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The Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer is an excellent choice for an all-around a€?total packagea€? exercise machine, allowing you to run in place with a smooth, cushioned stride. Not only is the Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer fun to use but the fluid motion has a very low impact on your joints. Fitness experts are of a general consensus that the company seems to be under-pricing the Spirit XE 350 elliptical and other models), in order to gain a quick foothold in the market.
Wea€™ve had nothing but good experiences with Spirit elliptical trainers and we give the XE 350 a big two a€?thumbs upa€? for its smooth-as-butter, solid feel and its amazingly affordable price.
Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center. Upper body workout – The movable handlebars help increase calorie expenditure and tone the upper body. Preset programs – This machine includes twelve workouts that can be used with 16 resistance levels.
Heart rate monitor – Contact heart rate sensors help people exercise within a target heart range to make the most of workout time.

The BladeZ Motion Elliptical has similar features but can support heavier, smoother workouts; it has a higher weight capacity and a heavier flywheel. Spirit Fitness is well-known for making excellent treadmills and they firmly believe that their elliptical trainers can compete with any competitora€™s brand.
The upper body moving bars give you more bang for your workout and the dual direction glide offers a better overall workout by using the reverse direction to target the hamstrings and abdominal muscle groups. In fact, the price is such an attractive feature that you may have trouble getting your hands on one of these beauties.
It has a relatively short stride and a lower weight capacity, so its target audience is generally smaller women.
People 5’6” and above have observed that the machine feels less like an elliptical and more like a stairclimber. I am moving to a smaller condo in Calgary and will not have the space to bring it with me, but it is in fantastic condition (no squeaks or mechanical problems) and just needs a good home!
We like the design of this model which comes with a long 20a€? stride, articulated foot pedals to reduce ankle stress, and a large 30-lb flywheel that gives you a smooth, oval (elliptical) motion in your workouts.

Even the elliptical trainera€™s adjustable foot pad angle helps you work different muscles: the quadriceps will be worked harder at the highest angle, and at the lowest angle you can target the hammies and gluts better. At $1399 (and usually found for much less on the internet), we feel the Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer offers excellent value. Click on any Golds Gym item for reviews, product descriptions, prices, and more information. It offers a good amount of programming and enough resistance to provide an effective full-body exercise regimen.

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