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Both, the treadmill as well as an elliptical trainer, are great for getting an aerobic workout indoors.
A treadmill is a great choice for committed runners and joggers.  A good treadmill even gives you the option of simulated hill climbing. Since the elliptical trainer works your upper as well as lower body simultaneously, your heart rate will climb more rapidly. An elliptical inhibits bone deterioration and increases bone density without any impact to your bones. Most exercise experts agree that both the treadmill as well as the elliptical machine are great for boosting the amount of calories burned and provide cardio respiratory health and training benefits.
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To verify that you are a human, please answer the question 1 + 2 = ?*Please enter a value between 3 and 3. Exercisers sometimes ask about the merits of an elliptical vs a treadmill, wondering which is best.
When looking at an elliptical vs treadmill, both are great machines for cardiovascular exercise; a treadmill has more impact and only uses the legs, but an elliptical is a total-body, low-impact workout. Another beneficial machine for cardio workouts is the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness, which replicates real running motion but removes all the impact. This is a great tool for regular runners who want to correct muscle imbalances and add mileage without increasing their risk of injury, as well as for beginning runners who are creating a training regimen.
What’s more, users on the Zero Runner can opt for running motion, shorter steps, a skiing movement or deep lunges for variety.
Runners can also take advantage of SmartLink’s gait tracer, which provides valuable information about the health of their stride throughout workouts. But be careful, you may not be accurately calculating your treadmill or elliptical calories burned.
If treadmills and elliptical both burn the same number of calories, is one better than the other?
Older studies did give the workout edge to treadmills, showing that they burned the most calories. For example, a University of Mississippi study found that elliptical workouts give you the same cardiovascular benefits as running on a treadmill. The elliptical gives you more of a full body workout because you use both your arms and your legs. An elliptical machine can also be pedaled in reverse so you can vary both the workout and the muscles that it targets. Finally, while the workout intensity and calorie burn is the same, psychological studies show that people feel that an elliptical workout is easier than a treadmill workout.
That perception that the workout feels easier might be the final motivation you need to get a solid workout.
How does using an elliptical compare against a treadmill and other similar cardio exercises? Physical exercise can be grouped into 3 different types based on the kind of changes it makes to your body. Flexibility is also determined by a key factor, which you can change; the length of your muscles that surround your joint(s).
As you age you will generally become less flexible, this is caused by a combination of joint deterioration and shrinkage of muscle from lack of usage. Aerobic exercise otherwise known as Cardio, is movement performed at the relatively low intensity of 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. Increasing the number of red blood cells in your body, these transport oxygen to your muscles, so the more red blood cells you have the more you can work your muscles harder and for longer. Increased speed of your muscles’ aerobic metabolism, meaning a larger percentage of your energy during intense exercise is generated aerobically. Your body is built in such a way that performing aerobic exercise improves your ability to perform aerobic exercise.
This means you will not stay in anaerobic exercise mode for long at any one period, typically from a mater of seconds up to 3 minutes, after that your body will move back into aerobic mode. Stretching is often performed before any of these exercises, which can increase flexibility, for example during the course of a martial arts class stretching is often performed. When using the elliptical machine you are driving with both your arms and legs, engaging your shoulders and hips and then using your core muscles stability, this give you a full body workout. A good circuit training session will be specifically designed to focus on different muscle groups, so as you complete the circuit you will be working all the major body areas. In a martial arts class you focus on different body areas as you perform different techniques. Rowing is a full body exercise, simultaneously pushing out with your legs and pulling with your arms engages all those muscles as well as your core for stability. During a running session you will be working your hips and legs and relying on your core for balance and stability.
Depending on the stroke being used you can focus your swimming muscles on one area more than another but in general swimming is a good all round body exercise, engaging your shoulders and arms to pull you through the water, your hips and legs to push you and your core muscles to keep your body flat and streamlined in the water.
Walking similar to running will primarily be focusing on your hips and leg muscles, while also using your core for balance and stability. Here’s a comparison of the calories burned during performing all the aerobic exercises from above.
Now you can see the number of attainable calories burned through one hour of aerobic exercise is broadly similar, so it now becomes a decision about which one works best for you. Here’s a look at how the relative prices of the exercises compare against each other, both taking the budget approach to each and the deluxe approach to each.
So in summary; we looked at the areas of the body which will be worked by an elliptical vs treadmill or other exercise types, we found using an elliptical machine will work your whole body, as would Zumba, martial arts, circuit training, rowing and swimming, whereas cycling,  or using a treadmill for running or walking will only work your legs, hips and core.
You could expect to burn a similar number of calories with an elliptical machine as rowing or cycling, more calories than walking or starting martial arts and slightly less than running, swimming, Zumba or circuit training. When taking the budget approach to exercise, buying an elliptical machine is broadly similar cost to running, walking, Zumba, rowing, cycling or circuit training and much cheaper than swimming or martial arts.
When taking the deluxe approach to exercise buying an elliptical machine is more expensive than cycling, similar price as running, walking Zumba or rowing and much cheaper than circuit training, swimming or martial arts. If you’ve decided you want to buy an elliptical head over to our Elliptical Machine pal to find which one is right for you.
Both burn the same number of calories, so the best workout for YOU depends on your personal fitness and weight loss goals.
In a nutshell, treadmills are a better simulation of real walking or running, while ellipticals feel easier. But depending on your specific needs and goals, one might be a better choice than the other.
You are most interested in hiking or walking: you can save some money by buying a less expensive model. You are using it at home and have limited space: you could benefit from a folding treadmill.
You want to include both an upper and lower body workout: an elliptical works more muscles. Most models also include amenities such as cup holders and a stand or shelf to hold your magazine or book. While some people prefer the motivation of the gym, it’s certainly more convenient to be able to get a solid cardio workout at home. For most people who try both an elliptical trainer and a treadmill, they perceive that the elliptical provides a more effortless workout.
Although the elliptical machine simulates running or walking, it’s not actually either one. So if your goal is to get in shape for a 5k, you’ll certainly want the treadmill over the elliptical.
Similarly, if you prefer walking or hiking and you are using the treadmill to replace that exercise during bad weather or challenging schedules, then you’ll want to stick with a treadmill. Another difference is that ellipticals give you a much lower-impact workout than treadmills.

Treadmills do typically include some cushioning that limits the impact as compared to running outside on concrete or asphalt.
Ellipticals on the other hand were invented specifically to create a low-impact approximation of running. So an elliptical is a good choice if you are recovering from a running injury of if you have other conditions that could be negatively affected by a high-impact workout.
You should note, however, that while the high-impact of the treadmill might be tough on your joints, such activities do help to promote better bone health and have been shown to help protect against osteoporosis. If you are considering one of these machines for you home, you need to make sure you have space for it!
If noise is an issue, ellipticals are usually a little quieter than treadmills because they don’t have an electric motor. Consumer Reports took a look at both elliptical machines and treadmills and found that you need to spend at least $2,000 to get a quality machine that will hold up to serious workouts. Once you hit the $2,000 range, any quality treadmill or elliptical from a good manufacturer will serve you equally well.
In the end, perhaps the most important factor in deciding on an elliptical vs a treadmill is thinking about which one will motivate you the most. Great article, there is a real difference between them and it is important to get what is right for your workout. I’ve always recommended elliptical trainers for their superb advantages over treadmills.
This makes the elliptical a good choice for people who may be injured (or more prone to injury). The crosstrainer - because of the upper body arm bars - has what is called a 'lower perceived rate of exertion'. Or you may just be able to workout for longer periods of time because you don't feel as tired as you would after a treadmill workout. Plus, there's something completely new in the elliptical world these days - the variable motion trainer. These give you different elliptical pathways to run - from a short step-like stride to a long hurdling-type motion.
Treadmills are so easy to use - they're good for any exerciser - from the complete newbie to the experienced athlete. And if you get a poorly constructed machine, they may even be in pain after a workout - and not want to use the machine again. But treadmills are easy to use - and have been around so long that almost everyone feels comfortable using them, regardless of age or fitness level. Some people feel that ellipticals (maybe because of the upper arm bars?) only give tough, heavy-sweat workouts. Treadmills, because they've been around a bit longer, tend to have more 'toys' like fitness tracking tools, carb counters, TV's etc. No matter what you choose to buy, remember that there are good value (and poor value) machines in each category.
Getting men to do upper body workouts has never been much of a problem, but women were once afraid that doing these a€?mena€™s workoutsa€? would give them mena€™s physiques. Through the course of my research, I tend to stumble across all kinds of interesting little facts that, while not appropriate for a full article on their own, are still pretty fascinating so I put them together here. Elliptical trainers and treadmills are at the front of the pack when it comes to getting an aerobic workout indoors. These two popular machines are similar - they are both great tools to burn calories and improve respiratory health - but, depending on your situation and goals, each one holds advantages over the other. Treadmills are designed to help users perform simple exercises like walking, jogging, running and even hill climbing (depending on the model of treadmill). Most home and commercial treadmills come with an onboard computer which has pre-set programs and intensity levels for you to choose from.
While treadmills are the most popular type of aerobic equipment on the market, the elliptical is fast rising and becoming more and more popular every day.
Like the treadmill, ellipticals are great for burning calories and improving cardiovascular health.
The running motion on an elliptical is a bit different than a treadmill in the fact that your feet never leave the machine. In conjunction with the running motion, ellipticals also have handlebars that exercise the arms, back, shoulders and core. Most ellipticals are equipped with computers, as well, that can help you monitor your heart rate, display calories burned, miles jogged, etc.
Surf around the site and check out our Elliptical and Treadmill pages to learn more about each. You will burn calories, maintain good cardiovascular health and feel more energetic after exercising on it. Along with the legs, the back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps also get a good workout.
Which machine you use is a matter of personal choice and your health professional’s suggestion. Neither is necessarily better than the other, as workout effectiveness on each depends on intensity level. The body is supported by independent pedals, and the unique hip and knee joints allow you to follow your natural stride and pace – but without any pounding. And for exercisers who aren’t necessarily runners – or who are former runners – the Zero Runner provides an effective cross-training option that can help increase cardiovascular fitness and stamina. And the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness includes many more pre-designed workouts via CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines various intervals of running, strength exercises and flexibility. However, more modern studies have shown that treadmills and ellipticals both give you the same exercise benefits. The treadmill allows you to adjust the incline and simulate hills, but that’s a less drastic shift in the muscles you target. Stretching involves slowly expanding your muscles near their maximum length, holding them at that length for a period of time then slowly letting them retract. While using an Elliptical machine will not increase your flexibility from current levels, it can help keep your muscles and joints active and prevent further the loss of flexibility, particularly in your shoulders, arms and hips.
Aerobic exercise depends on the use of oxygen to meet your body’s energy demands during exercise.
The experience with any cardio exercise is similar, it will be difficult at the beginning, but as long as you are working out at least 20 minutes a session, 3 or more times a week, you will find it easier and easier as time goes on and will be able to push yourself even harder and longer.
At this activity level your body can’t get oxygen to the muscles in time and at the level required to work aerobically so instead your muscles start using sugars stored within the cells of your muscles as a fuel.
The buildup of lactic acid is the burning feeling you experience in your muscles when you push them to your max. However in general the performance of these exercises like using an elliptical machine, will not increase your flexibility levels but can prevent you from losing any more flexibility. Some individual sessions may focus on one body area rather than another but over time you should be engaging all major muscle groups. Kicks will concentrate on your hips and legs, blocks and strikes work your arms and everything will build your core either engaged for balance or in order to drive techniques from waist rotation. Although you may be moving your arms when running, this offers no resistance and the impact is fairly negligible. With both ellipticals and treadmills, the features you get vary by manufacturer and price — more expensive models from better manufactures will have more bells and whistles than the lower priced models.
By enabling you to work out at home, they can really boost help you reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to brave bad weather (too hot or too cold or too wet) to exercise outside or travel to the gym. They feel the workout is easier or less intense, even though they are actually burning the same number of calories.
But running on a treadmill is still a relatively high-impact activity, and it can be hard on your knees, shins, ankles, back, and joints. The elliptical trainer is a weight-bearing exercise, so it will also promote healthy bones much more than other cardio exercise such as swimming or biking.

They are big machines and can easily take up as much space as dining room table or a good sized sofa. You can get cheap treadmills and cheap elliptical trainers, or you can spend a small fortune. If you plan to walk on your treadmill instead of running, then it’s OK to buy one of the cheaper treadmills. If you work out equally hard on either machine, you’ll get the same fitness benefits. I found myself getting bored on the treadmill so I decided to purchase an elliptical trainer and have seen tremendous results. My first choice for a cardio workout is to run outside — weather and location permitting. Because your feet are not hitting the platform with every step you take, you get less stress on your knees, hips and back.
While this is not the case, if you just want a light exercise like gentle walking, then a treadmill may be the best choice for you. For example Nordic Track has come out with some impressive machines like the Elite 15.0 which has a built-in web browser and 2 HD Video workouts.
So do your research, take your time and find a well-constructed machine with a solid warranty to protect your investment!
After binging on great food during the holidays, ita€™s time to get your eating habits back under control, and hopefully undo some of that seasonal damage.
Freezing temperatures driving people indoors combined with the late nights and stresses of the holiday season can drastically increase the odds of of you coming down with something. Exercising on a treadmill is a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, increase energy level’s and build bone density. Imagine the full body movement of cross country skiing and that’s what you have with an elliptical. The fast rising new-comer to the fitness industry or the leading piece of aerobic equipment that has dominated for years?
Which is why we designed this site to help you find the aerobic machine that’s best for you. You can also read through our treadmill and elliptical reviews, compare models and find the highest rated machines for all the major brands.
A lot of people are suffering from various illnesses like cholesterol and diabetes which can be lowered with a proper exercise regime. But something that you will realize when you have tried each of these equipments is that the elliptical gives you an impact free workout. The energy expended will be optimized, more calories will be burned and better results will be achieved in a shorter time. It also delivers a no-impact alternative to the treadmill and offers a safe, comfortable choice when poor weather hampers outdoor runs or other workouts. Runners can take on more miles, active recovery and productive cross training; and exercisers can achieve greater results with the variety of cross-training. Doing this repeatedly over a period of time gradually increases the length of your muscles, which in turn provides you with greater flexibility. A by product of using these sugars as a fuel is the production of lactic acid, lactic acid works as your body’s safety throttle mechanism; as lactic acid builds up in your muscles it causes the anaerobic process to become less efficient forcing you to slow down to a point where your body can catch up and start supplying oxygen to the muscles again to work aerobically.
While using an elliptical machine if you push yourself you will start to perform anaerobic exercise in addition to aerobic for short periods of time, however the majority of the exercise will be performed aerobically. Like using an elliptical machine, all of these forms of exercise can work your body aerobically and anaerobically depending on your intensity level. Most also include pre-programmed workouts that vary the duration and intensity of exercise to target your specific fitness goals, such as weight loss, fat burning, or cardiovascular conditioning.
And you never have to wait for someone else to finish their workout and free up a machine for you to use!
For example, researchers from that University of Mississippi found that ellipticals provide the same cardio workout as treadmills. While these issues might be covered by warranties, you will likely waste a lot of time and energy tracking down the manufacturer and coordinating the repairs.
You won’t give it as much of a beating and the flimsy, shaky feel of lesser models will be minimized if you are only walking. Yes like you said it is a little tricky to get used to at first, but once you get the feel for it things are amazing. Well, this article will outline the advantages of each - so you can decide for yourself which one to choose. Some ellipticals also have incline (which changes the slope of the elliptical motion), which also crosstrains and targets different muscle groups.
Now is the time when people resolve to lose some weight and start a healthy new lifestyle, and most of those people will give up within a week. Lifting weights gives both men and women the best version of their own bodies, not anyone elsea€™s. While not every bug can be beaten back, there are some simple things you can do to help your immune system keep you healthy. And while some might consider the cost to be expensive, they can pay for themselves in a year or two compared to paying for a gym membership to use their treadmill.
This movement doesn’t have the jarring effect of running on a treadmill which is easier on the joints. It mimics the natural elliptical motion of the leg, the extension of the leg and the rotation of the hip during walking or running.
Elliptical trainers and treadmills are two of the most popular exercise machines out there. I am starting to reach my endurance and weight loss goals in a short period of time, and after my workouts on the elliptical I feel my like my upper and lower body have been totally drained. Ita€™s not because they dona€™t have it within them to succeed, ita€™s because they start off their new plan so badly that they set themselves up to fail. Because of this, ellipticals are a great choice for those who are older or recovering from a joint related injury. This is especially beneficial for people with joint problems, arthritis, joint pain, backache and knee, hip and ankle problems. With all the advanced features it incorporates and its ability to work your whole body, elliptical trainers may soon become more popular compared to treadmills.
If you plan to start walking but then move up to running, you should get started with a better model that will work well for both activities.
A treadmill allows you to change the ramp incline and its preset programs change the workout pattern.
Both will give you a great cardio workout and both machines will burn about the same number of calories.
If you do not suffer from any joint problems, the impact that your body sustains while using a treadmill will help to strengthen your bones and increase bone density. You can see that you move both your arms and your feet at the same time in opposite directions and both your feet and your arms move forwards and backwards.
The forward motion is like that of a cross country skier while the reverse motion concentrates on your lower body in a completely different way. Research studies have shown that the elliptical actually gives you the same workout intensity as a treadmill.
But it’s a very good simulation of walking or running outside, so it feels much more natural and people get used to it much more quickly. And since you’re pounding your feet running, a treadmill is also a little bit harder on your joints than an elliptical.
But if you’re looking for more of a full body workout that’s also easier on your joints, then the elliptical trainer is a better choice.
You’ll also find tons of useful tips on diet, exercise, and nutrition that will help keep you healthy and fit.

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