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However, if you are lucky enough to use an Octane Fitness elliptical machine, make sure you capitalize on built-in ways to maximize your motivation and help jump-start your results. Workout Boosters – Take on X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster to ramp up cross training with bursts instructing you to squat, lean back, go in reverse and more. Squat  – To really work the lower body, try holding the stationary handlebars and squatting down, moving the pedals forward or in reverse.

Upper-body only – If you have side steps on your Octane elliptical machine, you can step off the moving pedals periodically and focus exclusively on your upper body. With these unique options and the variety included in Octane Fitness elliptical machine programs, you stay motivated and on track with workouts.
With a variety of programs and good discipline, you can use elliptical machine with great results for many years. You’ll be surprised at how much you can vary your elliptical workouts and how the time flies by! This is an effective way to sneak in some muscular endurance training, and you may be surprised at how challenging it is to make your arms do all the work.

Using the handles turns the cardio workout into a full body workout, engages more muscle groups and,in turn, increases your calorie burn.
And, as long as you keep a good posture and resist the urge to lean on the handles, your core feels the burn as it continually works to balance your body. The elliptical provides a non-impact workout while still enabling you to get a kick butt cardio session.

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