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How ironic that the stride length of elliptical trainers would be the one feature that most folks dona€™t consider when making a purchase of one of these fitness machines. So that youa€™ll understand the concept clearly, just remember that the stride length of elliptical trainers needs to be determined by the usera€™s height. Generally speaking, shorter people (5a€™3a€? or smaller) can comfortably use elliptical machines that have a 16a€? to 18a€? stride length, and if you are 5a€™7a€? to 6a€™7a€? your best choice will be a 20a€? or 21a€? stride length. The exception would be if you are out of shape, then you may be able to work out on an elliptical trainer with a shorter length without too much discomfort. When you workout, the longer the stride range you can achieve the better it is for you, and any up and down motion doesna€™t count. Since every individual is different, each of us will experience different comfort levels on elliptical machines as far as ergonomics is concerned: the smoothness of the flywheel, the angle of the footpads, the brake systema€”all of these factors come into play.
Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center.
Programming – Fifteen built-in programs are made easily available through “quick touch” buttons. Upper body workout – Adjustable upper-body workout arms help tone the arms, shoulders, back, and torso.
Oversized pedals – The roomy pedals are intended to provide foot comfort over long workouts. Simple stride – While the 1300’s fixed 20” stride is good enough for healthy exercise, it’s a notch below the adjustable strides available on other NordicTracks.
Sound system – A number of NordicTracks are offered with iPod compatibility, but the Elite 1300 isn’t among them. TweetThis is a very portable machine and a perfect choice if you are looking for a good space saving fitness equipment for yourself. Of the three current Gold’s Gym ellipticals, the StrideTrainer 595 offers the best combination of price and quality. Cross training – Movable handlebars increase calorie expenditure and help tone the upper body.
Heart rate monitor – Grip heart rate sensors are integrated with the handlebars for convenient pulse monitoring during exercise. Few resistance levels – Gold’s Gym Ellipticals have fewer resistance levels than the industry standard of 16 to 20.
Short labor warranty – Gold’s Gym ellipticals include just 90-day warranties for parts and labor.

Difficult to assemble – Customers consistently complain that the assembly instructions are insufficient. Other discount ellipticals can easily be assembled by two people within an hour without prompting a trip to the liquor store. Power hungry – This machine does not have a power cord and quickly runs through D cell batteries.
Despite their brand name, Gold’s Gym ellipticals aren’t close to professional gym quality – and the StrideTrainer 380 is both noisy and prone to breakdowns. Three-position stride – A three-position adjustable stride helps people target different muscle groups. Low capacity – The One-Step SpaceSaver 500 has an advertised 250-pound user weight capacity. The One-Step SpaceSaver 500 has a sleek, attractive design that fits smaller workout areas. The Houston Chronicle is the premier local news provider for the country's 4th largest city. Currently the nation's sixth-largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle is a multimedia company publishing print and online products in English and Spanish that reach millions of people each month.
Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer with Adjustable Stride Length of 13 to 18 Inches and Folding Elliptical Trainer Design. Programs, resistance levels, attractiveness, and warranty are all important of course, but the ability to work your muscle groups and heart rate properly is the goal of working out on ellipticals in the first place, isna€™t it? It needs to feel comfortable (and preferably with articulating footpads to keep your feet from falling asleep!) yet many people may not realize they are working out on a machine that is too small for them. Any time you come across a stride length of an elliptical trainer with less than 18a€?, ita€™s going to feel less comfortable to most people, resulting in short choppy strides. Most commercial health club models have a minimum 20a€? stride since the machines need to accommodate multiple users of different heights. Elliptical trainers are designed to work the muscles groups of the upper and lower body but especially the legs. Just remember that it is the stride length of elliptical trainers that provide the starting point when deciding which model to buy for your home use. Commercial Pro, the FreeStrider 35S, and other elliptical trainers developed over the past few years. It gives you all the benefits of non-impact exercises without taking too much of your space.

People using this machine as their primary source of cardio training could quickly tire of the options. The best option from the Gold’s Gym elliptical brand is the Stride Trainer 595, which has an 18” stride to combine with incline training for better muscle definition. The StrideTrainer 595 offers a number of better options, including a more natural stride length, more than double the programming, and an incline for targeting different muscle groups. By using upper-body workout bars on an elliptical machine, people can double calorie expenditure and tone their arms, chest, back, and torso while also exercising the lower body. Other than that, it doesn’t have much to offer – and plenty of other compact ellipticals are available. The amount of calories burned on an elliptical machine equals that burned on a treadmill, but with a lower impact on the joints a€” more akin to riding a stationary bike.
Still, don’t be tempted by the “commercial” claim; this machine has just a one-year parts warranty. Look to these models for long adjustable strides, power training ramps, and iFit Live workouts. However, the machine doesn’t seem to provide good value; many customers report that the Gold’s Gym 380 is just too cheaply made.
The three positions don’t offer a a true elliptical stride for taller people and make the machine feel more like a stairclimber.
Drawbacks of this machine include its lack of a cross training option, its short stride, and a short warranty. If you can drop your hands to your sides and not use the handles, the act of striding and balancing yourself on a trainer helps to further target the core muscle groups.
The Elite 1300 has some attractive features but isn’t one of NordicTrack’s best ellipticals.
NordicTrack, Schwinn, and ProForm offer better deals with at least a year of parts coverage on their cheapest elliptical trainers.

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