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I am a paranormal investigator who grew up in a Civil War field hospital where many unexplainable occurrences changed the course of my life. A stacked gym with every fitness tool known to man looks cool, but how much of it are you really going to use?
Ask yourself these questions: "Do I really need a giant, flexing machine that takes up half my house and breaks the bank?" or "Would my neighbors mind the clanging of a full set of Olympic weights in my tiny third-floor apartment?" It's amazing how many people answer both questions wrong and don't find out until it's become a huge pain. We live in a culture where manufacturers and marketing departments are usually the loudest voices heard when it comes to what is best. This category includes things like barbells, kettlebells, and sandbags, but it can include just about anything else heavy, too. The purpose of strength training is to increase the challenge facing the body's muscles, bones, and connective tissue, with the overall goal of building resilience. Regardless of what kind of step you choose, you'll quickly find that it can be used for far more than just stepping up. When you include something to hang from in your home gym, you open the door to an unlimited amount of ab exercises, including the hanging leg raise and its advanced variations like toes-to-bars and windshield wipers. Including something to hang from in your home gym opens the door to an unlimited amount of ab exercises. As a personal trainer, Danny has helped motivate clients of all fitness levels and lifestyles, including athletes, models, and celebrities. The IDEA World Fitness Convention first came on my radar after I became a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. The class felt much more like step aerobics with a little dance flare and I had a very hard time catching on. After the first session, I walked into my first workshop of the day: Equipment-Less Boot Camp. In this session, Abby Apple spent the first hour discussing ways to modify and progress various exercises for different clients or small groups.
She emphasized the way trainers and instructors can quickly change the intensity of an exercise and respond to the energy and ability level of the class. Tip: If you ever attend IDEA in the future, pack an extra shirt to change into in between sessions. Following the keynote speech, I grabbed a quick lunch with Monica and Gina before it was time to hit up the expo.
Reebok invited me to attend the conference and sponsored my trip to Los Angeles and I am so grateful to the company for their generosity.
Throughout the conference Reebok is offering 25 percent off all of their apparel to anyone who attends the expo and they also have top-notch trainers and dancers taking people through super-fast workouts, so their booth was slammed the entire day! Cassey told the three of us to pick out a Blogilates top and I snagged the bright orange crop top you see in the picture above. The next session I attended was the one I was looking forward to the most during my day at IDEA. I am a huge fan of Les Mills’ BodyPump and loved Les Mills’ BodyCombat when I had the chance to take it once at the gym by my parents’ place, so I jumped at the chance to experience the company’s newest workout program, GRIT. The workout gave me a ton of ideas for teaching at my gym, but I really want to do some research and see if it’s a class we can bring to my gym and offer to members. SO jealous…makes me even more excited and motivated to pass my NASM exam in September so I can start training clients and do all sorts of fun fitness things!
I am literally so excited to have my knee back to 100% eventually so I can start doing some of the higher intensity work out moves.
And I love the short bullet points of how to increase intensity of an exercise–great recap!
We’re service and relationship driven, dedicated to making it a pleasure to do business with us every time you visit.

Just "be" and not "do." The state of your mind when you sit and observe is vastly different than when you are thinking technically and analytically. I spent my childhood digging up relics and helping my mother to uncover the history of the estate. Keep these three fundamentals at home, and rest easy knowing you can get strong no matter what!
On one hand, you want to allow for as many challenging and effective workouts as possible, and you want equipment that you won't outgrow in a few weeks' time. They would have you believe that a perfect home gym for getting lean, muscular, and powerful requires numerous gadgets, gears, and systems.
When it comes to overall strength, a tire may be even better than a barbell in certain situations, because it requires more grip, forearm, and core power just to pick the thing up!
Maybe you don't have the time or desire to commute, so the more you do with less, the better.
Weight benches sometimes include an adjustable incline, which is definitely useful for certain specific exercises, but I wouldn't consider it a necessity. Not only are pull-up bars tragically absent from many home gyms, they're often MIA in many commercial establishments, too!
You can also bring your step over, put your heels on it, and grab that bar for some bodyweight rows. The door frame variety is a no-brainer when space is limited, whereas the self-supported "power tower" works better for performing dips.
There are plenty of optional pieces, such as a mat, ab wheel, or systematic weights, all of which can come in handy.
For example, if you want to deadlift 500 pounds, you will need gear that supports that goal, just like you'll need a pool if you want to swim laps. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. I’ve heard so many fantastic things about the conference from those in the fitness industry and was told by numerous people that the conference invigorates your passion for fitness and is incredibly energizing and exciting.
I absolutely loved my brief time at the conference and am already crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to attend again next year. The instructor was so peppy and enthusiastic that I wanted to do well but I am not a dancer and find choreography really hard to pick up, so the class took me way out of my element. Once the informational part of her workshop concluded, it was time for attendees to try a equipment-less boot camp workout of our own! I wore the same blue Reebok tank for all of the workouts and dubbed it my “sweaty tank.” I changed into a white, breezy Reebok tank that I packed when I walked around the expo or participated in workshops that didn’t include a workout. He shared his story with everyone and I am pretty sure everyone couldn’t take their eyes off him.
It was so great to see some of my favorite Reebok buddies again and meet some of you guys who stopped by to say hi! She is the YouTube superstar behind Blogilates and now sells apparel and her own fitness DVD. I think it will be cute over a long solid-color workout tank and thought the heart cut-out in the back was too cute.
The music was motivating, the instructors were enthusiastic and I thought the entire experience was awesome. I learned a lot that I am excited to take back to my gym and apply to my personal training and group exercises classes.
The tips for increasing and decreasing intensity look super helpful for training clients with different needs. It is just like getting BodyPUMP to a gym–it has to be licensed through Les Mills, so just talk to your manager about adding that program.
Start to notice if your hair on your arms stands up or your scalp tingles when you are about hear something or see something. We slept the first night after having a long conversation, putting our pictures on our computers and laid back, fell asleep, and throughout the night had various activity in the room.

This is part of the reason why spirit connection with the living is so easy around the time of sleep when we are lingering in alpha state as we come in and out of sleeping. A respect for man's history, archaeology and a curiosity about the unexplained universe rule my passion for my study and my theories on this site. But when it comes to training at home, you must also factor in space, time, and convenience—and that's to say nothing of affordability. An object of appropriate weight can be used for legs, shoulders, back, arms, and just about every other body part.
If we're talking about "need" rather than "want," something like this will get the job done for you, as well. You could also put your feet on it, with hands firmly planted on the ground, and try some decline push-ups for a fierce upper-body workout. That's a shame, because nothing can take the place of the mighty pull-up and its many varieties.
My current favorite is a simple, high, freestanding system, like the backyard pull-up bar which I've trained on for years.
Use them for things like handstand push-ups, isometric holds, bridging, planks, and countless other abdominal exercises.
We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. I was definitely the girl in the back of the class stepping up and down while other people did turns and kicks over and on top of the step. Abby took us through six rounds of cardio and strength exercises that had me seriously sweaty!
I was so glad I did this because I didn’t have to walk around in a wet, sweaty tank once my body stopped sweating I started to get chilly inside the conference. Before Bo presented, the Jack Lalanne fitness award was presented to Beto Perez, the founder of Zumba! The next night, we did an EVP session and dowsing and pendulum work, addressed the occupant of the room, and prepared for bed. The goal of this blog is to open minds and get people excited to seek that which they cannot explain. A good, heavy weight can also be used in a series of exercises to work more muscles in less time—not to mention firing up the heart rate! And by extension, there's always something else you can aspire to achieve with your bar—like the mightier muscle-up, provided you have enough overhead clearance. No matter which one works best for your particular situation, make sure you don't leave this piece out. A few people seemed to be in the same boat which made me feel a little better and it was fun to take the class with two of my best blogging friends, Monica and Gina. Though Beto couldn’t be there, Jack Lalanne’s wife, Elaine, was there to talk about his accomplishments and she was such a fun lady! Now I’m at the airport where I will be meeting Ryan, my friend Carrie and her boyfriend Aaron. As we prepared for bed, we found that the hat on my ventriloquist doll, which had been placed over his face, was not there any longer and, in fact, was underneath him completely - he was sitting atop of it.
The four of us are renting a car and driving to Winter Park, Colorado to kick off the wedding fun. Then, I woke up during the night to find someone had wrapped me in the comforter I had pushed aside and tucked it under my legs and my arms which were straight at my sides - in a mummy-like fashion. Activity doesn't happen when you call on it, sometimes it happens because the place gets used to you. You converse with friends, you show moments of vulnerability and you sleep and when you are unconscious or semi-conscious, it begins.

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