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The motion feels a little more like running – vs climbing that you get with front drive machines.
Some people argue that a front-drive elliptical feels more stable (again, all other things being equal). However again – there are other things that can play into this like the design, quality of construction and weight of your flywheel.
While some people have a definite preference for a front or rear drive crosstrainer because of the two differences listed above, overall there are a lot of other factors that come into play. So while you can consider these 2 differences when choosing your elliptical, don’t forget to look at other factors like the weight of the flywheel, pedal construction, etc (you can read a full article on what to look for here). According to Easton, the reasoning behind this hybrid design is a simple one: Aluminum still wins the braking war, especially in wet conditions.
Spoke nipples are internal alloy, and can be trued with a standard 5.5mm hex driver, after removing the tire, tube, and rim tape. Keep in mind that – as the name suggests – the Shimano 10-only freehub ONLY works with Shimano-brand 10-speed cassettes.
Given the specifications and my personal experience with the wheels, my verdict is this: They’re great riding wheels, light weight, have a great appearance, and competitive price. We take an in-depth look at the wheel offerings from Shimano for 2012, along with a preview of soon-to-be-released 2013 product. Perfection just got better - In addition to the ground breaking Panigale 1199 and 1199S models launched in 2012 is the pedigree 1199 Panigale R. The 1199R has been developed and perfected by Ducati's Corse department for the world of racing and has become leaner and sharper than ever. The Superquadro engine has been enhanced with titanium conrods, diamond like coating on the rocker arms and a lighter flywheel all of this results in a saving of nearly 1.3kg in the total weight of the engine. The bodywork has also been upgraded with lashings of high quality super lightweight carbon fibre parts that help with a saving of 1.5kg in weight of the 1199S. All of this as well as Ducati corse livery adds further to the 1199R’s racing pedigree.
See our Ducati price list for the latest Ducati 1199R prices or give us call on 01508 471919 to discuss your requirements. Quail Lodge (let alone the $29.6 million sale of the Mercedes-Benz W196 at Goodwood in July) is ample evidence that Bonhams has raised its game. They have declined to exist in the shadow of the blockbuster auctions of RM and Gooding while having H&H and Artcurial nip at their heels in the UK and France. Bonhams discarded the erratic split commission structure of past years (17% of the first $100K, 10% over $100K) for a comprehensible and competitive flat 10%.
Rupert Banner ascended the podium at Quail, intermittently supported by David Swig’s articulate and informed introductions for selected cars. This auction went faster (but it could go faster still to retain its pace) and the results in many cases speak for themselves. The Bonhams specialists are committed car guys – you only have to talk with Evan Ide about the American Underslung to get that message – and they are on their game.
Bonhams [& Butterfields, as they do business in the States) has a convoluted history arising from Robert Brooks’ defection from Christie’s to form Brooks Auctioneers in the late Eighties.
That loss of motor car focus seems, if Quail is any indication, to have been overcome and Bonhams’ presence as an important player is welcomed back into the panoply of American and international collector car auctions.
The answer gets to the challenges in covering auctions, particularly five auctions over 11 sessions in a 4-day span.
However, not having had the chance to get a close look at it long enough to take appropriate notes I chose not to include it in the narrative report.
About Rick CareyOne of the first people to report on the collector car market, Rick Carey’s market knowledge is unparalleled and he has one of the largest databases of auction transactions. Icon Fitness is the world’s largest fitness equipment manufacturer and it was a smart move to license the brand name of Reebok for their elliptical trainers. Reebok’s superb selection of Fitness and Strength products including Reebok treadmills, cross Trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines is like having your own personal trainer.
For those starting out on a new home fitness routine a compact elliptical trainer has many advantages. An excellent elliptical cross trainer for beginners and experienced individuals is the Reebok I-Train Cross Trainer and it represents good value for money as well.
The i-trainer is a very stylish crosstrainer that has a compact construction perfect for home use especially where space is limited. The Reebok I-Train cross trainer was introduced for first time buyers of fitness equipment.
Unique styling and ergonomically designing gives it a good look and feel plus it comes in a choice of Pink, Black, Orange and Blue in the Reebok elliptical range. For a comfortable and effective workout the I-Train has adjustable pedals enabling you to find the optimal position and a multi position handlebar. Owning an elliptical cross trainer with all the display feedback you need is the next best thing to having a personal fitness consultant at home. This site uses cookies to deliver its services, personalise content and analyse our traffic. We recently traveled to New England to spend a weekend with the 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible.
The standard Bentley Continental GTC, a convertible version of the popular two-door GT, is an amazing piece of machinery.
For affluent customers seeking the most capable droptop Bentley, and a factory-fresh way to differentiate themselves from their status-conscience celebrity neighbors, Bentley has created the Supersports Convertible. The Supersports is what happens to a GTC after an extensive spa treatment at a racing shop.
First, some of the mass is addressed by fitting the Supersports with lightweight carbon fiber sport front seats (saving approximately 100 pounds). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the 6.0-liter W12 is massaged and boosted to develop 621 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. The Supersports Convertible, like all modern Bentley automobiles, is much more impressive in the flesh where its physical stature may be absorbed and appreciated.
As mentioned, we spent three days gliding aboard our magic carpet in Boston and its surrounding areas, retracing some of the route we explored in the Bentley Mulsanne last year. From the driver's seat, the Supersports' enhancements over the GTC are subtle, tasteful and all functional.
Most convertible owners keep the top up after the initial novelty wears off (no worries, as the Bentley's power-operated multi-layer insulated soft top fits as tight as a Tupperware lid).
Driven like a well-heeled gentleman, the Bentley Supersports is surprisingly comfortable and poised (looking at the specifications on paper, we expected it to ride much harsher).

We mashed the alloy accelerator pedal to the floor on our very first onramp and the Supersports flew. A large pizza at Domino's is more than two inches smaller in diameter than the Bentley's carbon ceramic front rotors. When driving the Supersports, it is best not to worry about what is happening beneath the alloy skin. Bentley says the front brake package, with massive 16.5-inch front carbon-ceramic rotors (a large pizza at Domino's is more than two inches smaller in diameter), is the most powerful currently fitted to any production passenger vehicle. It has more than enough talent to make owners of other supercars check their rearview mirrors.
The Supersports hides its mass when accelerating (offset by horsepower) and braking (offset with oversized brakes), but it also does an admirable job sucking in its 5,280-pound belly when it comes time to hit the curves. One would have to be cold and emotionless to not fall head-over-heels for a Supersports Convertible. And frankly I think people get a little too heated about the debate (there are much bigger problems in the world guys).
So the flywheel in the front will tend to act as a sort of anchor for the machine and give you a higher stability. This has resulted in being able to move the rev limiter from 11500rpm on the 1199S to 12000rpm and giving a total power gain of around 3% with a huge 15% increase in midrange performance.
Due to the ever more demanding needs of the racetrack the bike comes with a 4-position adjustable swingarm that means the perfect set-up every time.
These parts include swingarm protection, heel guards, ignition switch cover, rear shock absorber cover, front and rear mudguards and clutch cover. Rupert brought a new dynamic to the block, not least in his occasional insistence that “I’m in charge” and refusal to accept paltry bid increments.
The acquisition of San Francisco-based Butterfields from eBay and the country auctions of Phillips in the UK created a cross-market auction house that lost its motor cars’ focus that even the assimilation of Malcolm Barber’s Sotheby’s team and the Christie’s Motorcar Department didn’t affect. Sparton three-trumpet air horn under hood – Engine oily, with coolant leak corrosion on cylinder head. Nickel trim, Warner speedometer, Phinney Walker clock, folded trumpet bulb horn, wind wings, dual rear mounted cloth covered spares, white tires – Ex-Harrah’s.
Restored in 2007, very nice two-tone paint with only light surface scratches, good brightwork with some minor discoloration to rear bumper, some visible corrosion on inside of front bumper, excellent wheels, newer radial tires, small amount of wear to driver seat, windshield shows several small chips. Single rear spare, quarter elliptical leaf springs, contracting band rear brakes, platform rear suspension, Peerless bulb horn. It is unlikely that the restoration could be duplicated for the amount paid for it here and it is a car the new owner can be unusually proud to own and drive.
Carey has a strong and recent background in racing, particularly road racing in International GT endurance competition and a particular interest and focus upon the collector car market including historical trends and economic analysis. The combination of a recognised quality brand and superior manufacturing of fitness equipment is an inspiration in the fitness market. Elliptical cross trainers combine the benefits of cardio and strength building exercises by using your arms and legs and are much kinder on the joints. The practical transport wheels also make it easy to get it into position and store away when finished. Beginners and those up to intermediate levels can enjoy a challenging and comfortable workout. The i-trainer also incorporates M-Force; innovative magnetic brake system with smooth resistance adjustment offering maintenance-free running.
For safety and stability while exercising the Reebok i-trainer also has a floor level adjustment so the machine is level at all times. Highly decorated and embroidered with bright colors and tassels, the enchanting tapestries appeared everywhere in Arabian fairy tales.
In its most powerful iteration, it is fitted with a twin-turbocharged W12 generating 567 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. In a nutshell, the Supersports is what happens to a GTC after an extensive spa treatment at a racing shop. The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) air suspension system is retuned with stiffer bushings and the rear anti-roll bar is thicker. Its base price was $280,400, but there were many options that pushed the price even higher. While the calendar said it was the middle of summer, the skies were overcast and the temperatures hovered in the low-70s. But thanks to excellent air management, we kept it stowed nearly the entire time we were behind the wheel. The throttle is progressive and easy to modulate, and the steering (despite lacking a lot of road feel) is nicely weighted and accurate. One moment we were sitting motionless, and then a few seconds later we were at highway speeds.
Sit back, hang on and let the slick six-speed automatic choose its own gears (forget about the column-mounted paddles) while the rear-biased all-wheel-drive system determines which Pirelli PZero tire has the best grip. The same CDC-massaged air suspension that impressed us with a creamy ride also understands how to properly lock things down when switched over to Sport mode. The full Termignoni racing exhaust system supplied with the 1199R has assisted in this power gain.
Carbon fibre components: swingarm guard, heel guards, cover for conveyors, switch gear cover, cover for rear shock absorber, rear and front mudguard, cover for clutch case. Well restored there before being sold in the third Harrah’s auction and a 2006 AACA National First Prize winner, then toured.
Front and rear mudguards appear to be original – Acquired from tobacco heiress Doris Duke by James Melton. They surrounded the car and it seemed like most of the time were driven off on a test drive. These low impact machines tones both upper and lower body muscles and also helps with balance and coordination. The capacity to hover effortlessly a few feet off the ground, or move comfortably and seamless between great distances at high speed, was all make-believe – items in a well-told fable.
With a six-speed automatic and standard all-wheel drive, there is enough motivation to move the 5,501-pound convertible to 60 miles per hour in about 4.5 seconds before it tops out at 198 mph. According to the automaker, this Supersports Convertible will launch itself to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and its top speed reaches 202 mph. The fit and finish is impeccable, the materials top notch and the aroma of the leather will make your mouth water.
Ask someone who owns a droptop, and they will tell you climate like that is nearly perfect for open motoring.

The steering wheel is wrapped in suede-like leather for a more aggressive feel, and all of the polished wood trim has been replaced with carbon fiber.
When the Continuous Damping Control is configured to its softest setting, the massive 20-inch wheels roll over everything with astonishing polish.
If you've ever ridden one of those new launching roller coasters, the kind with the all-electric linear induction motor that shoots the cars out of the station, you know the feeling. The Supersports is by no mean svelte, but 590 pound-feet of torque can mask plenty of tonnage.
A firm press on the brake pedal brings everything to a stop uneventfully, as if the two-door weighed a ton less than it really did. It exudes luxury to those who want to be spoiled, and it is sporty to those who want to be roused.
Warning lights: oil pressure, neutral, EOBD, turn signals, fuel reserve, high-beam, ABS (if oem), over rev, DTC intervention, immobilizer (in Key-off). No longer in top concours condition, but still ready to show or rally, a show quality restoration to like new condition with better cosmetics – Rarely seen on the market, although this is the second +4+ to appear at a 2013 auction. The display measures 70 x 70 mm and shows speed, time, distance, calories, hand pulse sensor and manual. The Supersports has been meticulously engineered to showcase the automaker's performance capabilities, yet it never forgets its Bentley DNA.
The rear track is widened by about two inches and the car is dropped about half an inch (the rear quarter panels are flared slightly to accommodate the more aggressive new stance). It was also equipped with the Naim premium audio ($7,180), rearview camera ($1,375), red-painted calipers ($1,365), valet key ($325) and alloy fuel filler cap ($305). Despite its 2012 model year certificate, keen readers will note that the Supersports is still being built on last year's pre-update chassis (note the tell-tale panel gap bisecting the headlights).
The well-bolstered comfort seats are indeed an upgrade over the standard chairs in the GTC.
Taking things one step further, an isolationist who prefers roofless travel may erect a crafty set of wind blockers, roll up all four windows and crank the seat heaters without ruffling a hair on the scalp. The ride would never be called floaty, as all body movements felt deliberate, controlled and smooth. But unlike an amusement park ride, the acceleration in the Bentley was accompanied by a mouthwatering mellow throaty roar from the oval tailpipes. Off-the-line acceleration is thrilling, but the thrust at highway speeds when the Bentley is already on a roll is even more remarkable. Corners may be attacked aggressively, and the rear end will even step out ever so slightly if prodded (just don't remind yourself of the sticker price when doing so). As children, we read books about imaginary devices that would allow us to joyfully glide between faraway cities, watching the landscape pass by at high speeds. Has a lovely patina – Bonhams’ specialist Evan Ide was more than effusive about the power, handling and performance of this monster and his enthusiasm must have translated to the bidders. A nicely-restored 330 GTC ready for both show field and road – Offered at Russo and Steele’s Monterey auction a year ago in essentially the same condition as it is in today, the seller passed on a reported high bid of $365,000. This car was most likely built up around a Sharp 393 cubic inch, L-head dual ignition 40 ALAM hp four-cylinder engine. The result is not only one of the most powerful cars on the road, but one of the most comfortable too. The bright exterior trim is toned down to a 'smoked steel' finish, and there are larger twin elliptical exhaust tailpipes, a resculpted rear valance and a fixed spoiler on the decklid. Note that it was also missing the carbon fiber seats, instead configured with the comfort seat option ($2,725) with massage function ($605). Rear seat passengers (and we did put someone back there for the ride from the airport) won't find the accommodations nearly as appealing. For giggles, we attempted a much quicker decelerating approach around a decreasing radius turn. While the Continental GTC left us feeling disconnected, the Supersports engaged and challenged us. Light control: automatic shutdown while engine start, automatic shutdown after 60s from key-on without engine ignition. A great old American automobile with a superb old Harrah’s restoration, it is worth every penny of its not inconsiderable price. The +4+ is widely regarded as the car that saved the traditional Morgan when its radical redesign was received so poorly that only 26 were built before Morgans realized their established customers were loyal, even fanatical, about preserving the Morgan legacy and returned to the company’s traditional design. Up front is a more aggressive front air dam (the large air intakes on each side provide 10 percent more airflow to the intercoolers), and the hood is ventilated. Of course it will never corner with the agility of an Audi R8 GT (physics will always win), but it has more than enough talent to make owners of other supercars check their rearview mirrors. A significant piece of Morgan history, but a branch that fell far from the tree, the +4+ has limited appeal and perhaps the only in-market +4+ shopper had already scratched their itch. Very complete, solid and returned to running, driving condition recently – Sold by Bonhams from the Richard C.
There was no fade, no brushing (the term for the noise many ceramics make when driving at low speeds) and no vibration.
A high quality old restoration that shows its age but also the quality of its materials and workmanship by its survival in such exemplary condition. It is a monster, with torque like a locomotive and a steady, solid originality that is remarkably appealing.
There may be better ways to spend this much money on a car, but it is a challenge to think of them.
The Sharp brothers played an integral part in the Roebling family’s automobile endeavors and this is a rare and significant recognition of their craftsmanship and vision.
Paine Seal Cove Museum collection in 2008 for $144,500 and apparently untouched since, the seller did well to come this close to breaking even. It’s had limited use throughout its history and benefits from the attentions of early collectors James Melton and Dr. This is a great bargain in a great car and the new owner should be justifiably proud of both the car and the deal.

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