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We are happy to stock the famous Ride And View Exercise Bike Pedal Power Generator Dynamo DVD Video Player. For this great price, the Ride And View Exercise Bike Pedal Power Generator Dynamo DVD Video Player comes widely recommended and is a popular choice amongst lots of people.
Pedal this bike, and you not only burn off energy, you also very easily make usable electrical energy.
The floating ball display that goes along with this display draws even more attention to people passing by.  People love watching the ball float up and down in a clear tube as they move their hand over the solar panel. Interactive dual floating ball display with three different light bulb types, LED, CFL, and Incandescent.  The harder you pedal, the higher the balls float in the air. These stationary exercise bike generators are safer than bicycles because they have less pinch points. This wind driven slot car racing set is highly interactive and tricky too.  This is great for school events and for adults too. This fun alternative energy wind turbine display for kids and adults makes it enjoyable to learn about alternative energy. The blower must be focused correctly on the wind turbine blades to give the wind turbine enough voltage to drive the slot cars. I’ve always been impressed with exercise bike generator displays at renewable energy exhibits.
Next, I cut a scrap of plywood, and used a hole-saw to make a hole in it big enough for the motor to sit in. The hub on the driveshaft was bumpy, which made a lot of vibration on the exercise bike tire, and the gear ratio was just a hair off. I put the motor back onto the cycle and added another piece of plywood opposite of it and a cross-piece to made a basic box shape.

This isn’t exactly a fancy or high-power exercise bike set-up, but it sure was easy to build. Just think how much more fit the average American would be if we all had to pedal to watch TV!
This project took about an afternoon of work and cost me $8, the cost of the cycle at the thrift store.
For pricing details or more information on any other gym equipment at FitnessWorld, contact us today. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Eco-friendly Health and Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike with 500w Power Generator, View exercise bike generator, Product Details from Guangzhou Neerg Eco Technologies Ltd.
The Ride And View Exercise Bike Pedal Power Generator Dynamo DVD Video Player is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. You can plug a range of electronics into the SBG-300W bicycle generators employing the no-hassle electricity shops. So, a while back, when I saw a classic Schwinn exercise bike at the thrift store, I nabbed it with the plan to make it into an EXERCISE BIKE GENERATOR!
I still had a few parts left over from my electric car conversion project, including the electric radiator fan. If I could trim down the diameter of the hub a bit, it would smooth out the ride and allow me to pedal just a tad slower while at the right speed for 12V charging. I added a drywall screw to the wood and attached a bungie-cord from it to the base of the cycle. Sure enough, it was pretty easy to pedal at a rate that gave me an output voltage between 12-14 volts, what’s needed to charge a 12V battery.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Very best of all, the SBG-300W bicycle generators can be geared up to set electricity directly back again into your residence or fitness center.
My electric car didn’t need an engine or radiator, so I set the fan motor off to the side for future use.
So, I clamped the motor down to a work-table, grabbed the jumper cables from my truck and a 12V battery, and just spun-up the motor! It also has a nice charge indicator light on it, and universal power input on the back, meaning I could just run my bare wires straight in and tighten them down without even needing tools.
The electricity organization is not the only one that can supply your property or company with electricity.
I would just need to smooth out the hub on the driveshaft and add a stabilizer and tensioner to the motor. I then used an angle-grinder (with a flapper disc) to smooth down the hub, and reduce its diameter a bit. That also means it’s pretty easy to do something like designing a setup where if you want to watch a movie on the iPad, you have to pedal to make it happen! You can do it every single day as you tone your muscle tissue and enhance your heart's health.
Contains: 300w generator 12v controlled port with over voltage defense 110v AC three prong outlet industrial hardened roller 40lb fly wheel.

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