using health information technology to manage and improve their health care, some older adults will be left behind due to usability barriers. To avoid negative outcomes they believe that designers should evaluate and verify system usability during the early stages of system development.

It’s obvious that those who are unsuccessful in accessing and using health information technology will be segregated from the ones who can.
Second, many technologies are not made accessible for these peoples, making it difficult to use.
A usability gap between older adults and younger adults on interface design of an Internet-based telemedicine system . Usability Study of a Computer-Based Self-Management System for Older Adults with Chronic Diseases. Since we can't know which happened without opening the box, the cat is both alive and dead until we open the box. In case you were wondering, the Pauli Exclusion Principle states two electrons can't have the same four quantum numbers. To the average health care consumer MU appears appealing, until you consider the impact it may have on many older adults.
With the implementation of Meaningful Use (MU), older adults will be expected to be effective and efficient with using the internet for a variety of their health needs when living in the community. Individuals’ must be competent in operating and navigating the internet as well as finding and judging health information via the internet (Journal of Medical Research (2013). Reliance is placed on web designers to be sensitive to the needs of older adults and produce web sites that are user friendly.
They had a difficult time with the graphics, color contrast, small letter size and thin letters in the men bar. They placed emphasis on two usability evaluation techniques, primarily end-user testing and heuristics evaluation. This is probably a result of web designers placing too much emphasis on learned information.
But apparently, not that strong, since Zoidberg gets it all over himself, and manages to get it off.
They also tended to have more problems with deciding where to click to go to the next step.
As a result of their study they concluded to improve usability, web designers should have a consistent design principle, limit menu choices, use graphs that are designed to improve the older adult’s ability to pair information, improve readability by using high image resolution, and to replace medical terminology with plain, non-technical terms. This study concluded that interface designers need to provide more organization and structure for the massive amount of health related information. In an oft-cited article about designing for usability, Gould and Lewis point out the limitations of learning about an audience through intermediaries (e.g. They recommend a medical terminology dictionary or glossary on the homepage, a well-organized menu structure as well as concise and clear labeled contents for websites to be user-friendly for older adults.

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