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An elliptical machine has various advantages over the good ol' treadmill, when it comes to the degree of impact and targeted muscles.
According to a study done by the University of Idaho, if the stride length of the elliptical machine is considerably lengthened, it has the capacity to burn more calories and target larger muscle groups, without even letting the user feel a higher rate of exertion.An elliptical machine is also known as a cross trainer or X-trainer, and has gained immense popularity among fitness enthusiasts for its efficient design and workout techniques.
While new and improved features continually being added to existing exercising machines, including the cross trainer, the main parameter that makes us more inclined to use a certain machine, is the comfort level and the impact it has on the muscles as a final result. Posture is very important when it comes to availing the benefits of exercising by using an elliptical machine, or any exercise for that matter.
As mentioned already, this machine is a blessing for those who want to work on both their upper and lower body at the same time.
Not only is this machine efficient in working your muscles, but it's also a great option for those willing to shed the extra pounds. From the benefits of an elliptical machine mentioned above, you might have gauged that not only is this machine a 'knee saver' but it also ensures the user's comfort and convenience.
The fact that there are elliptical with handle bars that are also movable means that you can tone up muscles in your shoulders and chest in addition to getting exercise for your legs and thighs.
If we go by the thoughts of the person who devised the first elliptical machine, elliptical workouts provide low impact aerobic exercise.
There are people who feel that elliptical trainers are just like treadmills without the wear and tear of muscles in legs and thighs. Heart is the major organ and muscle that gets great workout with the help of elliptical workouts. Glutes do not automatically get worked out with the natural elliptical motion of an elliptical trainer. Elliptical machines are designed to provide smooth cardio workouts to users without exerting themselves. Elliptical trainers with handlebars also provide upper body workouts to strengthen shoulder and chest muscles in addition to biceps and triceps. Does The Elliptical Strengthen The Hamstring?Elliptical machines are extremely popular around the world for being very effective in providing low impact cardio workouts to people. Elliptical trainers have become very popular fitness machines these days and it is not only gyms where you see members lining up to get a chance to work out on these machines.
But before jumping the gun and finding out the elliptical workouts that are known for their ability to provide effective workout for your core muscles, it makes sense to understand the principle of core muscles. When we are pushing pedals and pushing and pulling handlebars of elliptical trainers, we not only get a decent cardio workout but also toning of our lower as well as upper body muscles. Your back and the abdominals contain the core muscles and toning these muscles may be difficult to activate by simple pedaling of the elliptical trainer.
Do not underestimate the potential of an elliptical trainer considering it to be good only for the health of your heart. Hold weights in both your hands allowing you to concentrate on your core muscles while working out on your elliptical trainer. Make the most of your elliptical trainer and develop your core muscles by maintaining a correct posture to improve your overall strength that helps in doing physical activities. Proven Elliptical Workouts for EveryoneIt was during the 90’s that elliptical trainers made their way into gyms. This Buzzle article enlists the various benefits of the indispensable workout machine―the elliptical. In fact, there has always been an unending comparison between the efficiency of treadmills vs.
While on the cross trainer, it is important to keep your shoulders stiff and not stooped, hold your head up high, and keep your gaze leveled and not down at your feet.
It works on muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, rear calf, front calf, and buttocks, covering almost every muscle group of the lower body.
For those who are overweight, directly performing a high-intensity workout, can seriously injure the joints because of the additional body weight, as is the case with running on a treadmill. On the other hand, there are many who need the workout but not at the cost of putting their joints under risk, such as the elderly. The elliptical movement duplicates the natural movement of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, when you are jogging, walking, or running. It is low in maintenance and one does not need to keep worrying about the need to replace or repair belts, motors, bearings, rollers, etc.

Consult a medical professional if you have any health problems before proceeding with the exercise. An employee of General Motors made a film of his daughter running alongside his car and found that the legs of his daughter moved in an elliptical motion. But if you are to be asked the different muscles of your body that you can work out with the help of an elliptical, it is a hard question to answer. This means they are easy on one’s joints such as hips and knees but effective on the heart as they raise the heart rate. This is only partially true as elliptical trainer workouts are indeed low impact but they provide workout to many more muscle groups than just those around legs. In fact, elliptical trainers are known for their ability to provide low impact cardio workouts. This muscle can be toned easily with the help of elliptical trainers but you will need to pedal backwards instead of the normal pushing of the pedals forward. The elliptical motion of the foot pedals workout these quadriceps automatically even if you are not able to sense this workout. These muscles are at the back of your legs above the knees and doing exercises on an elliptical tone up these muscles to make them stronger. In order to strengthen your glutes, do not push along the pedals through your toes but make use of your toes to force the pedals. It is by pushing and pulling these handlebars that you can strengthen the muscles in your shoulder, back, arms, and chest. Elliptical trainers are being made by companies for use at home and people who are fitness conscious make use of these machines to get smooth and effective cardio workout and also to tone up many different muscle groups in their bodies. These are one of the strongest muscles of our bodies as they are required to provide support and stability to us.
Our core muscles are situated around the centre of our bodies and though it seems that it is the muscles around our legs and thighs only that gets worked out with the help of elliptical trainers, here are several elliptical workouts that help in toning our core muscles.
Another core muscles are the muscles of hips that can be toned with the help of exercises done on elliptical trainers.
Their ability to have near zero impact on joints made them extremely popular among people having joint problems. Elliptical machines come to the rescue in these scenarios by providing an adequate amount of support that prevents the joints from experiencing stress and the consequences thereafter. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted, and your back straight while you exercise, as shown in the image below. The movable handles at the top make your arms also move to-and-fro, toning the muscles such as the deltoid, triceps and biceps.
The X-trainer on the other hand, is designed in such a way that it provides adequate support to the user, while enabling a complete body workout without leaving one exerted during the session. Most models of this machine have various program settings such as, Fat Burn, Resistance Control, Ramp Control, and Cardio. At the same time, it enables you to burn pretty much the same amount of calories without any impact on the joints, as we have already discussed several times. This struck him with the idea that he sold to a company and later resulted in the manufacture of the first elliptical trainer. In addition to the cardio workout, exercising on elliptical is considered to be good for toning up of lower body muscles, especially muscles of calves, thighs, hamstrings, quads, glutes etc. The thing to remember is that the workouts from elliptical machines are aerobic and only tone up muscles and are not meant for bodybuilding.
Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a very popular elliptical trainer known for its ability to provide smooth and effective cardio workout. Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is a big hit these days among those with back problems as it has a recumbent seat that takes care of the back of the individual during workouts. If you want strong quads, all you have to do is to increase the resistance level of the elliptical trainer or make use of the incline to make the workout more intense.
Earlier, elliptical trainers were considered good for cardio and lower body muscles only but with movable handles, these fitness machines are today able to tone up upper body muscles also. These muscles give us the power and strength to carry out strenuous physical exercises and activities. Experts believe that to get an effective workout for your core muscles, you need not do anything special.

All it requires is maintaining the correct standing posture on the trainer during a workout.
What Muscles Does an Elliptical Machine Target?The story behind the invention of elliptical machines is an interesting one. While both are must-have equipment of a gym facility, elliptical machines do have an edge over treadmills.
The following section gives you a brief explanation of how the cross trainer will prove to be beneficial not only for toning your body, but weight loss too. This machine provides a continuous momentum for the entire body, stimulating the core muscles of the abdomen, as well as the back and lower-back muscles. Also, as mentioned earlier, a variation in stride length enables the burning of more calories.
Because it is a low-impact machine that enables weight-bearing exercise, it helps build and maintain bone density which reduces the risk of fractures, therefore benefiting those with bone-related problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and knee pain. There are options to choose from, like, level of resistance, time zone, and stride length, eventually enabling you to alter your workout as per your needs. On a treadmill, the sudden jolts felt on the muscles of the leg and the joints can aggravate an underlying problem. To sum up the benefits of the machine, the most important ones are losing weight, getting fit, and improving your overall stamina and fitness. This fitness machine provided a smooth cardio workout like a treadmill but without the usual wear and tear of muscles and strain on the joints. The elliptical workout routines, no matter what the objective of the user, take great care of the health of his heart, which incidentally also happens to be a muscle of the body. Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer is a popular elliptical trainer that has movable handles to provide a good workout for your upper body.
Strengthening of our core muscles therefore makes sense when we are doing workouts because of the importance of these muscles in doing physical activities.
You will be surprised how quickly you develop strength in your back and abdominal muscles virtually eliminating any pain that you may have felt on other fitness machines. Pedaling in reverse is especially useful for those who want to focus on the calves and hamstrings. Another advantage of this machine is the fact that it can gradually help those who are new to exercising, increase their stamina. However, you must consult with your healthcare specialist before proceeding with this option. You can pedal at a slow, moderate, or fast pace depending upon the setting and give yourself a good cardio workout without feeling as much strain, tiredness, and fatigue, as you would normally feel during a treadmill run.
Since there are various programs with which you can pedal forward or backwards, it will bring variety to your workout and ensure that you are not bored of the same routine.
While the early elliptical machines took care of heart and muscles in the lower body only, there are many models of elliptical machines today that allow workout of upper body muscles also.
This is because your focus is upon balancing yourself more when you are not holding the handlebars and this requires putting in more effort through your muscles. The bottom line is that this low-impact machine has been designed in such a way, that with the right posture, you will not feel stress on unwanted areas of the body, and be able to efficiently work on your muscles.
This proves to be helpful in preparing one to eventually be able to perform high-intensity workouts in the future. In fact, studies have found that the physiological effectiveness of exercises done on an elliptical trainer is very similar to that of a treadmill.
This is because of its user-friendly design, that comes with stable foot paddles that almost eliminate the jolts while peddling fast, thereby imposing no jerks on the knees or other joints.
Common Elliptical Workouts for Weight LossEver since they were introduced during the nineties, elliptical trainers have become very popular among the masses.

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