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This top of the line trainer mimics natural body movement with ergonomically sound design and electronica adjustable stride to meet the comfort and workout needs of all users.
With so many bells and whistles, this trainer does lack very basic options like a built-in fan on the console, and for the price, these basic options should be included. The X8 is a commercial grade trainer for in-home use, guaranteeing an incredibly quiet, smooth, natural workout experience with its innovative design with the user in mind. The X8 Elliptical Cross Trainer with the advanced Track + Console is the top of the line commercial grade trainer in the Life Fitness X Series of Cross Trainers.  Built with Whisper Stride ™ Technology, this trainer maintains an extraordinarily quiet and smooth stride for a natural and challenging workout experience. The Life Fitness X8 is intended for the user looking to get the most advanced workout options with the most advanced workout tracking programs that give users the option of targeting specific muscle groups or total body.
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Elliptical trainers are built to be easy on the joints, without the harsh impact on joints.
The flywheel is the drive system to an elliptical trainer; it’s what moves when you apply pressure to the pedals, and it’s also the part that controls the resistance levels. The flywheel weight is directly connected to how smooth an elliptical trainer will maneuver, and how loud the system will operate overall. If the flywheel is in the front of the machine, it is called a front drive trainer, and if it is in the back of the machine, it is called a rear drive trainer. The electronic system consists of the console and basically any feature that works while the machine is plugged in, such as power adjustable features like adjustable incline.
The unique suspension concept of the S7100HRT provides one of the smoothest, most natural rides ever offered by an elliptical machine. The suspension version of elliptical machines is relatively new to most home gym users, meaning they won’t be quite sure if it’s an ideal workout solution for them or not often until after the machine has already been purchased and assembled.
The Vision S7100HRT is a top-grade elliptical machine similar to what you might find in your local commercial gym.
Suspension ellipticals are fantastic for those looking to make a change and hoping to yield results from a whole different type of machine.
The blue backlit LCD screen is nothing fancy, but it will definitely keep you engaged – especially with its high variety of workout programs to choose from. User weight maximum has been raised to 325, as opposed to many other models that stick to 300 lbs or less.
Scrolling message bar on console screen sends encouraging & motivating phrases your way when you start to burn out.
The console screen is blue backlit – aka not a color touch screen like some other fancy entries from this brand. Warranty only includes one year of labor, which can leave you in a lurch as parts start to wear out over a long stretch of time. Users of all experience levels will appreciate the sleek design and easy-to-read display on the console. Vision makes an incredible line of elliptical machines overall, but the S7100HRT is the true winner.
Consider Vision Fitness for your next purchase – especially the S7100HRT that’s jam packed with workout programs and comfortable positioning that it will likely make your workout goals a lot more attainable. Since this elliptical is light enough to move from room to room via its included transport wheels, it is not considered to be the most sturdy of machines. For those in the market for a high-quality front drive elliptical, the NordicTrack Elite 12.7 does not disappoint.
Decent warranty – the frame comes with a lifetime warranty, while a 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty are also included. This isn’t the cheapest of front drive ellipticals, but if you are looking for quality, the price is actually more than reasonable. Buying an elliptical trainer can be a little confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Before we go on many people ask what is the difference between an elliptical trainer and a cross trainer?
If you’re looking to lose weight, tone-up and get fit then the elliptical trainer will take you a huge step towards your goals combined with a healthy diet and other lifestyle changes. It will do it for a reasonable price and require much less space than a rowing machine or treadmill.
Although the cheaper models on the market can be good value, they’re realistically never going to be able to match the smoothness and features of the more expensive options. The elliptical motion, as the name implies, means your feet travel in an elongated oval motion.
Most models offer both forward and backwards motion as this will vary the muscle groups used.
If you’re going to be storing your trainer away when not in use, portability is an important factor. Please check that you do not exceed the maximum user weight for the model you’re considering.
You may find the warranty will be invalidated and, because the guidelines have been ignored, you’d have no claim for personal injury against the manufacturer.
Most safety handles will have pulse sensors to check your heart rate – note these are not as accurate as a chest strap monitor. Models with pre-set programmes will also show you how far you’ve gone and, perhaps more importantly, how much further you still have yet to go! With an elliptical trainer you determine the speed of motion – unlike a treadmill whose belt moves at the specified speed. The cheaper models use air resistance to vary your effort levels but this isn’t so easy to operate as the far superior variable magnetic resistance method. On the right you can see two green buttons with up and down arrows – these allow you to change resistance mid-workout.
Lower resistance gives you a purely aerobic workout, whilst higher resistance will help to build muscle tone and strength.
You will see two types of elliptical, they either have the flywheel at the front or the back. Once you start to pay around ?150 for a model you’ll get built-in or pre-set programmes. The more you pay the more specially designed programmes you’ll get to provide aerobic, fat-burning, strength building or specific muscle group workouts. More recently many models now have specialised trainer software such as iFit that will measure your progress and maintain a record of what you’ve done for up to a year. Pre-set programmes can only help to improve your chances of reaching your fitness goals and we thoroughly recommend you get a model with a good selection of them.

If the console has speakers and iFit or other trainer software compatibility, then you can load up specially designed programmes that will talk to you as you train which could have fitness benefits. The EFX 833 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer is an exact replica of the machine you will find on the floor of professional health clubs. Because of its commercial-grade parts and programs, this console is not nearly as adjustable as some other treadmills in its price range.
The EFX 833 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer is a professional grade machine, which means it can never be worn out by only a few users.
While the machine doesn’t have much in the way of customization, it does offer a selection of workout programs and a heart rate monitoring system that is top notch.
At the end of the day, no one is going to complain about the EFX 833 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer.
A major pro to this model is the LegSculptor ™ Mode offered on the advanced Track + Console, which is new to the X8 and electronically adjusts the incline by two inches every two minute to target different areas of the lower body.
For $800 more than the X5, the X8 offers more customizable options but the design and console are basically the same as mid-level models at lower price points.
The trainer is completely customizable and adjustable, featuring electronica adjustable stride of up to 24 inches. The X8 is fully customizable and adaptable with an electronica adjustable stride from 18 to 24 inches. This machine is well worth the money for people serious about maintaining current levels of fitness or setting and monitoring personal fitness goals. Recently, new models are coming out where the flywheel is at the center of the machine, called a center drive trainer. If the foot pedals are uncomfortable, it can lead to everything from lower back issues to shin splints. With a blue backlit screen that provides additional feedback on three separate upper screens, you will enjoy the variety and challenge of 17 different workout programs to choose from. The machine is built with an ergonomic stride that is further emphasized by a narrow pedal spacing and stride length adjustments. While Vision’s standard elliptical machines do not offer adjustable incline and stride length, the S7100HRT shines with plenty of customizations including these two important factors. Many have reported having a great experience on this machine, as its design reduces the risk of injury by taking the strain off of your knees and ankles. With its ability to target specific muscle groups, to utilizing the adjustable stride and incline features that so many fitness enthusiasts are used to, the S7100HRT is a great home machine that will impress you enough to worry that someone will think you snatched it from the gym club floor.
Its quiet parts and natural adjustments to the user make working out on this machine a pleasant experience. The included console allows you to browse the Internet while exercising, or enjoy a full-color exercise program. If you’re looking for a quick way to get in shape, daily use on a front drive machine like the 12.7 is highly recommended.
With a heavy fly wheel, advanced programming and adjustable pieces, this elliptical is one of the best out there in the price range of under $1300. You can pay anything from around ?80 to well over ?3,500 so you can appreciate there’s quite a difference between the hundred plus models currently available in the UK – and this number grows on a weekly basis! All you need now is to know what all the technical jargon means when talking about the features on an elliptical trainers and why you can get some models for less than a meal for two whilst others cost as much as a small car!
We believe it’s worth paying that little bit extra for a quality machine that will improve your chances of achieving your goals. Many models now have adjustable pedals that allow you to find the best position and motion to suit your body type. If getting it out is too much hassle it could put you off training some evenings which obviously defeats the reason for having one. Manufacturers specify a safe weight limit for anyone using the machine so please think about who’ll be using the machine.
However, if you’re above average height you may find some models do not have a long enough stride length to deliver the full benefits. This is a bit dramatic but these are fixed handles next to the console that allow you to rest your arms if your arms are getting tired but you want to keep training your legs. What you alter on the trainer to vary the work rate is the resistance of the peddles and arms. Check that you can alter the resistance (and incline – see below) via the console with a touch of a button. The higher spec models will have pre-set programmes that will adjust the levels automatically – more later.
Some people claim the front driven give a better lower elliptical motion whilst others will claim the rear driven work you harder.
These are great for adding variety to your training and will automatically change the machine settings such as resistance and incline to give you the optimum workout. The idea is they can replicate a personal trainer and, in some cases, they’ll even speak to you via speakers in your machine! The happier you are on the machine the more you’ll use it so you may consider a model with a connection for your MP3 or iPod. In our view we think this could be a distraction but many people already watch TV whilst using their fitness equipment so it comes down to personal choice. This means you can count on it being an incredibly reliable and durable machine, as well as having the ability to provide a top-notch workout experience. This dynamic machine is incredibly reliable and features 20 levels of resistance and a ramp that adjusts from 13-40 degrees.
Its durability makes it a favorite among families with a lot of elliptical users, or those with small children who may give this machine a bit of a beating from time to time. It is the exact model you use at the gym, brought into your very own home for replicated workouts. 20 levels of resistance combined with 14 workout programs offered with the Track + Console make this trainer the ideal trainer, but if you are looking to save money, the X5 offers very similar features for $800 less.
The electronic adjustable stride is ideal for users who want on the fly challenges without interruption of the workout, so the bottom line is this trainer is an investment for anyone serious about fitness. The flywheel is what allows the pedals and hand grips to move, and a heavier flywheel also determines the life span of your elliptical.
While each of these types has their own pros and cons, most in-home, more compact and less expensive elliptical trainers are front drive design.
First, your warranty comes into play with the electronic system, so read the fine print on all warranties. While this is a relatively simple fix with some rail lubricant, understanding how the rollers work and the importance of sturdy rollers will help.

Here are a few things to look for with the foot pedals on an elliptical trainer: the cushioning, the design, and the size. You can rest assured the machine will stay put and be safe for all users thanks to its 23 lb flywheel and comfortable pedals. Unlike other Vision ellipticals, the S7100HRT features adjustable stride length and incline, making it a machine able to be used by multiple family members of different heights and weights. As with some rear drive ellipticals by NordicTrack, this front drive model comes with a 7” Android browser, a full-color touch display that will provide both entertainment and motivation during your workouts. While NordicTrack usually rolls out very durable products, the light weight transport capability may be a slight downfall to the 12.7. With 35 workout programs and 26 digital resistance levels included, you will burn calories efficiently. With special advanced features like the Polar® wireless chest strap and Cardiogrip™ heart rate monitor, you will maximize your workout results while staying safe.
If the mechanics cannot maintain this motion throughout the resistance levels and ranges of speed it may prevent you from getting the full benefits.
We think this is a very important feature and if possible you should buy a model with it, if you’re going to be sharing the machine it’s essential!
Most machines are made for easy portability, although some designers have a strange idea of what this actually means!
Many models now have the ability to adjust the pedals and stride length which is useful if you’ll be sharing your machine with a partner of differing height. A higher incline will work the back and lower legs a little harder, whilst the lower setting will work the upper body more. This, in our view, is purely subjective as most people won’t notice any big difference.
It’s a likeable machine that will challenge you physically but does not offer a huge range of custom options.
Although it sells on the higher end, the daily workouts of your entire family will not even begin to wear out this machine, making it an enticing offer to many fitness enthusiasts. Heart rate monitoring is also easy with contact heart rate hand sensors on the ErgoGrip ™ stationary handlebars. Rear drive trainers are typically bulkier, more expensive, and not as common for in-home use. Some brands will say they offer a 3 year parts and labor warranty, but if you read closely this may or may not exclude the electronic system of the trainer. The actual deck that contains the rollers is equally important to the comfort and feel of an elliptical trainer.
Cushioning is usually a top feature of a quality foot pedal, and many brands offer cushioning that also features tread to keep your feet firmly placed on the pedals. Finally, with 26 different digital resistance levels, you will remain challenged each time you step onto this elliptical. With this machine, you can adjust both the stride length and foot pedal size, making it a great machine for multiple users. If you live in a small home, the transport wheels attached to this elliptical make it easy to move it from room to room.
This elliptical also comes with dual fans, keeping you twice as cool during those exceptionally tough inclines. A short stride length tends to give an up and down motion and doesn’t achieve the all-important smooth elliptical pattern.
With a natural range of motion and fixed handlebars for a specific lower-body workout focus, the EFX 833 is an honest, reliable machine your whole household will love. The console also comes with a wireless heart rate monitoring system and chest strap, 14 workout programs, four user profiles and up to three custom workout options per user. However, it essentially comes down to personal preference on which is the “best” fit for users. The quality of the console is also important if you are looking for preset workout programs and goal tracking features that include heart rate monitoring.
When considering a trainer, pay attention to the stride length, which is the length of the rollers from the front to the back of the deck, or the distance the pedals move during the elliptical motion. As with many NordicTrack ellipticals, this one folds up and commands only a modest amount of space. If you are a technology nut, you’ll love this machine’s iFit compatibility and HD videos of various scenic routes and international terrain. Front drive trainers maneuver more like a stair climber while rear drive trainers operate more like a cross between running and walking.
Most trainers will offer a minimum of eight preset programs, but typically only more mid-range and elite trainers will offer wireless heart rate monitoring capabilities. A longer stride means more room to move your legs front to back while a shorter stride means less space to move your legs from front to back, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on your height and preferences. The inward slop is intended to relieve pressure on the knees, while the pivoting motion is designed to allow more movement of the ankles. Typical elliptical conveniences like a water bottle holder and easy fold-up storage are also featured on the 12.7. Beyond the advanced entertainment and tracking features, this trainer is simply built to last with a 400 pound weight maximum and a solid, steel rear drive designed frame.
While a longer stride might be ideal for a taller person or a person with longer legs, it can actually be less than ideal for a shorter person and can even cause discomfort in the lower back.
The NordicTrack Elite 12.7 aims to please with high quality construction and plenty of challenge for exercisers of all fitness levels. Similar problems arise for a taller person on a shorter stride; they may feel too restricted in the pedals. Most brands will advertise “oversized foot pedals,” but what does this mean, and is that a good thing even if you have smaller feet?
The ideal scenario is to find a trainer that offers an adjustable stride so multiple users can comfortably use the same machine.
Oversized foot pedals are typically beneficial for most users because it gives the feet space and avoids cramping. Of course, cushioning and tread go hand in hand with size because if the pedals are too big and lack tread, it can make for an uncomfortable scenario.

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