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Elliptical trainers have been a longtime presence in gyms and fitness facilities and a go-to piece of equipment for those looking to get their cardio fix.
But for individuals suffering from lower back problems, research suggests they may need to think twice before stamping their ticket to ride on the popular workout machines. The elliptical trainer, sometimes called a cross-trainer, is a piece of stationary exercise equipment that simulates walking or running without causing pressure to the joints. Researcher Janice Moreside is a physiotherapist who’s been a clinician for more than 30 years. Moreside, a University of Waterloo PhD candidate, works with Waterloo professor Stuart McGill whose specialty is spine research, specifically the lumbar spine or low back. The research was part of a larger study looking at the effect of hip mobility on the low back which Moreside presented Friday at the 2010 Congress of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in St. The study involved 43 males aged 19 to 30 who exercised on the elliptical trainer at two speeds: a self-selected speed and 30 per cent faster. They would change variables, adjusting stride length from 18 to 26 inches (about 46 to 66 centimetres) and hand position from either holding the handles, the central stationary bar of the machine or freehand. Moreside said while individuals don’t necessarily move to and fro more while on the elliptical, they do adopt a more flexed posture.
They also twist more on the elliptical trainer than in walking, no matter how much the other variables changed, she said. That said, for those who are older and have more joint problems in their low back as opposed to the disc, joints like to be flexed, Moreside said.
For those without any low-back problems and who are pain-free, Moreside said there shouldn’t be any issues when it comes to using the elliptical. Shipping charges noted in parentheses apply in addition to our standard shipping & service.
Oversized items scheduled for expedited delivery (Premium or Express) may incur additional shipping and services charges because of their unusual size.
The elliptical trainer can deliver a cardio-vascular workout comparable to a treadmill without putting strain on your joints.
It also gives a better whole body workout compared to an exercise bike because you use both your arms and your legs – a rowing machine can do this but does tend to take up more space. The ability to change the resistance level on an elliptical trainer can also help to develop muscle strength in addition to improving your aerobic fitness.
The benefits of any fitness routine can only be delivered if you do it often enough over prolonged periods. Many trainers now come with the feature to record and measure your progress (and often for 2 or 3 other people as well).
Elliptical trainers can be found in every gym and you’ll see people of all ages using them. Because your feet never leave the paddles the impact on your joints is much reduced making it an ideal exercise for older people – especially if overweight. In a relatively short space of time the elliptical trainer has become an established (and vital) part of any gym. The choice of models is staggering, almost to the point of confusion, as more and more manufacturers enter the market as sales continue to climb. The V-Fit MPTE2 Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, featuring 6kg Cast Iron Flywheel and Multi Plate Magnetic System, 13 stride length and 20 programmes, is a good quality elliptical trainer suitable for home use.
The V-Fit 07PME Elliptical Trainer - A dual action elliptical, allowing forward and reverse motion. The V-Fit MTE 3 magnetic elliptical is a good quality cross trainer available at an affordable price.

The Sole E25 elliptical trainer is highly popular due to its below $1000 price tag, and yet is a quality front drive elliptical machine offering low impact elliptical workouts. The flywheel is now 25 pounds compare to the 19 pound on the older model, thus giving an even more smoother and stable elliptical motion.
Sole e25 elliptical trainer comes fitted with a heavy 25-pound flywheel and a high gear ratio offering a fluid and smooth performance, a quiet drive system as well as top-end resistance, comparable to more expensive models.
With 20 different levels catering to different fitness levels, working at the level that suits you best is not a problem.
With its variety of 6 automatic programs, 2 heart rate programs and 2 customizable options, working out on your Sole e5 trainer need not be boring or monotonous. The Sole e25 fat burning program makes use of a lower, steady exertion workout with your heart rate at around 60% to 70% of its maximum potential.
One important benefit of the interval program is the more efficient use of oxygen by your cardiovascular system. A comfortable 20 – 22 inch stride length elliptical for under a thousand dollar with free shipping, is already a worthy buy. The Sole elliptical e25 trainer comes with handy amenities such as its built-in speakers for listening to your iPod or MP3 player, built-in cooling fans, and a water bottle holder all add to an enjoyable and comfortable elliptical workout experience. For just under $1000, you get a machine with all the necessary features to give you the ultimate elliptical training workout. Overall, it comes highly recommended especially for beginners and mid-level users looking for a cheaper elliptical trainer with all the essential features. For the more serious exercise enthusiasts, the Sole E35 elliptical with extra features at around $250 more, might be more appealing. All three comes with 6 preset, 2 heart rate controlled plus 2 programs you can customized to your specific needs.
Remember to put on a pair of quality athletic shoes to avoid leg fatigue, proper fitness attire, reap the benefits of elliptical training and make the Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer as part of your low impact exercise regime.
So for them, the elliptical might not be the choice because you bend forwards more than you do in walking,” she said. The repeated flexion and twisting are known scientifically to encourage this degeneration, Moreside said. For complete shipping & service charges please call Customer Service at 1-800-321-1484. The fact that you can get all of these with a machine that takes up relatively little space compared to other fitness machines, and at a cost that won’t break the bank, makes it an excellent choice of equipment. This is good news if you’re currently overweight or recovering from an injury or illness.
A recent study found overweight people were able to train longer on an elliptical trainer than a treadmill and minute for minute used more calories and consequently lost more weight. Yes, you will have to pay a bit extra for this but if it helps you achieve your fitness goals it’s money well-spent. Not only will they dramatically improve your fitness, you can tone up all those bits you may not be too proud of, improve your posture and lead to significant weightloss. However, it’s still a weight-bearing exercise making it an excellent activity for maintaining bone density. The huge potential health benefits for all regardless of age, weight and condition have not surprisingly taken it to the top of the home fitness equipment sales. It features a multi-function exercise monitor with user-friendly programmes for up to 4 people. The elliptical has a 4.5 kg friction-free flywheel and 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance for effective and various workouts.

It now comes with power adjustable stride length of 20 -22 inches and 20 resistance levels, 4 more compared to the older model. Another feature found only on more expensive models but which is also found in the Sole elliptical E25 is its 4 rear wheels which ride on heavy duty rails, resulting in a smoother more stable feel besides reducing side to side foot pedal motion. A wide choice of 20 resistance levels make gradually changing from one level to the next a smooth transition, especially with its high-end eddy current resistance system and its fast, quiet adjustments by merely a button push. You can choose to do your exercises in forward or reverse motion, thus making sure that you give your muscles a more balanced workout.
Exercising at high levels of intensity followed by low levels of intensity will increase your endurance level. With its vibrant 6.5-inch blue LCD display, track with ease your resistance, time, distance, calories burned, and pulse. Add in dual guard rails for increased stability compared to a single guard rail in comparable models gives it another solid favorable point. Cardio exercise with just the right intensity will certainly give your heart a boost, increase blood flow and lung capacity. Sole e35 has a heavier flywheel at 29 pounds compared to the 25 pounds of the e25 elliptical, thus offering a more stable operation. The non-slip pedals provide stable footing during forward and backward elliptical movement; tension adjusts using a dial between the pedals. To do the same thing everyday will get boring and repetitive even for those with the best intentions.
With an elliptical trainer you can either do short, high resistance sessions or longer,low resistance routines, or a combination of both.
However, please read our page on buying an elliptical trainer because you could be wasting your time with the cheaper models, or end up buying an expensive machine packed with features you’ll never use!
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Power incline which is fully adjustable from a level plane up to 15 degrees, you can easily add additional resistance and diversity to your training thus ensuring a more thorough elliptical workout as well as a more demanding cardio exercise. This program works by steadily increasing resistance to a high level and forcing you to sustain it.
Another unique feature of this user-friendly elliptical trainer is its oversized, custom-designed foot pedals designed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist and sports scientist.
If you want an even heavier flywheel, then the Sole e95 with its 34 pounds flywheel would suit you.
The LCD shows you the total number of strides, distance in miles, exercise time, and calories burned, scrolling through each statistic one at a time.
Featuring a 2-degree inward slope, this unique feature aids in reducing the ankle and knee stress that’s common in other elliptical machines.
The new 2013 sole e25 elliptical trainer with its lifetime warranty on frame and incline motor certainly has a lot to offer with all its quality upgraded features and a pleasing below thousand dollar price tag. This feature puts the users’ joints back into a more neutral alignment thus easing the stress on the ankles, knees and hips.
If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return your Hammacher Schlemmer purchase for exchange, credit, or refund.Should you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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