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An exercise bike resembles an ordinary bike but unlike an ordinary bike it is a stationary piece of exercise equipment.
An exercise bike has among other features saddle, pedals handle and ergometer used to measure the work done. An exercise bike is used to achieve maximum workout unlike a true bicycle which is used for transportation but the two devices share a number of things in common. The user-defined mode allows for programming your own routine which includes individual resistance settings for different workout segments.
With the HR mode, the user can enter their age and select the workout at 55%, 75% or 90% of their maximum heart rate (the calculation is based on the user’s age).
I love this exercise bike Best price,Best delivery and to be honest a great website for obtaining information, Definitely Will buy from Sweatband again. I ordered the ZR10 after having a cheaper bike at home and realising that it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I wanted to use the bike mainly for the programmes and these are great, it is quiet and isn't too imposing in the living room and the seat is comfy. I would definitely recommend it, I am only not a serious cyclist so cannot say how it is on that front, but for keeping fit whilst watching tv it is perfect! Excellent bike not to difficult to put together,need a more comfortable seat.Brilliant service,brilliant price and next day delivery. We never used any of the other programmes, pulse monitor etc, so we thought we'd buy a 'basic' model with cable controlled resistance.
We like the fact that the saddle mount has a proper 'pillar' so we can attach a proper bike saddle. The Reebok Z9 exercise bike features stylish design and is suitable for users of all ages and abilities.
The Reebok B5.7e exercise bike is a superb high-spec machine making it a first-class model for a fantastic price.
The DKN Mag 410 Exercise Bike is a stylish and functional home use exercise bike designed to smooth and quiet, as well as feature packed and motivational. The magnetic resistance can be adjusted manually via a tension knob so you can control your workout intensity. Below are some user reviews that I have found and included here so you dont have to search so many sites for a good range of reviews.
They also mentioned that the frame is solid, giving a good ride, and most of all, the Stamina 1300 looks good.
They found the seat was too hard after working out for a while, so have got a padded seat cover.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. With a more comfortable seat than a traditional road bike and 16 levels of smoothly adjustable magnetic resistance, the Endurance B3R challenges your endurance and maximizes your cardio benefit. Endurance B3R Self Generating Recumbent Exercise Bike All gain, no strain with an efficient, comfortable bike ride. Spinning Bike Reviews Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Review Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Review 2 years ago by Michael 0 The SB700 from Sole Fitness has been carefully designed to suit the fitness demands of indoor and outdoor cycle enthusiasts.

Even the most reluctant exercisers will appreciate this bike's padded seat and oversized pedals, helping you feel comfortable enough to tackle frequent workouts.
The company supplies high-quality products at excellent value to the fitness and leisure markets, showcasing hundreds of products around the world over the past two decades.
The options include 12 pre-set routines, 1 manual programme, 1 HR control, 1 Watts and 1 user-defined. Alternatively, it is also possible to manually enter the desired number of beats per minute (bpm). It has a 7kg (15lbs) flywheel and 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance that ensure challenging and motivating workouts. It features adjustable resistance which can mimic the experience of actually riding, providing a comfortable ride for the perfect fitness routine at home.
It features adjustable handlebars and seat to create the perfect fit for your individual requirements.
The electronic monitor keeps you motivated by showing your time, speed, distance, and calories burned, so you can track your own personal goals. Stamina is responsible for such brands as Body by Jake, Suzanne Somers, Tony Little, and more. As i'm disabled and have problems walking, I'm hoping I can loose some weight using this Reebok bike daily. The machine has adjustable handlebars and a height adjustable seat, which ensure comfortable workouts.
It has a 48 pound flywheel which is chrome plated and heavy duty for maximum durability, while the Kevlar brake system allows for a smooth and quiet ride with enough variety of resistance to create a challenge for any rider. The pedals have sturdy toe straps for optimum safety and security, there are also water bottle holders for additional convenience.
Thanks to the magnetic resistance system, the bike is quiet, allowing you to work up a sweat while watching your favorite TV shows or movies without distraction. Their mission is straightforward and admirable: Stamina strives to outperform the competition by maintaining effective communication, consistent quality, and superior service.
The back lit LCD monitor provides detailed feedback on time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, pulse and watt. Resistance can be adjusted with an adjustable knob for optimum convenience and maximum workout fitness. They will continue to pursue perfection through the design excellence of these home fitness products.
Heart rate measurement with the Z9 is easily achieved using the pulse sensors integrated in the handlebars; at any moment during the workout you can also take a recovery test. You're free to adjust your workouts to suit your mood, challenge your endurance or maximize your cardio benefit.
The console has the compatibility to work with wireless chest straps to measure heart rate, and allow monitoring of optimum heart rate during training. The SB700 is supplied with an extensive warranty which covers the electronics and parts for a period of three years, a years labor and lifetime coverage for the frame. The design of this model has been carefully considered to provide a great exercise experience whether you are an outdoor cyclist or are used to intense spinning classes. The Endurance B3R is commercially engineered and solidly built to provide you with a lifetime of cardio fitness.

Unlike many models of exercise bike, the SB700 allows for the seat and handlebars to be adjusted back and forward, up and down. This allows the user to tailor their seating position perfectly for their specific height and body type.
While those with longer or shorter legs may have struggled in the past, the SB700 is perfectly suited to provide a great workout for all. The SB700 also feels remarkably sturdy and durable. The use of Kevlar in the resistance pads will ensure that the model can withstand a great deal of wear before any replacement part will be needed. The flywheel is 48 pounds rather than the 40 pound model which is commonly used in exercise bikes to create a more substantial piece of fitness equipment which can provide a great workout. You'll monitor your progress on an easy-to-read electronic display that charts heart rate, distance, speed, time, calories, resistance level, watts and METS. The frame feels substantial and solid, which can provide additional confidence even if you are a little heavier. The total weight is approximately 140 pounds, which can make moving it or taking it up or down stairs a challenge. The Heart Rate Control program will monitor your heart rate and automatically adjust to maintain your target heart rate. However, this substantial weight is due to the solid construction. The SB700 from Sole Fitness does provide an exercise bike which reassuringly solid.
The familiarity of the motion makes biking universal in its appeal for those wishing to improve their overall health and fitness through non weight-bearing exercise. Plus, with all the features and benefits solidly built into every Endurance bike, you'll be making a wise, long-term commitment to health and cardio fitness.
An authorized Endurance retailer or knowledgeable fitness expert will be able to provide you with many good, solid reasons to consider the Endurance B3R over many higher priced brands used in professional health clubs. Our exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty provides 100% coverage for every part on every Endurance machine, including normal wear items. Endurance cardio equipment is solidly built in our state-of-the-art ISO9000:2000-certified manufacturing facility, recognized around the world as a sign of product excellence. The Endurance B3R boasts a beautiful silver metallic coat finish on a frame designed to accommodate up to a 400-pound user. The non weight-bearing advantage of a recumbent bike is greatly enhanced by the Dura-Firm padding with lumbar support featured on the Endurance B3R.
You'll be more comfortable extending the length of your workouts, thereby enhancing the cardiovascular benefits of your routines. You'll also get feedback on resistance level, Watts and METS, helping you keep your workout interesting and effective.
A commercial quality, self-contained generator provides all the power needed to run the ergonomically friendly console with large, bright, easy-to-read display. Front transport wheels allow you to roll the Endurance B3R to a convenient corner or out-of-the-way area of your home.

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