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FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- Rows of authorized Nautilus exercise equipment fill the weight room at the Fort Shafter Physical Fitness Center.
FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii - Workout warriors at the physical fitness center, here, could have more room to exercise in the near future, should a planned expansion project receive the necessary funding from the Army. The Fort Shafter Physical Fitness Center built in 1973 and located in Building 665 along Chapplear Road, is too small to meet the growing demands of those who utilize the facility according to project supporters.
The Army has taken steps to address Soldiers' concerns for improved conditions at the existing physical fitness center. However, Antonio cautioned that while the recent call for a request for proposal remains a positive sign for Fort Shafter's workout warriors, the reality is that funding may still not be available in the immediate future.

Thus, once a project receives funding approval from the Army, the appropriated monies are rarely withdrawn. According to Antonio, the expansion of the Fort Shafter fitness center is seen as an interim step until a larger fitness center, currently planned for Rice Manor neighborhood, can be constructed. In October of 2008, for example, the Fort Shafter facility converted one of two racquetball courts into a dedicated cardio room, equipped with 17 cardio theater treadmills and elliptical machines.
Should the project be approved, the expansion would begin sometime late next year and add roughly 1,800 square feet to the weight room training area, and pave the way for new fitness equipment to be installed. Sierra Vista Apartments vary in size and amenities, but you’ll find ours to be among the best.

Army-Pacific, G3 Branch, gives his back muscles an early morning burn on the rowing bar, during a workout at the Fort Shafter Physical Fitness Center, Dec. As a result, gym users have to carefully navigate their way around the machines in close quarters.

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