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High Intensity Resistance Training is by far the best exercise to lose weight, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman and regardless of your age – in fact this type of exercise will have you seeing results much faster than you may have experienced before and with much less time spent working out. The philosophy behind this particular type of training and what really gets fast results is challenging the body and muscles by increasing the effort you put into each exercise to 100%. Below, we will discuss the time benefits of this type of training and how you achieve phenomenal results with only 30 mins of exercise 3 days a week!
When we say that high intensity weight training is the best exercise to lose weight, we really mean the best exercise for fat loss. The reason is that any kind of exercise you do is going to place demands on your muscles causing them to grow. It’s the same reason a woman who was 140 pounds when she was younger and reasonably slim now finds she can’t fit her clothes and has gained a lot of fat even though she’s still weighing 140 pounds. Later in the article, we talk about how to combat this problem why resistance training is crucial as you age.
Unlike most resistance training programs that have you married to the gym 5-6 days a week for an hour or more each visit, high intensity training will have you achieving much better results in a fraction of the time commitment. As you embark on the beginner program you can expect to be working out 3 times a week for a maximum of 45 minutes each time. If you can’t invest 2 ? hours out of 168 in the week looking after your own well being, you’re in trouble. As we’ve discussed, if you’re looking for the best exercise to lose weight – fat loss is probably your actual goal. Did you know?  Each pound of muscle you have on your body burns 40 calories per day whether you’re using it or not. Unfortunately, as we age the body loses muscle in fact right now if you’re over 30 you’re losing muscle!!
If you’re serious about losing fat and want fast results, you need to take action right now.

In our experience, Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos is by far the best program incorporating high intensity resistance training with healthy nutrition. With ‘resistance’ in the middle, we know it’s going to involve some kind of weight training, but don’t worry – it can be done with exercises using your own body weight in the comfort of your own home or with weights in a gym or home gym.
When doing this workout you will experience something called momentary muscular failure (this is good!). Not only this, muscle is 3 times as dense as fat, meaning the same weight of muscle will take up one third the space of the same weigh of fat.
These principles apply for healthy weight loss whether you’re young or old, but even more so as we age.
This is achieved by gaining more lean muscle which is what high intensity resistance training excels in.
As mentioned above, each pound of muscle we lose is 40 – 50 calories each day we don’t burn. Women just don’t have the right genetic disposition or testosterone levels to grow very large muscles and become muscle bound. This 179 page book comes packed with everything you need to know about blasting fat with this exercise miracle. The good thing is that you won't be doing it forevjuice review: Found this same recipe on Dr.
It’s a fat loss workout routine that anyone can do regardless of age, gender, experience and fitness level.
If you reach failure it means you couldn’t complete one more repetition of the exercise regardless of effort. Therefore as you grow muscle and lose fat, the inches fall off you making you appear slim, sexy and fit, but the heavier muscle means there’s less downward movement on the weight loss scales. At the same time she’s gained the same weight in fat as has been lost in muscle (body weight stays the same).

Conventional wisdom would tell you that to lose more belly fat, you need to spend longer exercising.
Add this up over the course of a few years and it’s no wonder we pack on the fat as we age. Rest assured ladies, gaining muscle will actually help you reach your goal to appear slim more quickly. Workout routines and info are covered in the first 120 pages and the remainder of the book covers healthy weight loss nutrition. By continually pushing the body like this, it is forced to adapt to the new demands placed on it thus growing fat burning muscle and losing fat.
The problem is that the same weight in fat takes up 3 times the amount of space as the muscle lost making her appear very “overweight” and forcing a new wardrobe to accommodate her expanding body. As you can see, this kind of weight training can actually help to almost reverse the effects of aging and help reduce functional decline. Worst case scenario, if you’re one in a million and feel you’re muscles are growing too much, ease back a bit on the weights – simple. Additionally this helps maintain the strength of the bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
This is great news for people who find their increasingly hectic schedules don’t allow time for exercise.

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