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Check out Bicycling Science (MIT Press) first - the general opinion there is that it's not really worth the effort.
Pryor Dodge's wonderful collection of classic bicycles includes a 1930s French Terrot with a 10-speed drive similar to what Andrew describes above. My Bikes Greenspeed GTO recumbent trike, cheap and heavy shaft drive BMX with full suspension. Not that I want any sympathy but I needed to tell you this because you can understand the bio-mechanical side of my invention better.
To pedal a bicycle, you would need to design such pedals that pushing the pedal platform downwards it would automatically balance the pedal.
Current design of a bicycle pedal has the pedal platform over the axle and this requires balancing act and use of lower foot muscles which I am lacking. So me and my brother came up with an idea of pedals where the foot platform would be way below the axle.
Trying these pedals on my recumbent trike was a disappointment but then we tried on my brothers mountainbike. Our observations were that the pedal path was elliptical and dead point between pedal strokes were reduced. I also observed that with those modified pedals it looked more like walking on the bike than pedaling. If you did not understand my explanation, just jump to the links below and have a look of the designs. My brother tested the pedals on a 12 kilometre long ride to our farm and he commented that his untrained lower foot muscles did not feel sore as before.

After all the excitement and secrecy of inventing something new we planned of patenting it. Aren't many of these pedal designs mentioned above just the same as the Shimano AX pedals from around 1982? The original idea was to make the pedals more stable for me as I have paralyzed plantar mucles on my feet due to accident. Mobile elliptical bike was designed to emulate running, their tag line is "Run without impact". Swing Machine blends the ancient arts with modern technology for a unique therapeutic massage. One press button of awitch is able to accomplish the switch in clockwise & anti clockwise.
Magnetic exercise bike with big screen monitor with fuction: Scan, speed, time, distance, calories, hand pulse.
Established in 1999, MERRYBODY SPORTS is one Professional manufacturer of the Leading sporting goods and fitness equipment. We have produced 7 series, total 100 kinds of product including Trainer Bike, Stepper, Sit-up Bench, Weight Bench, Massager, Running Machine and Multifunctional Machine. The design I have been looking at (and thus far the only place I have seen it), is in the link on the original post. For this reason elliptical chain rings (which in reality are really oblated circular chain rings) are only beneficial in low RPM's.
But if anyone has seen something similar I would greatly appreciate it if you passed that info along.

Our tape measure told us that the combined crank and pedal shaft lenght was longest when pedals were between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock.
But I would like to see this pedal design in mainstream for making cycling easier for average cyclist.
We used unmodified original crank so the pedals were touching ground when pedaled leaning to corners. Then get it tested on an upright racing bike ridden by somebody who has no such mobility challenges as myself. Computer: computer with window size 42x76 3). If you take a look at the video in the above link, you will notice the motion actually looks more lateral than elliptical. We own equipments of cutting, punching, bending, welding, coating, and packing, and a serious of testing equipments.
Our main products are motorized treadmills, magnetic treadmills, manual treadmills, orbits, benches and other related products.

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