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Of the three current Gold’s Gym ellipticals, the StrideTrainer 595 offers the best combination of price and quality.
Cross training – Movable handlebars increase calorie expenditure and help tone the upper body. Heart rate monitor – Grip heart rate sensors are integrated with the handlebars for convenient pulse monitoring during exercise. Few resistance levels – Gold’s Gym Ellipticals have fewer resistance levels than the industry standard of 16 to 20. Short labor warranty – Gold’s Gym ellipticals include just 90-day warranties for parts and labor.
Difficult to assemble – Customers consistently complain that the assembly instructions are insufficient. Other discount ellipticals can easily be assembled by two people within an hour without prompting a trip to the liquor store.
Power hungry – This machine does not have a power cord and quickly runs through D cell batteries. Despite their brand name, Gold’s Gym ellipticals aren’t close to professional gym quality – and the StrideTrainer 380 is both noisy and prone to breakdowns. The Stride Trainer 310 is a budget-friendly elliptical trainer with basic options and a compact, light-weight design.
Offered for under $300, the Stride Trainer 310 is the entry-level model in Gold’s Gym line of rear drive stride trainer elliptical trainers.
The console (which is the same as the 380 model) is designed with a blue-tinted LCD display and offers 6 workout programs. Please provide us with the following information and we'll have someone contact you to answer any questions and to find you the lowest price. The Gold’s Gym Maxx GameFit Elliptical machine stands out for offering GameFit workout programs. Personal trainer workouts – Twelve personal trainer workouts with audio help trainees make the most of cardio workouts. MP3 player – The speaker system can be used to play MP3s from the user’s iPod or other USB-compatible music player. Heart rate monitor – A dual grip pulse reader is built into the handlebars for convenience. Warranty – This unit carries one of Gold’s Gym’s better warranties:  10 years on the resistance, one year on labor, and lifetime protection on the frame. Lower capacity – The Maxx GameFit is marked with a 275 pound weight capacity but is wobbly even for lighter users.
This machine is suitable for beginners who could use the extra motivation of games and audio.
The StrideTrainer 595 is the top elliptical machine from Gold’s Gym, a discount brand of fitness equipment.
18” stride – The stride is long enough for shorter adults to use a full range of motion, and they can also take shorter stair-like steps by using the incline. 14 programs – A variety of built-in programs are designed for weight loss, endurance, and other fitness goals. Full-body exercise – Movable handlebars increase calorie expenditure and help tone the upper body.

Heart rate monitor – Grip heart rate sensors are integrated with the handlebars for convenient pulse monitoring during exercise. MP3 player – An iPod port and speaker system offer entertainment and can drown out the machine’s squeakiness. Short labor warranty – Gold’s Gym ellipticals include just 90-day warranties for parts and labor.
Includes six workouts designed by a personal trainer, a heart rate monitor and adjustable digital resistance.
Preset workouts – Six preset workouts, including two heart rate control workouts and four weight loss programs, are included.
Three-position stride – A three-position adjustable stride helps people target different muscle groups.
Free shipping to store – The machine is not delivered to residences, but customers can get free shipping by ordering the machine online and then picking it up at the nearest Wal-Mart store.
Low capacity – This machine has an advertised 250-pound user weight capacity, but that’s an optimistic rating. Warranty – This machine has a poor warranty for its price: just a year on parts and labor. People using this machine as their primary source of cardio training could quickly tire of the options. The best option from the Gold’s Gym elliptical brand is the Stride Trainer 595, which has an 18” stride to combine with incline training for better muscle definition. The StrideTrainer 595 offers a number of better options, including a more natural stride length, more than double the programming, and an incline for targeting different muscle groups.
And beyond affordability, this 310 model is also very light-weight and built with transport wheels so it’s easy to move around if needed; ideal for in-door use where space is an issue.
A short stride of 14 inches makes it difficult for taller people to feel comfortable using this trainer, and really, anything less than 18 inches will make anyone feel less than comfortable. You may save a few hundred dollars in the short term, but that means nothing if the trainer will stop working efficiently in a year or two anyway. The drive system is designed with Silent Magnetic Resistance™ (SMR), and the weight capacity can withstand 250 pounds or less.
This is not a piece of workout equipment that will last for years and years, and it’s not an elliptical trainer that’s ideal for daily or heavy use.
It’s a feature-rich machine with audio, built-in personal training workouts, and interactive Game & Train programming.
However, machines with longer, adjustable strides are preferable because they can target more muscle groups and be used by taller users.
Since it has a short stride and lighter resistance, it’s best for smaller beginning exercisers. An adaptor is available from the manufacturer for about $90, but a universal adaptor can be purchased elsewhere for under $20.
It has a long enough stride for shorter adults, plus it can mimic a stairclimber with its incline option. It includes six workouts designed by a personal trainer, a heart rate monitor and adjustable digital resistance. By using upper-body workout bars on an elliptical machine, people can double calorie expenditure and tone their arms, chest, back, and torso while also exercising the lower body.

However, the machine doesn’t seem to provide good value; many customers report that the Gold’s Gym 380 is just too cheaply made. This short stride is bad for the back and makes it difficult to really get in a good workout.
With a poorly designed frame, users are less likely to enjoy using this trainer, which defeats the purpose of a piece of workout equipment. There is no information available on the flywheel weight, which would tell us a lot about the quality of the motor and ease of operation, but based on the low weight capacity, we assume it’s a very light weight flywheel. From the display, users can track speed, distance, resistance, time, calories burned and pulse.
This machine is recommended for lighter weight users but it will likely wear out quickly when pushed by heavier people.
The 595 has an 18” stride, 14 preset programs, and an incline for targeting specific muscle groups. The Gold’s Gym 680 is actually the Proform One-Step Spacesaver 500 Elliptical with a different name.
The three positions don’t offer a true elliptical stride for taller people and make the machine feel more like a stairclimber.
NordicTrack, Schwinn, and ProForm offer better deals with at least a year of parts coverage on their cheapest elliptical trainers.
All the fasteners were in labeled packs and instructions were easy to understand but you have to put some muscle into tightening the fasteners so I had to have my husband help.
If you want to also track your heart rate, there are built-in dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor grips on the stationary handlebars.
If you are going to go with one of these three stride trainers by Gold’s Gym, we suggest going with their “top” model, the 410. Users can choose from 10 levels of resistance, and the stride length is fixed at 14 inches.
You won’t spend too much more (still under $500 and one of our best buys under $500), and you will at least get a few more workout tracking features and adjustable pedals (literally the only adjustable option on any of these trainers).
I literally felt like I had worked out every inch of my body and the next day my limbs felt like sore. This elliptical has different resistance levels and you can work your way up to the difficult setting, it has 6 programed workouts. One of the biggest factors that makes this a wonderful product is how easy it is on my hips and joints, it has a rather smooth movement to it. It has eight different workout programs, and a digital read out to keep up with how far you have went, how long you have worked out, and how many calories you have burned. It is very noisy, so working out while my youngest one naps, or after everyone goes to bed, is not an option.

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