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360 Fitness is Petaluma’s leading elliptical machine store and we wish to help you find the elliptical trainer that best fits your requirements. Elliptical machines offer a reduced impact, high quality cardio workout that you can get from the comfort of your Petaluma house or at the gym.
Because you are looking for an elliptical machine in Petaluma you are no doubt seeing that there are whole lot of options out there. As the Bay Location’s leading elliptical equipment and elliptical machine cross trainer store, we can state with the utmost certainty that we offer the finest value for money to our clients.
If you are interested in purchasing any fitness equipment, here is where you can find all the information you need before you buy. Subscribe and be the first to know about new products, CROSS CiRCUIT Workouts, latest workout trends, and more! To verify that you are a human, please answer the question 1 + 2 = ?*Please enter a value between 3 and 3.
Traditional elliptical machines are great ways to exercise, and recumbent bikes offer another popular, comfortable modality. Better known as recumbent ellipticals, or seated elliptical machines, these unique pieces of equipment combine the best in elliptical motion and stationary biking for another effective, low-impact way to train. Octane Fitness essentially invented the recumbent elliptical category with its xRide, which delivers all the benefits of conventional standing elliptical exercise, but in a comfortable, seated position. Furthermore, with a recumbent elliptical, you get a total-body workout, actively engaging the upper body using Octane’s patented MultiGrip handlebars. Plus, on the xRide, exercisers can use the Workout Boosters to engage in targeted muscular endurance training for the entire body, lower body or upper body.
Recumbent ellipticals are a great way to cross train and add new challenges to your workout regimen.
We need a little more information to check the availability and delivery options in your area. 360 Fitness is Lafayette’s leading elliptical machine store and we wish to help you discover the elliptical fitness trainer that best suits your needs.
Elliptical machines provide a reduced effect, high quality cardio exercise that you can get from the comfort of your Lafayette home or at the health club.
Since you are trying to find an elliptical machine in Lafayette you are no question seeing that there are great deal of options out there. As the Bay Area’s leading elliptical device and elliptical machine cross trainer shop, we could state with the utmost certainty that we offer the best value for money to our customers.
Setting your Club will show you Product availability and pick up options while you are shopping. January 17, 2014 by Thomas Walters If you’ve been looking into getting an elliptical trainer you most likely have a few questions and not sure where to start. Things you want to look for when buying an elliptical trainer are stability, ease of use, and easily support your natural movements.
When it comes down to price, your more expensive brands will feature the best stability, performance, and better warranties with additional features such as heart rate monitors, adjustable stride length, and pre-set programs.
Features: This machine comes with multiple settings for different workouts that allow you to choose your own speed and resistance level from hills to EZ incline, large console with 2 accessory holders, contact heart rate sensors and wireless chest strap monitor and a built-in reading rack.
Other Specifications: A 350lb weight capacity and oversized foot pedals to accommodate various shapes and sizes, LED message center, race-mode, 18 workout programs, 7 customizable programs, and alternator resistance system. If you’re wanting a machine that offers the same features as the high-end models but with a more reasonable price then you may want to consider Sole Fitness.
This elliptical machine has many features that allow you to customize and track your workout for multiple options. Features: A quiet drive system with forward and backward motions, adjustable ramp angle for power incline, adjustable foot pedals and console, built-in pulse sensors in stationary handle bars and heart-rate chest strap, built-in fan and console with speakers for an MP3 player or iPod. Other Specifications: Maximum 375lb weight limit, adjustable 20-22” stride length, six basic programs and 2 customizable programs, four rear-wheels to minimize foot pedals from moving side-to-side. If you’re looking for a durable elliptical machine that is within your budget but without compromising quality or performance you may find this Horizon Fitness Trainer more your speed. This elliptical trainer delivers a smooth performance for minimal impact to help maximize your workout.
Features: It has Sonic Surround speakers which are compatible for an MP3 player, a built-in fitness fan to keep you cool, ideal handle bar spacing that is suitable for large or small frame types, rubberized contact grips on foot pedals and handlebars, and a magnetic break resistance.
Other specifications: Weight capacity of 275lbs, 18” stride length, 10 programming options, low step-on height of foot pedals for ease of use getting on and off, quiet performance when starting and stopping, and electronic resistance ranging from 0-10. If space is a concern, you may find yourself paired nicely with this compact elliptical that easily accommodates different body types. Other specifications: 300lb weight capacity, includes AC power adapter, computer-controlled drive system, 16 levels of resistance, backlit LCD display. Easy to utilize-You simply get on and go, unlike an elliptical which can take a little getting used to. Space Efficient – If you’re pressed for space or lack a workout area treadmills are designed that they can be folded up for easy storage and freeing up space.
Easy on the joints – unlike treadmills where regular pounding on your joints while running can strain your knees, ankles, hips and back, elliptical trainers present an extremely small impact workout. Works out multiple parts of the body -You can train both arms and legs at simultaneously and obtain an enhanced overall body exercises as most ellipticals come with stationary and moving arm bars.

As with any cardio workout, the ideal way to maximize the intensity of your workout is through speed and resistance. On average, 30 minutes per day is the recommended time that the elliptical should be used for by a single person.
We hope these tips will help you to make an informed decision when you make the purchase of your new elliptical machine and successfully answered any questions you may have!
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar ReviewAchieving an upper body workout doesn’t require a gym full of bulky, expensive equipment. At the end of each day, as you take a moment from the hustle and bustle of city life, have you ever considered investing in the health of you and your family by purchasing a low-impact aerobic fitness machine such as an elliptical trainer? Streamlined, space-saving body framework design --- Under the R&D process of Go Ellipticala€™s German design team, this next generation model is only 53a€? (134x cm ) only in length and 28a€?( 71cm) in width. Please dona€™t let impractical, gigantic fitness equipment take over the precious living space for you and your family. Aerobic exercises can bring healthy physiques for you and your entire family, and promote metabolism.
Improve heart and lung efficiency a€“ regular aerobic exercises for 20 minutes a day can improve your Cardiovascular health.
Lower blood pressure --- regular training can promote blood circulation and lower the risk of heart disease.
Strengthen the bones --- for women, regular exercising can slow down or reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis. Healthy skin --- regular aerobic exercises can increase blood flow towards the skin, which helps protect the skin and fight against the suna€™s UV radiation.
Lose weight --- Aerobic exercises speed up the burning of fat, and reduces all obesity-related cardiovascular diseases and fatty liver, which are common civilization diseases in modern day people from eating out and socializing. Positive outlook on life --- Aerobic exercises promotes body health and effectively releases many pressure faced from daily city life and work.
With elliptical machines, people in Petaluma, like you, could get all the perks of a high intensity workout program without any of the downsides. Choosing the right elliptical machine store in Petaluma, like 360 Fitness Superstore can make this task much easier.
We hold top of the line elliptical machines from every significant brand and we offer them to Petaluma at a fair rate.
Give us a call today and we will help you find an elliptical machine that is the finest fit for your physical fitness requirements and for your budget.
Exercisers benefit from the Active Seat Position, which accommodates any size individual and maximizes muscle use. With Octane’s PowerStroke technology, you capitalize on a greater range of motion for the lower-body for more effective training. If this is related to a specific issue, provide any available details (item number, order number, etc.) to help us resolve the matter faster. With elliptical machines, individuals in Lafayette, like you, can get all the perks of a high intensity workout without any of the downsides.
We hold top of the line elliptical machines from every significant brand name and we provide them to Lafayette at a reasonable cost.
Provide us a call today and we will help you find an elliptical machine that is the best fit for your physical fitness needs and for your spending plan.
We have provided an elliptical machines buying guide to help point you in the right direction for what you need. Because elliptical trainers are designed to work a variety of muscles in the leg, it is crucial that you find a model that matches your strides, and that is comfortable for your needs.
Bear in mind also that some are bigger than other models because they are made to endure constant usage in a fitness center which are generally more expensive. If money is not an object for you and you’re looking for the top of the line product then a Life Fitness Machine is likely for you. This home-version elliptical provides a smooth feel while pedaling, an innovative console and pedals and handlebars that are ergonomically accurate.
It’s great for beginners or even experienced fitness enthusiasts who can’t make it to the gym everyday and just looking to use one once or twice a week. It has a SIXstar Certification to provide the most natural feel that offers the best posture and fluid movement for comfort and delivering better results. We chose this trainer for its quality features and multiple workout programs that are suitable for different users. We have answered commonly asked questions when it comes to elliptical machines to help you make an informed choice. These are the most extensively purchased types of exercise equipment on the market so to clarify the differences we’ve listed the key benefits each one offers. You can also move two ways with bi-directional units to cross train other muscle groups, whereas a treadmill is just forward motion. The stationary handles help provide more stability during your workout while the moving arm handles provide an upper body workout for your arms. If you visit a gym regularly and just want to have an elliptical trainer in your home for occasional use than you probably won’t want to spend too much on it as with a higher priced machine. If you wish to workout for a prolonged length of time or there are other members in your household who will be using the machine as well on a regular basis, consider purchasing a higher quality brand.

While some less expensive models have a decent enough drive system to get by off of because they’re made with good components, you can count on higher priced models to be made of top quality materials. Many companies offer extended warranties to consumers primarily for the sole purpose of making money off of you.
You can do this by wiping it down after each use and thoroughly cleaning it from time to time. In order to get an accurate feedback in calories burned you should put in your information.
By using the stationary arm handles every time you are not getting the full upper body workout the machine is designed for. Though it may be much easier to spin at a resistance of zero and you feel as though you’re making some type of effort, you won’t see optimal results without setting your resistance.
You should stand up straight to properly work out your core and upper body while using the elliptical.
But when you start researching, you soon discover that a piece of full-featured, fitness-center class equipment is not only very expensive but would also take up a lot of your living space. It is a revolutionary product designed by the creator of the balanced pedal elliptical trainer. With Go Elliptical advanced design, you will have one versatile, smooth riding aerobic trainer that allows each member of your family to have a great aerobic workout experience in the comfort of your own home.
As you stride forward smoothly and continuously, we invite you to move to the rhythm of your own groove. An excellent elliptical machine store like 360 Fitness holds all the significant brand names of ellipticals. We will then deliver and install it at your home or health club in Petaluma, making sure that you are absolutely satisfied with your purchase. Research shows that exercisers on the xRide have 343% more glute activity and burn 23% more calories overall, compared to recumbent bike riders. Selecting the right elliptical machine store in Lafayette, like 360 Fitness Superstore can make this task much easier. We will then deliver and install it at your house or gym in Lafayette, making certain that you are entirely pleased with your investment.
These fitness machines can work the upper and lower body at the same time, while the low impact nature of the workout is easier on the joints.
This is much better rather than depending on what you can find at the gym or from using someone else’s machine.
It delivers an incredible smooth performance, has a really nice selection of programs to choose from to mix up your work out, and best all-around for the price. Many elliptical trainers feature an incline or ramp to which you can alter the slope of the elliptical motion.
Your more expensive brands are designed to withstand heavy use, therefore it would be unnecessary to spend the extra dollars if you’re not expecting to get excessive use out of it.
Also know your limits keeping your physical endurance in mind when working out to avoid injury.
If you really want to ensure the life of your machine, obtain an extended warranty through Universal Technical Services as they are the most reliable and trusted service for warranties. You can help keep your machine clean as well as protect your floors by using an elliptical mat. By mixing it up and going backwards you are also working out your glutes and hamstrings for an optimal workout.
Moreover, the specifications of a particular size machine may not be suitable for use by all members of your family.
Meticulously constructed based on the global patented balanced pedal technology, Go-Elliptical also applies the nano concept to streamline the design and assembly of its component parts. A good elliptical machine store like 360 Fitness holds all the significant brand names of ellipticals. If you are serious about attaining your fitness goals then an elliptical trainer could be just the thing you need to add to your home gym. We’ve taken the time to research these different brands to narrow down the best choices for your needs. When you move at this pace without slowing down you are adding more strain onto the muscle groups which keeps the elliptical in motion thus recreating an environment similar to running against the wind or uphill if you were outdoors.
However, if you are have intentions of using it to reach your fitness goals and maintaining them as well as other members in your home you may want to invest in a more expensive model. You may also want to apply a recommended lubricant periodically to keep your machine in top shape. Our friendly personnel will help you select the right elliptical fitness trainer and we will then deliver it and install it anywhere you like in your Lafayette home or gym.
Also pay attention to weight capacity if you are overweight as many of your less expensive models are not designed to withstand users over 300 pounds.

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