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Expressive or receptive aphasia can occur after stroke and impairs one's ability to express or understand language. There are also phone and tablet apps that can be used to help with speech difficulties or act as assistive communication device. Besides the home exercise equipment mentioned above, one can also use simple items around the house for therapy exercises. Doctors, physical therapists, and researchers continue to discover the benefits of regular stroke exercise for your stroke rehabilitation.
Fort Hays State University travels to the mealsites in Northwest Kansas demonstrating exercises appropriate for seniors.
Programs on medication management and the benefits of preventative health services are presented at local senior centers throughout northwest Kansas. The NWKAAA has provided Fort Hays State University's Stroke Research & Rehabilitation Center with a grant that has allowed them to purchase a NuStep.
Donate durable medical equipment or make a financial contribution to NWKAAA to help seniors in northwest Kansas.
There are two categories of products that may be helpful to a patient who has suffered a stroke.
For many stroke survivors a great deal of progress is made during their stay in hospital, where they can benefit from specialist equipment and daily exercises with a trained physiotherapist. A gym ball is a cheap piece of equipment, which although requires a fair amount of space, with regular use it can really help improve balance and core stability. To assist with independence during everyday activities, there’s a huge range of equipment, both small and large. For many patients, being able to access the bathroom, and their bedroom independently is an important priority. There’s a variety of different cushions and posture supports, that can help make the return to everyday life more comfortable for the patient. Eating and drinking is an everyday task that adults take for granted, but is frequently affected by a stroke. There are also dozens of small independence enhancing gadgets that can help with dressing, preparing food, even squeezing toothbrush from the tube and holding a hand of playing cards. Speak with an occupational or physiotherapist, or contact a local stroke support group, before you make your purchases. Guest Post By Acorn Stairlifts, providers of stairlift advice, and experts in the manufacturing and installation of stairlifts. An at-home regimen of stroke rehabilitation exercise with Theracycle can help stroke sufferers make strides in the stroke rehabilitation process and can be a powerful compliment to your regular stroke rehabilitation sessions.
The way it is designed with the area between the handlebars and the seat makes it is effortless to get on or off. If you would like to set an appointment for a presentation please call us at 1-800-432-7422.
This is a special piece of equipment that allows stroke patients to exercise both their healthy side and the affected side by strapping the feet to the foot pedal and tying the hands to the arm poles with a wrap. The first is adaptive equipment, that helps make adjustments to their environment in order to allow for greater independence.
But the road to recovery is a long one, and small items of exercise equipment at home, use regularly can help speed up the process. When the exerciser is placed on the table, the patient can turn the pedals with their hands, which strengthens arms and chest muscles. Initially the patient practices just sitting on the ball while watching TV or reading a book. Think about the areas of the patient’s life where they would most like to regain their independence, and seek out suitable equipment for that first.
If they are living in a house with stairs, investing in a stairlift can help the patient enjoy all areas of their home once more. Swivel cushions, which make getting out of the car easier are especially useful, as are wedge shaped cushions, which can be used as back support when sitting in most chairs. There are hundreds of different items to make mealtimes easier, such as non-slip bowls and plates, and cutlery that can be strapped to the wrist for improved stability. They will be able to advise on what equipment will best suit the patient’s needs, and whether there are any funds to help you purchase it, or organizations you can hire items from.
The rugged construction of the bike provides a stable base so you feel secure and supported in your efforts, while a whisper-quiet ? horsepower motor assists your movement as you ease through your daily workout with increased mobility, energy, and renewed confidence. Since the effort of the motorized pedals is adjustable, I can set the effort level to be as hard or soft as I feel up to as well as the amount of time I choose to have a bicycling session. Exercising helps to reduce the risk of clots, which in turn reduces the risk of another stroke.
The second is rehabilitation equipment that helps the patient improve strength and coordination, in order to regain skills lost by the stroke. With the exerciser down on the floor, it is pedalled like a bike, to strengthen leg muscles. Once they are comfortable doing this, they may progress onto alternately lifting each foot off the ground, which works the abdominal muscles even harder.
These little adaptations help the patient resume everyday life, which is an essential part of the recovery process. In addition, an Exercycle representative may follow up to ensure that you received our quote and to answer any questions that you may have about the Theracycle.
Sit on the comfortable seat while the Theracycle Smart Motor leads your body through a complete exercise program at exactly the speed and time you set for yourself.
This repeated motion of working both sides of the body in harmony, helps improve bilateral coordination, an essential skill for performing any task that involves both halves of the body.

The NWKAAA has provided funding to FHSU to help provide this service to those who are unable to afford it. Whether you need a fitness program for seniors or stroke patient exercise, the Theracycle motorized exercise bike is the perfect piece of senior fitness equipment.
And the added benefit of the serotonin rush produced has relieved the depression with which i have suffered since the stroke. It is also a good way for a stroke victim to exercise.The Theracycle is a great way to implement a fitness program for seniors as it lets you set the pace.
The extra powerful motor engages smoothly, gently moving your arms, legs and shoulders, working the knees and elbows, and stretching the back. It is practically impossible to get the benefits of a weight loss regimen without doing regular exercise. Stroke patient exercise is imperative to recovery and the slow pace helps any stroke victim to exercise easily. Even though the motor does all the work, your muscles will get an excellent workout from our motorized exercise bike.
After using a Theracycle motorized bike, you'll likely to feel invigorated and more energized. The motor only engages if it detects that your arms or legs need assistance to stay on pace with your selected routine. This a€?smarta€? feature is especially advantageous for people with severe physical restrictions who are just starting an exercise program as well as for those whose goal is continuous exercise over a longer period of time. Either way, this feature enables you to push your limits, using your own energy to build strength, endurance and flexibility. The Best of BothWhether you choose to do all the work, or let the motor help do the work for you, the Theracyclea€™s a€?Smart Motora€? design is a smarter way to exercise, no matter what your level of strength or endurance.
Easy to use and durable, the Theracycle 200 has a heavy duty frame that won't tip or vibrate like other exercise bicycles. Smart Motor - Quiet, powerful motor helps you do the work or allows you to work at your own pace. Rugged Construction - Steel frame, wide legs and low center of gravity for maximum stability and safety. It is an exercise bicycle that provides you with all of the exercise therapy you need.No other exercise machine is designed to provide exercise for the disabled and for obesity exercise. The Theracycle is the right equipment for anyone trying to get into shape but not capable of strenuous exercise. The Theracycle gives you the chance and mobility to get fit, no matter what your condition. However, the Theracycle is the perfect exercise equipment for the disabled, stroke patients, heart disease and rehab therapy.
The Theracycle passive exercise machine is specifically designed as a type of passive exercise equipment specifically designed with your safety, confidence and comfort in mind.Part of healthy stroke and heart disease therapy is to get exercise. Theracycle's the perfect passive exercise machine for those recuperating and in need of rehab therapy. Start feeling better with the help of bicycle exercise, the equipment to get your strength back is right here.Theracyclea€™s completely open step-through area makes getting on and off the exercise bicycle easy and safe.
The seat is extra wide for greater support and height-adjustable to help you achieve the perfect exercise position. The pedals are also ergonomically designed to hold your feet comfortably yet firmly in place. And the Theracycle can be stopped instantly with the touch of a button or a pull of the safety cord. Home Exercise Equipment for the DisabledIdeal for Cerebral Palsy Exercise or Multiple Sclerosis TherapyTheracycle home exercise equipment can help you meet the challenge of making yourself stronger and help you gain more control over your condition.
With Theracycle's unique motor helping you do the work, exercise for the disabled is not only a realistic option, it's easier than you ever imagined! As your level of fitness increases, you can adjust the Theracycle's setting to allow your muscles to do even more. It's ideal for Cerebral Palsy Exercise, and Multiple Sclerosis Therapy and other exercise for the disabled.
And now the Theracycle Smart Motor makes it so easy, especially for passive exercise, disabled exercise and range of motion therapies--as many will tell you.
Senior Fitness, Arthritis Exercise and Physical Therapy ArticlesActress Kathleen Turner said it best in her November 2002 on-line chat with Arthritis Foundation Web site visitors.
Here youa€™ll find articles about the importance of arthritis exercise, senior fitness, multiple sclerosis and exercise, stroke therapy, and many others. If you have Multiple Sclerosis and exercise equipment is too difficult for you to handle, the Theracycle is the best Multiple Sclerosis exercise bike you can buy and the best alternative for stroke therapy. Multiple Sclerosis exercise doesna€™t have to be impossible anymore.Full Body Exercise is Now an Option!If you are living with Multiple Sclerosis and exercise was impossible for you, your problem is solved! Anyone who is suffering from an ailment will get his or her much needed exercise with our physical therapy equipment. Regardless of whether ita€™s needed so people can get their multiple sclerosis exercise or Arthritis physical therapy, Theracycle can help.
Our users have purchased their Theracycle for many different reasonsa€”Arthritis exercise for Arthritis physical therapy, Multiple Sclerosis exercise, Parkinsona€™s disease exercise, along with other disabilities that limit their ability to exercise. Now theya€™re able to get the exercise they need from the comfort of their own home!You, too, can use the Theracycle to gain control of your disability and get the exercise you need to live a more active lifestyle. Let Theracycle physical therapy equipment give you the opportunity to feel better and live better. The Theracycle 100 is like having a live-in therapist so users can enjoy exercise therapy every day.

Now, you can get a full lower body workout whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home.The Theracycle 100 delivers the benefits of a cardiovascular workout and lower body movement to people who have trouble getting the exercise they need. Ita€™s ideal for people who are wheelchair-bound or have limited mobility as a result of Parkinsona€™s Disease, Aging, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Stroke, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Cord Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Obesity, Cerebral Palsy and other debilitating disorders.
Use the Theracycle 100 for wheelchair exercise and fitness, while sitting in a chair or remaining in your wheelchair. The Theracycle 100 Leg Exerciser joins the Theracycla 200 Full Body Exerciser in the family of Theracycle products. Theracycle is the successor to the famous Exercycle used in the White House by Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower and by hundreds of thousands of Americans.
Theracycle 100 is offered directly by the Exercycle Company, and is available now at an introductory discount. If you are not thrilled by this machine, you may return it within 30 days, in its original carton, for a complete refund (less shipping charges). Theracycle PRO Physical Therapy Bike has been shown to increase motor control, functional mobility, strength, and balance for patients who have difficulty getting the exercise they need for physical therapy and overall wellness.
With Theracycle exercise equipment, you can train your body and brain to keep moving and stay flexible while performing your Parkinsona€™s disease exercises.
Our whisper-quiet bikes feature a powerful A? horsepower motor that pushes you through your daily ride as an integral part of your Parkinsona€™s exercises.
Theracycle exercise equipment for multiple sclerosis exercises can help patients maintain the drive to stay fit and active. Our motorized technology actually assists MS patients through their exercise regimen so they can enjoy an at-home workout with confidence.
An at-home regimen of stroke rehabilitation exercise with Theracycle can help stroke sufferers make strides in the rehabilitation process and can be a powerful compliment to your regular stroke rehabilitation sessions. Using the Theracycle on a regular basis for spinal cord injury exercise will help to reduce tone and spasticity, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. Theracyclea€™s unique motorized technology allows you to continue doing your arthritis knee exercises in the convenience of your own home, helping you maintain overall mobility and find arthritis relief.
Our whisper-quiet exercise bikes boast a powerful A? horsepower motor that aids your movement as you pedal through your daily ride. With Theracycle exercise equipment for seniors, you can stay healthy, increase your energy, and even reduce leg and joint stiffness. Our whisper-quiet exercise equipment features a unique Smart Motor that aids your leg movement as you ease through your daily senior fitness routine. Loss of feeling, pain and fatigue are all serious challenges that can derail diabetics, but Theracycle exercise equipment can help you increase your circulation and reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Our unique motorized technology actually assists you through your diabetes exercise regimen. Theracycle home exercise equipment was created specifically for people who lack the strength and stamina to use traditional exercise equipment. Now with the Theracycle you can exercise again.Choose from the Theracycle 100 leg exerciser for a lower body workout with easy access from a wheelchair or chair. Or opt for a full body workout that engages your legs, arms, and torso with the Theracycle 200.
This training was of great interest to me, so I began researching the equipment and found Theracycle, a unique exercise bicycle for those who have difficulty getting the exercise they need. Unlike conventional exercise bicycles, Theracycle has a whisper-quiet motor that moves the pedals with you, helping you get the gentle exercise you need. Albertsa€™ study to Falcon Physical Therapy and asked Marc to follow the same protocol for me as was done in the study. My Theracycle workout includes a 10-minute warm-up, 40 minutes at maximum speed, and a 10-minute cool down. I had some improvements on the upper body and marked improvements on the lower extremities. Before beginning any exercise program, therapy program or other, consult with your healthcare professional to avoid potential harm with an inappropriate application for a particular problem.
Please read this declaimer before commencing with any application.A Exercycle and Theracyle Over the YearsIn 1932, a New York City mechanical engineer designed a motor-driven stationary bicycle for his wife who had a neuromuscular disorder. His hopes were that by helping her maintain constant, full-body motion, it would help alleviate her muscular ailments. His invention worked so well that it soon attracted the attention of others who wanted to keep fit but lacked the strength or endurance.
This machine, later named Exercycle, became the exercise method of choice for more than one hundred thousand people. Over the years, fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life have discovered the Exercycle a€” from Presidents FDR and Eisenhower, to screen stars John Wayne and Jane Fonda. Everyone benefited from the antique Exercycle's combined movements of swimming, rowing, cycling, chin-ups, and calisthenics in one efficient and fluid workout.
The Theracycle is one of the most advanced and effective therapeutic exercise devices ever developed for the rehabilitation market.
Until Theracycle, there was no affordable way for people with disabilities to safely benefit from a regular, full-body exercise program at home.
The Theracycle has also helped people speed their recovery from knee or hip injuries, surgeries, or replacements.We invite you to read on and learn more about Theracyclea€™s many features.
We are proud to offer a product that can help people searching for ways to improve the quality of their lives.

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