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Watch the video to see why this message was left for parents to hear when they called their child's school in Australia. So can we all take a moment and appreciate how glorious the long con this 'yo-yo master' pulled off without a hitch?
PS: A Mark is also from Wisconsin so I proclaim Mark to currently be the biggest Wisconsin celebrity.

Reporter covering tornado damage in Texas, this dog remains calm & cool through the whole thing,.
Her recent video post of her oldest Millie singing Queen in the car and telling her parents to stop singing too is adorable. These parents told their 4 year old that they had a surprise for him and said they were taking a trip to a broccoli farm so they could hide that they were actually going to the circus.

A Anyone that can make his rounds on live tv and make the anchors this obviously uncomfortable immediately deserves my respect.I mean,A do these TV stations even do the slightest bit of research on who's going to be on their live morning show?

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