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I was at the gym this morning concluding my daily session with 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I have even seen in a gym in Hong Kong with people searching the net whilst casually exercising along – the focus and mind seemingly distracted by the net, as the exercise didn’t seemed too strenuous!
I do see advantages when using a piece of stationary equipment in having something to watch, it can get a bit boring on these equipment types at times. This morning I was later than normal at the gym – around 9.30, early morning breakfast television had finished, and as I flicked through the channels I couldn’t help but notice the annoying amount of infomercials. There is a chronic underinsurance issue in Australia, not enough of us have the right amount of cover for our needs.

But to offer something as serious as insuring against death, over the phone without completing applications and gathering medical information may have serious repercussions down the line for those take these offers up. You see, these Insurance companies will “underwrite” ( that is a term for gathering medical background), at the time of claim. So for something as serious as Insurance against death (that is what life insurance is), then disclosing all the facts about your medical history before you take the cover makes sense.
Then if you do make an unexpected trip to the grave, your family can be fully confident that the insurance will actually be paid. So do not phone the insurance hotline, but do seek financial advice from an Insurance Specialist or Financial Planner. An Insurance Specialist or Financial Adviser will also help you determine the exact level of cover required, the additional features and benefits available, the method of paying according to your affordability to do so at the time, and the underlying ownership structure of the policy which could potentially have cashflow or taxation advantages for you depending on your individual circumstances. That my friends, you will not get from a Television Add or Call Centre Life Insurance Line.

And on that note, I have to finish this blog up; I need to be one of the first callers through in the next 30 minutes to get that second set of steak knives!!! The equipment I used ten years ago didn’t have television, allow you to insert an USB stick and watch your own programs, play solitaire or plug in your iPhone. So at that time when your family might be expecting a cheque, the claim could be knocked back based on some pre-existing medical condition that if the insurer had known about, may have excluded from your cover, or you could have been refused cover entirely.

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