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Exercise bikes, also known as stationary bikes, are a great way to get an excellent cardiovascular workout at home when it best fits into your schedule. There are two general types of exercise bikes for home use: upright bikes and recumbent bikes. In the end, choosing a recumbent bike or an upright bike is ultimately a matter of preference to the user. Several different brands of exercise bikes exist today and they range greatly in cost and quality.
Diamondback has been a major BMX bicycle retailer since the 1970's, and today they also offer a line of indoor cycles at their Diamondback Fitness website. On closer review, however, it appears that the Indoor Cycle options have a bit more of a forward lean, along with handlebar extensions to support the rider's forearms.
HealthRider makes a small variety of exercise bikes that will give you an entertaining and affordable workout. Twenty years later the new lines of fitness equipment from HealthRider provide a unique, low impact workout using new technology. One of the features we liked about the HealthRider exercise bikes is their attention to the customer.
You can expect a very good workout from a HealthRider exercise bike, especially for the novice rider.
HealthRider has been around a long time and has built up a large number of satisfied customers. Horizon Fitness is a modern home exercise equipment company that has a huge selection of exercise bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines and elliptical machines. ViaFit allows the athlete to record and track workouts online at the ViaFit website, while the Passport system allows the synching of high definition action footage with any workout. Horizon has all three types of exercise bicycles; the recumbent and upright styles as well as the more traditional indoor cycle which they break down into their comfort series and elite series products. Xterra is a fitness equipment retailer that focuses on providing sleek, modern exercise equipment that is both attractive and durable. The biggest drawback we could see in the Xterra exercise bike line is that there are only two models to choose from. The bikes themselves are well built and have the standard features most exercise bikes in this price rage would have. The testimonials from consumers who have purchased an exercise bike from Xterra are very positive for the most part. Each exercise bike comes with preset workout programs, time, speed, calories tracker and heart sensors. Priced a little higher than many other exercise bikes in our review, we liked the quality and warranty but would have liked a little more information on the equipment to feel comfortable with this size of a long term investment. We liked the customer service team at LifeCORE Fitness and they answered our questions quickly and effectively. Sports Art Fitness exercise bikes feature state-of-the-art displays that can monitor both cardio and weight loss goals. Pro-Form is a high selling brand of fitness equipment in world, with more sales of treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and fitness equipment than any other brand. With Pro-Form having sold thousands of exercise bikes it was easy to find customer feedback on their products. Unfortunately we found several accounts of construction issues, a developed vibration, and serious belt issues. Some of the bells and whistles of the NordicTrack exercise bikes make them attractive, especially given the cost of the equipment.
Gold's Gym started in 1965 and has since expanded globally to a well respected commercial gym for serious body builders and exercise fanatics. Gold's Gym exercise bikes are super low priced and as a result seem to come with a lot of issues. Priced well below the average for home exercise bikes, we weren't surprised that the quality of the equipment was less than satisfactory. We found several complaints of Weslo exercise bikes falling apart within the first week of use. Horizon Fitness is a maker of home fitness equipment that offers a wide selection of exercise bicycles. Priced a little higher than many bikes we liked the quality and warranty of the LifeCORE Fitness exercise bikes but would have liked a little more history on the equipment to feel comfortable with that size of a purchase. Some of the bells and whistles of the NordicTrack exercise bikes make them attractive given the cost of the equipment.
Installation and equipment issues seem to be the biggest down fall of the Gold's Gym exercise bikes. Finding a quality exercise bike for your home can be a positive, convenient experience without the hassle and stress of traveling from store to store to listen to another sales pitch. The Internet allows you to quickly compare and contrast several brands and models of exercise bikes at one time. Exercise Bikes Added To Troy University Library, Austria School - Could This Be A Positive New Trend In Education? When most of us think of exercise bikes, we often unfortunately see them as a big waste of money. Troy University in Alabama is making physical health part of its core curriculum by installing exercise bikes -- with a spot for a laptop or book -- in the library so students can break a sweat while they study. Between school and taking care of her children, Troy University Dothan campus student Heather Griffin doesn't have a lot of time to hit the gym. Not content with a ruthlessly strict dress code after it banned flip-flops, Barclays bosses are having a go at changing their workers' lifestyles - by furnishing its Canary Wharf offices with exercise bikes. In the fitness center there will be an aerobic area with treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, stability balls, medicine balls, and jump ropes. In the latest fitness craze to hit the City, Barclays bankers are being encouraged to hop on to exercise bikes in their suits and work shoes in short breaks between meetings.
High street superstore Argos is currently offering up to 50% off selected fitness equipment - from folding exercise bikes and treadmills. Alabama's Troy University installed exercise bikes with built-in laptop computer stations at both the Troy and Dothan campuses.
This is a low impact, upright bike that is designed to give you the best cardiovascular exercise in your life. This incredible steel framed bike is a great at helping you shed weight and tone your body. Different exercise machines are now catching the attention of many people with their high technology features. Exercise Bikes, in all its simplicity, resemble bicycles without true wheels and is used to increase cardiovascular fitness.
But before you go out and buy an exercise bike, do the homework because there are several considerations to take. Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bikes – This is suggested for people who need additional back support.
Interactive exercise bikes – It allows the user to simultaneously enjoy technology as well as the health benefits gained from the exercise. Dual-Action Stationary Bikes – This type provides a full body workout with emphasis on the upper body portion. This is a highly recommended exercise bike with a very wide and comfortable back support and seat. Exercise bikes also strengthen and nicely tone your legs, butt, stomach, and other muscles, and do so with less impact on the knees and lower back than other forms of exercise. The upright exercise bike is similar to your standard road bike, with a saddle seat, and pedals positioned directly underneath the legs.
We are not compensated by companies for their reviews, but we are compensated for links and advertisements on our website. Diamondback offers several different styles of award winning exercise bikes at various price points and with some unique features we haven't seen in most of the other exercise bikes we've reviewed.

It's difficult to tell the difference between the Upright and Indoor categories, as all bikes in both of these categories have the traditional upright positioning.
Presumably this gives the rider the feel and positioning of a road bike, moreso than the standard upright positioning would.
With their focus on quality, Diamondback does not offer any cheap introductory bike models.
Their lower prices Indoor cycle was named a #1 best buy five years in a row, and three of their other offerings won awards in 2014 for best bike at a certain price range.
HealthRider is made by ICON Health & Fitness, the largest developer, manufacturer and marketer of fitness products worldwide.
You'll see the option to add extended coverage during your checkout process, which we recommend. The console is simple yet informative, and shows you speed, distance and pulse while you workout. With quality exercise bikes that are affordable and designed with iFit compatibility in mind, HealthRider is a great option for your exercise bike needs.
However the lack of a varied product line may cause consumers who want a more advanced bike, or more cost effective bike, to look elsewhere.
Fully adjustable seats, heart rate monitor, and an LCD display that records speed, distance, time and calories burned come standard on both the upright and the recumbent model.
Consumers report a very quiet, smooth ride, and several said they liked the Xterra bike better than the exercise bikes they use in their spinning class at the gym. Certainly the lack of options could be an issue for some consumers, but the products that are offered seem to be of high quality and a good value in this price range.
Anticipate a multi adjustable seat for comfort and fit as well as a low profile console to allow for easy TV viewing. Throughout the '80s and '90s, Sports Art made exercise equipment for companies such as Schwinn, Universal, Precor and Tunturi. They are the only company to offer infrared remote controls on some of their bikes and infinitely adjustable seat positions, so that any user can feel comfortable during their exercise. Their prices are somewhat higher than competitive models, but we were also pleased to find that Sports Art Fitness provides some of the best guarantees in the market. The warranty is a little better than average on the frame and the different models have a good array of features.
However, numerous customer complaints regarding manufacturing defects and wear issues brought us concerns.
Unfortunately, the home equipment doesn't provide the same quality that we would expect with the Gold's Gym name on it. You can anticipate a no-bells-and-whistles, standard exercise bike with fewer pre-programmed workouts then most other brands. We found numerous complaints of bad or missing assembly instructions, extending setup time to hours or sometimes days.
The guarantee is too short to manage the quality issues that seem to come with these bikes. What a disappointment to start a fitness routine and have it stopped so abruptly by faulty equipment. They also offer a strong selection of exercise bikes that may be used no matter the conditions outside. Their models include iFit compatibility and other interactive tools to keep your workout on track.
Whether you choose the recumbent or upright bike, they both provide the same features and options at the same price. Although priced somewhat higher than other bikes we reviewed, Sports Art Fitness also provides some of the best guarantees in the business. However, numerous consumer complaints regarding manufacturing defects and wear issues brought us concerns. We found numerous complaints of bad or missing assembly instructions and responsiveness issues form customer service. Search the widest selection of exercise bikes, easily access product information for a well-informed decision, and shop when it's convenient for you. You also have access to product reviews and customer feedback that is not available anywhere else. For those over 200 pounds, it's important to check the maximum body weight allowed on the bike you're considering.
You've done your homework and found the exercise bike that you think will meet your needs, but you realize after stepping foot on it that it's just not right. With the largest selection available, the ability to easily compare and contrast products, competitive pricing, and convenience it's easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for when it's most convenient for you.
These great machines are ideal for those who want to get fit but may suffer from joints or back pains. It comes with a console that allows you to track your speed, time, distance and calories burned.
But long before these machines existed, stationary bikes or exercise bikes has already been aiding people in their exercise routines. It offers easy to do workout that is why it is a perfect choice for beginners or novice exercisers. First, it can improve flexibility and range of motion of muscles preventing stiffness and discomfort acquired from disuse or lack of exercise. Also, it would be very helpful to try them beforehand to know if you are comfortable using them. Knowing what purpose you will use the bike for will be very helpful in deciding and will also save you money. Those basic features include adjustable resistance levels, comfortable seats, and wide pedals. It is a very quiet machine that you need not raise the television volume while doing the exercise – the perfect partner for multitasking. Upright bikes allow for more movement, such as riding while standing on the pedals, or in a racing position, which can give you a more strenuous workout. This is a nice feature for consumers who want the feel of riding on a traditional outdoor bike. While this could be a negative for anyone looking for a bargain bike, the fact is that you often get what you pay for.
In the early 1990's, millions of people had heard of the HealthRider total body fitness machine that brought innovative technology to a low impact workout.
Unfortunately, both models cost the same at $799.00 giving no pricing options to potential buyers.
Others report the ease of assembly and the comfort provided by the fully adjustable seat and handlebar system. LifeCORE Fitness recently started manufacturing their own exercise equipment and has kept the consumer wants in mind in the design. As a result of their commitment to superior engineering, Sports Art has focused on new product innovation and has established themselves as a leader with commercial and residential exercise equipment. Sports Art Fitness also has the largest selection of quality recumbent and upright exercise bikes, with a range that can meet anyone's needs. With some lower priced models available you can anticipate a basic exercise bike with some programs, a heart rate sensor, and a pacer to help optimize your workout.
Pro-Form does an admirable job of offering the latest technology in some of their products, including games, iFit, Live and more. NordicTrack is best known for its cross-country ski simulator which ruled the home fitness equipment market in the late 80's. If you have a desire to try a NordicTrack exercise bike, purchasing an extended warranty is a must. Many customers who have the exercise bike 90 days or more report serious complaints about quality, any many of the bikes are unrepairable. We recommend you shop for an exercise bike from a higher ranked provider with a better durability history.

Customers appreciate the more authentic feel of the Diamondback Fitness products, the solid warranty and affordable pricing, and the top quality construction. You can also have heart rate monitoring with grips on the side arms, and a Silent Magnetic Resistance system that provides a smooth ride even when changing intensity. Unfortunately, most people had better luck looking for tips online to resolve their issues from other consumers that had lived and learned. Also, enjoy the convenience of having your bike shipped directly to your doorstep - no need to squeeze a large box into your car or waste money renting a truck. The upright bike is similar to your standard road bike with a saddle seat and pedals positioned directly underneath the legs. Specific brands are going to have a better history of providing quality products over others along with a longer list of satisfied customers. A bike designed for lighter individuals is going to potentially feel wobbly and unsteady for those at a greater weight. Feeling comfortable on your exercise bike may require adjustments to the seat and handle height. It is said that one of the main motivators to exercising is doing something that you enjoy doing. The seat is wide enough to fit all users and to ensure that their workout will be comfortable.
They are still popular workout partner in gyms and even at home and are considered staples of cardiovascular exercises.
Another is that (as mentioned before) it provides a moderate cardiovascular activity which stimulates and helps better circulation; therefore, strained muscles and soft tissue problems are easier to heal. The body also receives the same workout as bicycling without the need of getting out of the house. Unlike in an upright type, the rider’s position is partially reclined for a more comfortable workout. Many dual-action bikes offer built-in fans as well as adjustable resistance levels for both the pedals and the handlebars.
Additional features you may also want to look at are heart-rate monitors, different options for programming, and it even comes with LCD display, book rest, and bottle holder.
It also has adjustable resistance systems and transport wheels made for easy transportation.
Whether you are looking for a regular exercise partner or tough equipment that can endure tough exercises, exercise bikes can provide the workout you need. The Silent Magnetic Resistance system (SMR) provides a smooth ride even when changing intensity. LifeCORE Fitness has a mission to make the highest quality equipment that is easy to use, and is a good value for the consumer.
If you are on a budget, are a beginner to intermediate rider, a Pro-Form exercise bike is worth consideration.
Although the company originally sold just to home consumers, it now sells its equipment to commercial users such as health and fitness clubs. If you're in the market for an exercise bike, Diamondback Fitness is a great place to start.
These are the most popular treadmills available on the market and allow for more movement, such as riding while standing on the pedals or in a racing position.
Bikes made with quality parts are also going to last longer and provide a sturdy workout for years to come. As long as you have a realistic opinion of what a quality exercise bike will cost, you'll find it's easy to compare and contrast bikes to find what you're looking for.
Several companies offer a 30-day trial offer to ensure customers are satisfied with the product. It can hold up to 300 pounds and the seats are designed to fit any user and it is made out of cushion to make your exercise experience a comfortable one.
This bike is ideal for those who come home late from work as it has a chain driven mechanism that will give you a quiet workout.
Not only is it a great fat and calorie burner and good oxygen booster, using exercise bikes are also made simply enjoyable and convenient. Aside from those, aerobic exercises also increase the body’s endorphin production which is known to be a natural pain blocker. They come up with the basic features needed and are space savers because they can be folded and stored.
Like interactive bikes, it can be upright or recumbent but upright ones are more available to the market.
Aside from that, it is sold at a relatively low price and also comes with home exercise computers. The upright bike is said to offer the more strenuous workout for those that enjoy testing their endurance.
Often more than one person is using the bike and it's critical to have a bike that fits everyone. You can do this while reading a book, watching TV, or listening to your favorite tune in the radio. It also has a heart rate monitor to help you ensure that you are working out at a safe heart rate. This incredible bike allows you decrease the resistance for those days that you just want to take it slow, and it also allows you to increase it for when you want to challenge yourself.
One can use it while doing several things at once like watching television or reading a book. Any time you purchase something that costs several hundreds of dollars or more, you're going to want a product guarantee that covers broken parts and repairs for a period of time.
The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to your comfort height and it can support up to 275 pounds. The pedals comes with straps to ensure that your feet are secured and wont slip out when you are pushing yourself that extra mile. Exercises done using this (in just a short span of time) prove to have more benefits than longer workouts which only target specific muscles.
Does the bike have several levels and what is the process of changing those levels during the workout?
Not to mention how it targets all the major muscles of your body while protecting you from injuries.
If you are looking for a convenient and affordable exercise bike that will give you the workout of your life then this is the right bike for you.
If you’re looking for a very durable and sturdy exercise bike, you can never go wrong with this! Do you mind climbing off the bike to make an adjustment or are you looking for a quick change while in movement? You will be amazed at how fast time passes by when you are working out and having fun at the same time. And since exercise machines come in big sizes, it will be helpful if they have wheels for easy transportation.
The Exerpeutic model has an LCD Display that indicates total distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate monitor.
Recumbent bikes provide more comfort and ease of use, especially for those with back problems or who feel unstable sitting high off the ground.
Once you are done with your workout you can easily fold it and roll it to your assigned storage location without having to lift it.
Recumbent bikes can also encourage a less intense workout, which is good for those people looking to gently exercise at their own pace.

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