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Ed Sackfield Fitness Studio has expanded its selection of exercise equipment for people with a disability thanks to a generous donation from the Richmond Hill Mobility Accessibility Foundation. As the industry leader, Cybex embraces the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) standards, and we lead the industry with our latest accredited Total Access equipment.
Meet the needs of exercise enthusiasts who have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments.
Choice of upper and lower handle positions caters to wheelchair users who cannot adjust seat height, shorter users and those with reduced balance, who can then maintain full foot contact with the floor. Eight position reversible chest pad ensures a full range of movement is achieved by both tall and short users. Large seat base offers more stability and confidence for older users as well as those with reduced trunk stability. Top mounted input arm pivot position maintains the natural body movement of a gradually descending hand position during the movement. User accessible weight stack offers ease of weight selection from seated exercise position. Weight stack with low start weight and integral three-position Twist Select systems offering 2.5 kg increments is suitable for inexperienced and older users. SciFit Adjustable Position Upper Body Ergometer Exerciser, one of the ADA-compliant fitness machines in the Advanced Exercise Equipment catalog. Everyone can benefit from regular exercise and staying physically fit, even if they’re permanently or temporarily disabled. The latest revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will require fitness and exercise facilities to be accessible to the handicapped and to make at least some of their equipment accessible to those with physical disabilities by March 2012. Fitness facilities – at least ones which can be defined as “public accommodations” under U.S. Fitness and exercise facilities, however, face special challenges in complying with ADA guidelines.

As for the machines themselves, they should be accessible and usable by all of a facility’s patrons to the fullest extent possible. The fitness consultants at Advanced Exercise Equipment can help you build or modify your facility to be ADA compliant and welcoming to patrons of every kind. Locking plunger adjustment on swing away seat allows easy access for wheelchair users and one-handed seat adjustment for users with limited mobility. Upright seat back support (10?) allows wheelchair user to maintain stability with heavier weights.
User Accessible Weight Stack offers ease of weight selection from seated exercise position. Weight Stack with low start weight and integral three-position Twist Select systems offering 2.5 kg increments is suitable for inexperienced and older users.
Top mounted exercise pivot position ensures correct biomechanical chest press movement from the hinged lever arm pivoting at the top.
Choice of upper and lower handle positions caters to wheelchair users, shorter users and those with reduced balance.
Arm And Leg Exercise Equipment For Disabled Or Elderly As Seen On TV, View arm and leg exercise equipment, ODM,OEM Product Details from Dongguan Esino Technology Co., Ltd. Many people who must use wheelchairs for mobility or have other physical limitations still participate in aerobic exercise and cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and weight lifting. The new regulations were adopted more than a year ago, but operators of affected facilities were given 18 months to comply. They must figure out how to make sure patrons who have physical limitations can participate in inherently physical activities to the fullest extent possible. Because those in wheelchairs need a little more space than someone who is on foot, there must be an accessible route by which wheelchair users can navigate through the entire public area of any facility. If there are no legitimate safety issues that could preclude a disabled person from using a particular type of machine, there should not be barriers to prevent him or her from doing so.

Our consultants can provide free layout and design services for your facility and recommend just the right mix of equipment for it. It is recommended for people with restricted movement, as it can be used while sitting in a chair or wheelchair to exercise and loosen leg muscles.
Owners and managers of fitness clubs and other exercise facilities should keep this in mind when designing exercise space, choosing equipment and laying out all aspects of their facilities.
Many of these are considerations that every other kind of business also has to take into consideration under the ADA and other laws. That means a continuous path through the facility at least 36 inches wide (although 48 inches is highly recommended) and turnaround areas where necessary of at least 60 inches diameter.
In many cases, this simply means having a bench or seat that folds or moves out of the way to allow someone sitting in a wheelchair or scooter to position themselves to use the equipment. AEE is a top supplier of commercial fitness equipment, including quality reconditioned used commercial fitness equipment.
The MOTOmed joins two other machines currently available for persons with a disability at Ed Sackfield Fitness Studio. That includes routes by which a wheelchair can approach exercise machines; in other words, all of the machines can’t be spaced so closely together and close to the walls that a wheelchair user can’t get through to at least some of them. Wheelchair-using patrons, after all, can engage in many upper-body exercises as long as they’re not unnecessarily blocked from doing so.
The ADA regulations specify that at least one piece of equipment of each type – cardiovascular and strength – will have to meet these accessibility guidelines.

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