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The body simply isn't meant to sit still in one place all day in some weird "ergonomic" position - it's meant to move.
The unique semi-recumbent elliptical machine chair of this innovative workstation is designed to be pedaled slowly during the day so that you won't break a sweat or your concentration.
At $8000 it's a pricey solution, but when you consider that you spend 20-30k just to drive back and forth from the office versus how much time you uncomfortably spend behind a desk each day, the alarming new healthcare risks associated just from sitting there, and the loss of productivity from fatigue - it actually sounds like a reasonable investment for both you and your employer. Some days it just seems impossible it squeeze in a session at the gym, but the idea of getting the blood flowing and boosting energy levels is too good to pass up. Enter the Stamina® InMotion® Compact Elliptical Trainer, which allows you to increase your heart rate and burn a few extra calories while sitting at your desk. According to another, "I kept bumping my knee to the desk, and even though I tried adjusting it, I still had to deal with the occasional hit.
While the product description bills the elliptical as “lightweight and portable,” it’s actually quite heavy and awkward to carry.
The Stamina® InMotion® Compact Elliptical Trainer ($119) comes with an owners manual and batteries are includes. It's January, which means that I, like roughly 53 gazillion other people (math: I'm good at it) have decided it's time to get in shape. Cubii, the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, is billed as "the world's first under-desk elliptical trainer." It's designed to be portable, quiet enough not to drive your coworkers crazy, and ergonomic (so your knees don't bang into the bottom of your desk every time you pedal).
Once I actually got the Cubii to my desk, I was pleasantly surprised by how many of its claims it lives up to.
As for the actual pedaling part, I found it pretty easy to get into a rhythm of ellipticalling while I worked (I'll take "Less-Catchy Disney Songs" for 100, Alex!).
The app also made it easy to track how long I'd been pedaling (since exercise machines have been found to be less than reliable in their calorie-burn estimates, it's nice to have a second stat to look at) and track the shockingly good battery life—after a week of daily use I still haven't had to recharge it. And yes, I know, you've read all this way looking for the answer to one solitary question, so I'm finally going to stop teasing you. Well, I could tell you that I shed 40 pounds in a week, sculpted my entire body, and quit my job to become a fitness model, but I would be lying.
East Bay Muscle Cars were commissioned to transform the Tesla Model S into an office desk that fits Hero City’s innovative mentality.
The cool new Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk is the first office workstation to combine an electric height-adjustable sit or stand desk with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to help keep you active, energized and more productive in the workplace. At the end of a typical work week, users actually end up burning approximately 4,000 extra calories in addition to the benefits of actively moving.

The machine also allows you to adjust the resistance, and it keeps track of your time, distance, number of rotations and calories burned. In short, everything you would want to make a piece of equipment legitimately usable in an office. First off, let me say that calling it "portable" is a bit generous, at least for someone whose arms have on occasion been described as "birdlike" and "reminiscent of cooked noodles." Cubii comes with a handle, which certainly makes the unit easier to move, but it's still fairly awkwardly shaped for doing much maneuvering. While it's not hear-a-pin-drop silent (the sound of the rollers moving as you pedal reminds me of a very soft white noise machine) it is, indeed, unobtrusive—my desk neighbor noticed it sitting under my desk when I went to lunch, but no one else realized that I'd spent my morning pedaling away. According to my handy-dandy Cubii app (available for free on iOS and Android), at level seven I could manage about four calories a minute, with my heart rate up to what would be considered my "moderate exercise" range.
There are also plans to allow the program to sync up with Fitbit and Jawbone fitness trackers sometime in the near future. The truth is, yes, the Cubii works, as long is your goal is to pack a little extra movement into an otherwise stationary day. I have lost about a pound since I started using it, but, well, it's January, so it's possible that not subsisting entirely on sugar cookies and champagne may also be a contributing factor. You won't be able to cancel your gym membership, and with a $347 price tag, it's not exactly low-commitment. We have seen quite a few over the years including a Rolls Royce Phantom couch, Corvette and a Lamborghini Murchielago office desk. They took a new ‘factory reject’ bare shell of the Model S which was donated by Tesla and shipped to the shop in Brentwood, California.
But is the elliptical machine office desk an advancement of the art?There is a lot to like about it. When you tire of pedaling or sitting in a chair next to the elliptical, just raise the desk up to a comfortable standing position at the push of a button. Privacy Policy5555 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.
Which is all well and good, but the distance between many things that sound good and things that actually work could be measured in miles.
At 27 pounds, it's totally manageable to carry back and forth if you commute in a car, but if you're planning to carry it far (say, on a journey through the New York City subway system), you're going to get your workout in before you make it to the office. My only complaint on the tech side is that you have to manually input your resistance level on the app, which is rage-inducing if you forget and spend ten minutes pedaling at level eight but only get the credit for level two. But if you're up for initial buy-in and willing to accept it as one part of a bigger get-in-shape plan, then 750 extra calories a week is still 750 extra calories a week.

But this might be the coolest one we have ever seen and the fit and finish is just impeccable. The aluminum shell was chopped and the frame was restricted to create a fully functional and operational office desk. It is flexible and can be used in a number of different ways, as the desk is adjustable.This is the adjustable-height desk that pairs with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to let users exercise while on the job. OK, so I'm not great at getting in shape (whatever that even means), but in my defense, I work in an office, and, awesome as that office is, it requires that I spend a hefty chunk of my waking hours sitting at a desk. Any height advantage I might have gotten from heels (because, hey, it's the office) didn't seem to make a big difference in the knee-bumpage, but it did change the angle of my legs, making the whole action a lot more strenuous—flats or slipping off the shoes is definitely the way to go.
Cranking that baby up to level-seven resistance made the workout decidedly more challenging (my thighs were actually a little sore the next day) and torched way more calories. Still, maintaining that pace while working became a problem—I kept finding myself getting distracted and then several minutes later realizing I'd stopped pedaling. It’s an office reception desk made out of a $70,000 Tesla Model S which has been made for Draper University Hero City in San Mateo, California.
The ‘Deskla’ features three 120v electrical outlets, six USB ports and working Tesla LED lights, which are all powered via the car’s original charge cord.
Designed to be pedaled at slower cadences that won't break one's concentration (or cause one to break a sweat), an average user can burn about 4,000 calories in a typical workweek. So while arriving home from my New Year's break to find an under-desk elliptical machine waiting for me was a little more "get your shit together" realness than I strictly needed on the third day of January, I'll take my fitness interventions where I can get them.
Dubbed the ‘Deskla’, the initial concept sketches were drawn by Vuolo Design, Hero City — a club for entrepreneurs at the Draper University. The original Model S’s seats were transformed into office chairs along with the desk. Resistance is electronically controlled via the included performance monitor that tracks distance, watts, rpm, and calories burned, and displays information stored for up to 30 individuals on its 4" x 6" LED screen.But unlike a standing desk, one could just sit on this thing. It also doesn't give you the freedom of movement than a standing desk does, or even the freedom to move around that a standard office chair does. No wonder she keeps a regular chair around.I do really like the adjustable height desk, with the very cool monitor mounting rail.

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