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Elliptical machines are the second highest selling fitness machine, second only to treadmills. Low impact – The elliptical puts less stress on the joints of the ankle, knee, and spine.
Cardiovascular endurance and weight loss – The elliptical is an appropriate mode of exercise for improving cardiovascular endurance and burning calories. Rehabilitation – The elliptical is appropriate earlier in many rehabilitation protocols than an impact activity such as running or agility exercises. Not sport-specific – Unless you are a cross-country skier, there is little carry-over from using the treadmill at the gym and playing soccer, basketball, or many other sports. Decreased lower body muscle activation – The same study I mentioned above also found increased activation of the gastrocnemius (calf) and gluteus maximus while running on the treadmill vs. Rigid – The elliptical removes some of the degrees of freedom of movement that running and other activities allow. Often times it comes down to this: What machine will provide a better workout, and what machine will help burn more calories?
About the Author - Peter RumfordI graduated in 2006 from Westmont College in Santa Barbara with a B.S.
My brother has one of these and he religiously exercises on in it for an hour a day, needless to say, no one can keep up with him in hockey. I know this comment is late to the party, but I think you’re confusing loading the bones with impact. In recent years DKN have built a very solid reputation on a foundation of innovation and quality engineering. Normally we would start off by describing how much effort it was to assemble and install the machine, but with the XC-230i it really doesn’t matter as it’s not your problem! So once your new machine has been professionally built and installed by trained specialist, you can truly appreciate the XC-230i in the flesh! It is in use, that all this clever engineering and impressive construction pays HUGE dividends. Oh and while we are talking comfort, another smaller detail we liked are the covering of raised rubber grip pads that are inlaid into the pedals to keep your feet secure as well as cushioned. In addition to the superb lower body workout offered, there are some fantastically angled dynamic arms to target the upper body muscles too. As well as the pre-set profiles, there are the options of a manual workout as well as sessions whereby the machine will automatically adjust the resistance to keep you within a pre-set Watts output or within a target heart rate zone.
The machine is compatible with the DKN Motion and the DKN iWorld applications to give you countless possibilities of interactive workouts. Even if you don’t possess a tablet device, the XC-230i should keep the most discerning home user happy for many years with its superb build quality, great ergonomics and selection of program options.
The XC-230i elliptical from DKN is a very innovative machine that's easy to fall in love with!
Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. ProForm have a wealth of experience at producing mid-priced machines that usually boast an impressive array of features, so at around ?500, the  320 ZLE is dropped into very familiar territory. The machine also has plenty of resistance, with 16 levels that should prove challenging to most beginners and even intermediate users. As is customary on most ProForm models, we were pleased to see the familiar iFit SD card slot on the front of the console. To view the selection, you repeatedly press the respective workout button which shows you each course profile in turn. That said, the course profiles are nice and varied and regardless of whether they are in the weight loss or performance category, they should all be considered effective for either purpose. During the workouts, the machine keeps you aware of approaching changes in resistance by ‘beeping’ and the new resistance level appears as well as the target RPM pace that you should keep up with.
Unfortunately all of your training feedback is not displayed on a continuous basis but by pressing the ‘Display’ button gives you various options. In addition to the Pre-set programs, we liked the manual mode which appears when you first turn on the console.
There are pulse grip sensors on the static handles however there is no inbuilt receiver for wireless readings and therefore the machine does not feature any heart rate controlled programs. The feature that stands out the most on this cross trainer is the long, 18" stride length on a compact sized machine. The ProForm 320 ZLE puts in an admirable performance in our tests as a good all rounder and with a price tag of sub ?500, it's pretty decent value. DKN are well established as a brand that makes fitness equipment that is typically a cut above its direct competition in quality.
The assembly process of this machine is similar to many other front-drive ellipticals with the main flywheel unit pre-assembled as one piece in the box. But, regardless of good looking the XC-160i is, we were keen to jump on and see how it feels. One of the main negatives that we’ve seen with front drive ellipticals (especially those with incline) is that the top resistance levels are somewhat weak. One of the buttons on the console Bluetooth logo on it and pressing this allows the console to pair with a tablet and for the machine to be controlled by DKN’s free iOS and android apps. There are no gimmicky extras such fans or speakers, but there is a rather useful bottle holder built into the upper part of the flywheel housing.
The XC-160i has a really high quality feel about it and we can see it providing years of hassle free exercise. Elliptical trainers are unique in the ability to offer a weight bearing workout that puts minimal stress on the joints. Looking to get the most bang for your buck ?!Click here to discover the best elliptical trainers in the same class as HealthRider C865e.
The Horizon EX-69-2 comes with a 20 inch stride, a heavy flywheel and for under $1000, is the closest thing on the market to a commercial quality elliptical.
The machine itself is very quiet during use, but I’ve marketed it down a little because the buttons make a beep with each press.
Over the last few years, Horizon has picked up more than a handful of different awards from various consumer reports and publications for their Elliptical machines. The stride length is fixed at 20 inches so it’s perfectly suited to users over 5’4” (if you’re under that height, you may possibly feel the distance a bit of a stretch).Whether going forwards or backwards, the dynamic handles coped well under heavy upper-body pressure and the feel underfoot was just as impressive. Aside from the Manual session, the machine comes with a good array of programmable options.

There are also heart rate control sessions with both Target heart rate and interval heart rate workouts which utilise the free Polar heart rate chest strap. There are also three custom settings where you can create and store your own programme and change them as and when you wish. As worthwhile as the ‘Passport’ option may be for some users, it’s more important that the machine comes with good features as standard – and the E4000 certainly doesn’t disappoint! The carefully considered layout extends just under the console too with a generously sized storage holder that stretches between the two static handlebars.
Speaking of ‘room’, this is obviously a big, heavy, robust machine that isn’t designed to fold or ‘tuck away out of sight’ too readily, having said that, it does have transport wheels on the front stabilisers which helps wheel it around if necessary. The Horizon Elite E4000 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK. Beauty OR beast, we’ll let you be the judge of the machine visually, but one thing is unanimous – the build quality of the XC-230i is magnificent. The extra width combined with the frame being supported at 5 points on levelling rubber feet, make the machine remarkably stable in use. The fixed handles are parallel to each other and only 3″ apart so it does perhaps feel slightly too close for comfort, however this does ensure that your elbows are well clear of the path of the swinging dynamic handles.
You have the choice of 4 Beginner programs (a nice variety to suit all levels), 4 Advanced sessions (which are similar but slightly tougher to the Beginner ones) or there are 4 Performance sessions which are based around intervals. These are all good features to see but certainly nothing you wouldn’t expect from a machine of this calibre. This is their latest (and perhaps greatest!) technological advancement to date and we love it! For those that seek a little more entertainment to keep the mind engaged, we are sure the DKN Motion and iWorld apps will keep you captivated and consistent with your workouts! The stride motion and feel on the machine is among the best we've tested and it's certainly a cut above the majority of home ellipticals. That said, it’s a highly competitive marketplace and even ProForm themselves have some impressive offerings at around this price point. The 320 ZLE however, shares an ambiguous resemblance to many other brands of rear driven machines. The weight itself is average but it offers a nice smooth movement that was a pleasure to use. This feature alone offers a good reason to embrace the brand, especially if you require extra motivation and guidance with your workouts. The profile segments scroll across the top third of the screen, it’s duration is displayed in the middle and the program number at the bottom. The quarter mile track appearing in the dot matrix is engaging and motivating for getting those laps in!
Not only do they do the essential job of giving us the Personal Trainer guidance through iFit card sessions, but they also produced a surprisingly clear and tight sound when connected to an iPod or MP3. There’s a convenient bottle holder or accessory storage compartment within easy reach on the console mast. Well we’d certainly describe it as ‘fine’ in the sense that it does everything fairly well, but we just can’t really get too excited about the 320 ZLE!
The machine has a slimline & minimalist look and the contrasting finishes on the black panels are very pleasing on the eye. A nice touch is that the angle of the console can be adjusted so that users of the differing heights can read the back-lit LCD display clearly.
Each of these stores a user’s age, gender, weight and height and this information is used to provide more accurate estimates on certain feedback measures such as calories burnt. From its sleek and futuristic looks to the incredibly fluid and natural, long stride length and amazing top level resistance. For those with space for a full sized, front drive elliptical, this rock solid and sturdy elliptical from DKN is sure to provide challenging workouts regardless of fitness levels.
It's not a typical low priced machine, as it provides some options you can find only on expensive models.
You can choose between 6 workout programs or use a chest pulse sensor to ensure your heart rate is in the desired target zone. It will also be fairly difficult to take delivery of by yourself, I would recommend getting help. We were especially eager to check out the Elite E4000 as when it comes to testing a manufacturers ‘top-of-the-line’ model we at least ‘hope’ that it’ll be the ultimate example of their ingenuity and innovation. The oversized pedals are pitched at a bio-mechanically ‘sweet’ angle and the distance between them (The Q-factor) is so small that your hips and feet are put in a natural and comfortable position throughout. Instead of trying to view all of your feedback on one display, the upper portion of the console is neatly divided with a selection of LED screens, each dedicated to showing certain data. The goals can be programmed around the number of miles you wish to cover, time or calories burned and will remain set in the machine for a week.
There a 10 preset programmes including individual, weight loss, toning, wattage, cardio, hills and more. It’s a great bonus that Horizon have included this transmitter as although there are pulse grip sensors on the static handles for basic heart rate readings, we always advocate using the inbuilt receiver for far greater accuracy as well as being able to enjoy the HRC programs and the dynamic handles for upper body conditioning!
The custom programmes can be set for anything up to 99 minutes and allows you to alter the resistance for each minute segment as you choose. The top setting is nice and tough but a combination of plenty of increments and those quick keys make adjustment swift and easy so you can remain in control at all times. The centre of the console is dominated by a neat docking station with speakers to either side.
Not only does this allow for plenty of room for a water bottle, you can also stick your MP3 Player in there if there isn’t room up on the console. The engineering as well as the quality of components used in it’s entire construction are high quality bordering on over-kill! Combine that with alternating a forwards and backwards stride pattern and you’ve truly got a TOTAL body workout!
As is typical of most machines, the fixed handles have the usual pulse grip sensors mounted in them. The menu printed on the dashboard showing the course profiles of the 12 pre-sets available also help make setting up quick and easy. As well as being able to pre-set the load level, users can also set the duration of the program from 1 minute right up to 99!
Basically, it’s an app powered by Google earth, which allows you to pick any destination on the globe (so long as there is a satellite near it!) and plot a course.

While we keep a look out in the industry for any other manufacturer with an answer, we suggest that meantime you enjoy the XC-230i –  we are confident you certainly will! If that wasn't enough, the space needed is actually rather small, taking into account it's 21" long stride length.
That’s not to say that it’s not attractive – the sleek lines and silver bodywork are visually appealing, but often ProForm machines may have a folding design or incline ramp that gives rise to a more unique shape so it’s left us wondering what, if any, innovations the 320 ZLE was hiding? The stride length is 18 inches so this machine should prove comfortable for a variety of different users with a maximum capacity of 17 and a half stone (113 kg). Unfortunately the screen is rather narrow so it doesn’t have the capacity to show the whole course at a glance, making the selection process rather slow.
Our grumbles are not so much directed at the fan’s efficiency (rarely do fitness machines blow out much air due to their size) but rather, we were just slightly disappointed that more space was devoted to a 4” fan than was allocated to the more important feature of screen display! Down at ground level are levelling pads on the rear stabiliser as well as a useful welded D-shaped handle allowing you to lift the rear end and wheel the machine along on the 3” rollers that double as end covers for the front stabiliser.
The motion feels incredibly smooth thanks to the combination of double rails and the 20kg flywheel – the heaviest of any machine we’ve tested under ?1k!
If the resistance levels top out too quickly, the only way of increasing exercise intensity is to increase the RPM (ie. There’s a good selection of pre-set training programmes, heart rate control as well as well constant watt mode. If you want to intensify your exercise, you can do it easily by altering incline with a push of a button. That doesn't mean that you won't be able to use the trainer in a couple of months, but it doesn't give you much trust in its durability either.
However, this adjustment will return to the default setting after it goes into energy save mode. By a combination of the curved crank arms gliding along the thick guide rails on chunky rollers and the momentum produced by the heavy 23lb flywheel, results in a superbly fluid elliptical motion.
In the middle is the largest of the screens with bright orange dot matrix LEDS representing the segment of the course profile you are working through. Each time you use the machine you are given a progress report and if you are have successfully achieved your goal at the end of the week. The actual setting up process is made quick and easy by using the one-step resistance keys on the console.
There’s not a particularly exhaustive array of preset programs but certainly enough to keep boredom at bay for the majority of users.
Recumbent bikes are terrible for that, and even upright bikes take some of the load off of the bones.
Well here lies one of it’s unique selling points – it’s got a compact length of under 60″ making it about the same size or less as the average rear driven elliptical!
Being a substantial investment, it gives great peace of mind to think that this is a machine that will last the test of time. Being as this is a far less accurate and flexible way of pulse monitoring compared to wireless transmitters, we’d highly recommend investing in a compatible chest strap which can link with the machines inbuilt receiver allowing you to go hands-free! This means you can utilize Google’s street views and do some sightseeing while you workout! However, this maximum user weight is a very conservative estimate (although it must be strictly adhered to!) being as our own reviewer (Charlie Rawes) exceeded that weight during testing and the 320 ZLE coped admirably, displaying good, chunky build quality. Sure if you make some through comparisons then it may possibly have an extra kilo of flywheel weight than some similarly priced models… maybe it’s got a few more resistance levels than others too, but we’d be struggling to find any unique selling points that aren’t common place on many other models. Given the success of their elliptical trainers, we’ve given this a full test to see how it performs in the increasingly crowded front drive elliptical market. To either side of that are two displays showing ‘Time’ and ‘Distance’ and a wide display screen stretches under them showing the other important feedback such as Calories, Speed, Heart Rate etc. It will also provided users with details on their average workout as well as a running weekly total and overall lifetime total.?The concept works quite well in getting the user in the habit of consistent training and having the goals set over a week keeps things manageable in terms of short term targets. There’s no need to scroll through levels with up and down arrows for each segment, you just press the one-touch key labelled with the resistance level you want to work at followed by ‘enter’ and you can whizz through the set up process in no time creating some unique and challenging courses. This exciting concept has been developed from video footage captured by a runner with a head-cam going round some icon terrains all over the world. For the rest, they have the option of investing in ‘Passport’ and that should certainly keep anybody entertained! At a glance, you’d be forgiven in thinking it is some sort of stepper or perhaps a hybrid! The warranty is 2 years, but in theory, this machine is so solid and well-constructed that it feels like it could survive an air raid, let alone the 22 stone weight limit! Your favourite destinations as well as your workout stats can all be saved for future reference.
Each card contains 24 workouts spread over an 8 week program that has been designed by a certified Personal Trainer.
ProForm do a good range of elliptical cross trainers, some that fold, some that incline, most with iFit card compatibility… this one just doesn’t really stand out from the rest in any way. Pressing the ‘Change display’ button allows the user to alternate between viewing Watts to seeing the Calorie consumption figures.
The whole concept really comes to life by some innovative technological tricks – firstly the video is shot in the ‘first person’ perspective, the speed of the footage slows or quickens to keep pace with the RPM of the elliptical pedals and the resistance alters to mimic the changes in terrain (there’s even ambient noises from the surrounding area to keep it realistic!). Thanks to the quality of sound that comes from the speakers as well as the user-friendly lay out of the play and volume controls, we really feel that the large proportion of console space that Horizon have devoted to music features is well justified! If you want a comfortable, solid, user-friendly and engaging machine then the E4000 is a great choice. The biggest difference between impact on a treadmill and an elliptical is joint wear and tear.
But the engineering that has gone into angling and pivoting the crank arms, makes this 100% elliptical, the motion of which is bio-mechanical genius!

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