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Elliptical machines, cross-trainers, x-trainers – no matter what you prefer to call this breed of exercise machines, they are a dynamic and valuable addition to any workout setup. Though it was actually released in 2012, the Precor EFX 5.37 Premium is an unequivocal top-dog this year. At the very first glance, the E98 elliptical by Sole Fitness sends a compelling message: “I am a cool machine!” If this is what you heard, the machine speaks the truth. If you want a more compact home gym experience in your elliptical, the E514c by Nautilus is an excellent choice. For those seeking an elliptical-recumbent combination machine, Schwinn’s 520 model is a great buy. A new and interesting twist on the classic elliptical comes by way of the new ProForm Hybrid Trainer.
The Livestrong LS8.0E is a great choice for those just wanting a solid, yet somewhat less flashy elliptical machine. The options for exercise equipment can be overwhelming, but many consumers choose an elliptical machine for a great, low-impact, full body workout. Yowza elliptical machines have become very popular in the fitness world due to their exceptional quality and affordable price tags.
LifeCORE delivers a small selection of treadmills that appeal to both the budget conscientious and bigger wallets that demand comfort. Proform makes a wide range of machines that are budget friendly, yet provide many nice features typically found on the more expensive models.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Elliptical machines are the second highest selling fitness machine, second only to treadmills. Low impact – The elliptical puts less stress on the joints of the ankle, knee, and spine. Cardiovascular endurance and weight loss – The elliptical is an appropriate mode of exercise for improving cardiovascular endurance and burning calories.
Rehabilitation – The elliptical is appropriate earlier in many rehabilitation protocols than an impact activity such as running or agility exercises. Not sport-specific – Unless you are a cross-country skier, there is little carry-over from using the treadmill at the gym and playing soccer, basketball, or many other sports. Decreased lower body muscle activation – The same study I mentioned above also found increased activation of the gastrocnemius (calf) and gluteus maximus while running on the treadmill vs.
Rigid – The elliptical removes some of the degrees of freedom of movement that running and other activities allow. Often times it comes down to this: What machine will provide a better workout, and what machine will help burn more calories? About the Author - Peter RumfordI graduated in 2006 from Westmont College in Santa Barbara with a B.S.
My brother has one of these and he religiously exercises on in it for an hour a day, needless to say, no one can keep up with him in hockey. I know this comment is late to the party, but I think you’re confusing loading the bones with impact.
There is no doubt that in today’s world, most people need to exercise regularly to maintain their best health.
Elliptical machines revolutionized the world of gym equipment by introducing a motion of exercise that eliminated the harsh impact associated with traditional exercises.
Although other machines have claimed to provide a workout with zero impact, the elliptical machine is the only one that can provide a thorough workout that targets a majority of the muscle groups in the body. Elliptical machines are available in many different price ranges with a variety of features.
If you have landed on this page, you are probably looking for the best elliptical trainer for under $250. Ranking at number 5 in our best elliptical machines under 250 dollars list is the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical trainer.

It allows a maximum user weight of 220 pounds and runs smoothly and efficiently to maximize user comfort on the machine. It runs on magnetic resistance, with slip free foot holds for safety, plus tracking with the built in computer display, ensure this elliptical has all the makings of a decent trainer. This trainer is an excellent example of a entry level trainer, with a great deal of functions to give you a brilliant full body cardio workout. Pulse pads that come built into the grip, allow easy heart rate monitoring, as well as speed, distance and the amount of calories you have burned since starting your workout.
We recently took a detailed look into this elliptical machines features, design and overall functionality. Includes a monitor to track exercise progress, including important stats such as time and heart rate, which you can find more details about in our very own detailed Body Rider BRD2000 review.
A nice amount of built in exercise programs give a decent amount of variety for elliptical users who enjoy mixing up there workouts to keep it fresh.
Ranking currently at number one is the Body Champ BRM2720, we have taken into account, the specs, features, capabilities and overall customer satisfaction with their elliptical, and this particular model from Body Champ comes out on top. While not the most impressive elliptical money can buy, for a machine that consistently can be found below 250 dollars, we feel this is probably the top of the pile right now.
Most commonly referred to as elliptical machines, these unique pieces of equipment provide the user with an effective and smooth manner of aerobic exercise, engaging the whole body in a stride-like motion.
Not only does this mean more possible good machines, but unfortunately also many more not so good.
The 5.37 is just a slight downgrade from the prestigious 835 model and leaves absolutely nothing to complain about.
Enjoy multi-focus training for power, strength, and weight-loss, a Visual Motivation display system, extensive warranty backup, and even a 400-pound on-board weight capacity. With a beautiful display, intuitive handle system, remarkable durability, and a whole range of exercise programming, the E98 is a real crowd-pleaser.
The E35 is quite similar to the E98; however, it is made much more affordable by a few subtle changes.
Its compact footprint and 18-inch stride make it perfect for getting it all in within smaller areas. Some of its very well-made features include double LED data windows, a heavy-duty, 23-pound flywheel, personal fan, and a 20-inch stride length.
Choosing the right elliptical machine that is both comfortable and designed to last can be a challenge. These machines incorporate features that are in demand and come with a strong return policy and warranty.
You can expect a smooth ride, durable components and a quiet machine that ideal for a great workout at home. This company excels at providing a comfortable, sturdy machine that is adjustable to provide the best fit. Learn about the many benefits of using an elliptical machine and features you should look for when choosing one. However, for most people, time and convenience are the largest factors that prevent them from exercising regularly.
This machine duplicates the natural elliptical motion of walking and running with minimal impact. Elliptical machines have the advantage of having the ability to be used in both a forward and backward motion, allowing the user to target completely different muscle groups easily during their workout. There are a few features that can be especially beneficial for someone using an elliptical machine. While there is not a wide market to choose from, or a wealth of quality, there are still some hidden gems among the lower tier elliptical machines.
Includes 8 levels of difficulty which runs magnetically to give a great platform for varying the intensity of your daily workout routine. A elliptical which stands out due to it’s ability to work as a exercise bike as well, so really what you are getting is a two in one bit of exercise equipment for a very affordable price.

It includes very handy fan blades that do a great job in blowing cool air at you while you workout. Once more, this model offers a two in one design which allows the user to exercise either on bike settings or the elliptical trainer. Not only would we argue this to be the best elliptical this year, but we would also consider it to be possibly the best made by any maker to date. This model features convertible handlebars, touch and telemetric sensory, extensive workout programming, and much more.
Regardless, this top performer boasts perks such as grip and chest monitoring abilities, a healthy index of exercise programming, a good sound system, a strong physical build, and great comfort of use. The over-sized console, quality LCD display, sound and fan systems will keep you happy at all times.
Not just some new gismo, the Hybrid Trainer works very well, delivering a powerful range of low-impact motions and workouts. The LS8.0E also features 9 built-in programs and is very anatomically comfortable and effective. After all, it’s not easy to make it to the gym on a regular basis, and for that reason, home exercise equipment has become increasingly popular. The design of elliptical machines allows the user to reach a high level of cardiovascular exercise without subjecting them to the joint and muscle pain often associated with high-impact exercises. Many elliptical machines feature handrails that allow the user to include upper-body exercise in their workout, giving the user an even more complete workout in a single session. Below is a list of our current top rated elliptical trainers based on the different specifications and features of each, so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money and how they stack up against the different competitors in the market.
The heavy-duty design, impeccable display and data systems, adjust-ability, comfort, reliability, and smoothness of operation make this elliptical one for all others to strive to be.
This is one stout and sturdy workout machine, perfect for the serious athletic aficionados. In addition, the over-sized footplates and seating design make for some very comfortable workout time on this sturdy workhorse.
Some specifically helpful features include adjustable feet, transport wheels, a quality LCD display, and a 350-pound weight capacity.
Recumbent bikes are terrible for that, and even upright bikes take some of the load off of the bones.
With the enormous variety of home exercise machines on the market today, it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide which machine will benefit you the most.
On an elliptical machine, your feet and the machine’s pedals are in constant contact, eliminating any amount of impact during your workout.
It is useful to have an elliptical machine that allows you to adjust the incline and resistance levels, allowing you to increase your exercise level over time and target more muscle groups during your workout.
Elliptical machines are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the many benefits these unique machines provide.
For someone who suffers from any type of pain in the joints, knees, or back, even low-impact exercise machines such as the treadmill can aggravate their condition.
Many models also sport features that allow you to measure how much time and distance you’ve covered during your workout, and even how many calories you’ve burned. The biggest difference between impact on a treadmill and an elliptical is joint wear and tear. Anyone who is concerned about the impact level of their exercise routine will benefit greatly from using an elliptical machine.

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