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The Life Fitness X8 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Track Console allows you to work out in the comfort of your home. This revolutionary fitness machine boasts workout tracking features to keep users engaged and motivated.
Users can choose from multiple workout programs, create their own programs, and even race against a computer-simulated pacer.
The Life Fitness Elliptical Machine is one of the most powerful products in its class, offering challenging workout programs and maximum comfort.
This powerful fitness machine allows you to create custom workouts and track your progress. September 23, 2013 by Julie 57 Comments Sometimes it seems like the elliptical gets a bad rap at the gym. I’ve posted a handful of elliptical workouts on the blog throughout the past four years and thought a round up post that included some of my favorites would be a great way to get a bunch of them in one place. Beat Boredom Interval Workout: This workout makes time fly by and takes you on and off the elliptical! 20 Minute Elliptical Hill Workout: Remember when I used to make my workout images in Excel? I love the elliptical for workout days when I don’t want to do a ton of thinking or I want to listen to the news…these are all great!!
I like mixing up my workouts with the eliptical, but have to have a plan of action when I get on or I won’t get a good workout. Can’t wait for the ab workout post- that is the area I definitely want to work on the most! I didn’t like the elliptical until I became pregnant and that’s when I started using it several times a week!

It includes the Go Console, which enables you to choose from 14 workout programs and four user profiles. The Life Fitness X8 Elliptical Cross Trainer is designed to maximize fat burn and boost your energy levels.
Whether you want to maintain your weight, tone your muscles, or burn fat, this elliptical bike is an excellent choice.
It displays the muscle you’re currently working and offers more comfort than other similar products. Yes, it’s easy to select low settings, grab a magazine and keep things nice and light, but if you play with the resistance and inclines on the elliptical, you can definitely elevate your heart rate and work up a serious sweat.
I’ll also be sure to save this page under the Workouts tab on the top of the blog for easy access in the future. I was actually going through all of your workouts last night to find some good circuits to do this week! I can’t STAND the elliptical it is so boring, but this looks GREAT and has some awesome options to make the time go by quicker! The elliptical is perfect for me and my injury-prone self, and it really can be a great workout, despite its bad rep! I was born with a knee disease and can no longer run or do anything high impact so these exercises will help tremendously!
Sometimes the elliptical is exactly what I need to do to get moving at a low intensity, and I’m always lookin for ways to make it more challenging! I try to make sure I keep my speed up and mix in some hill workouts, and I always feel like I work up a sweat. It features personalized workouts, adjustable resistance levels, and a built-in LCD display that shows resistance level, stride length, and muscle groups.

The Life Fitness Elliptical Machine is equipped with contact heart rate hand sensors and boasts an innovative shock absorption system for increased comfort and safety. Users can even create and replay their favorite workout programs with specific speed, level, and incline settings. It’s miserable from Dec-April and that’s when I am in DIRE need of good workouts to mix things up!!
My gym has adaptive motion trainers, which kind of look like ellipticals, but feel way harder and give you more options.
Sometimes it’s frustrating to try a new workout because the level will be SUPER hard on one machine and just kind of hard on another. But it has the rep as the ‘girl glider’ where you can get on and not exert much effort for 45 min! I look forward to trying these out when it gets colder outside and running becomes fewer and far between.
Running is so hard on the joints and since I need new running shoes, that’s a bad idea right now! Along with the stepmill it helped me stay in rather good shape and health great idea to keep these together!!

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