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Elliptical training machines have gained a lot of popularity recently; becoming one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment purchased for weight loss and fitness improvements.
When you purchase your own exercise equipment, you gain the distinct advantage of using that equipment whenever you want; giving you the perfect amount of time, whenever you have it to get on the machine for as long as you want, and do whatever you want and fit your exercise needs into your busy schedule.
Besides, having your own lets you take complete control over your schedule so that you can maximize all of your time, losing weight, getting fitter, and feeling better. Buy it for your loved one to sit in front of the TV and work out, maybe even watch movies, or carry it around with you- it’s that portable. Body Rider provides a very affordable $150 elliptical training machine with a clip coupon that could save you even more. With this machine’s excellent electronic controls you can take advantage of your time, speed and distance traveled as well as calories burned and adjust the seat to fit your needs both horizontally and vertically so that you can use it no matter your body height, weight or body type. The Proform Hybrid Trainer is moderately priced around $300; and comes at a pretty steep fifty-six percent discount. It’s got great upper body grips to give you an upper-body twisting and toning, as well as 14 digital resistance levels to push your fitness to the max. Its got dual track LCD windows that give you 13 different feed-backs and connect goal tracking and data export that keeps you up to date on all of your fitness goals while giving you 20 levels of resistance on 22 programs.
The Best Fitness E1 is the highest on the price ranges of elliptical machines on sale with Christmas deals presented here at $1,077; with a price drop of almost 40 percent.
The Schwinn 470 is one of the highest quality elliptical machines out there, and for almost $800 (after an impressive 38 percent discount) it comes with 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking to keep you on target and challenged with over 25 levels of resistance to keep you pumping to the end; and the high inertia, perimeter weighted flywheel makes every workout unbelievably smooth- on par with professional equipment at most gym facilities. Realistically, Elliptical training machines have helped improve the health of millions by the way that they work. With the new year comes many people’s resolution to get fit and have a healthier lifestyle. With the expense of treadmills and the wear walking and running puts on the body’s joints, many people look to other forms of exercise to get an adequate workout. Those looking to improve their physique without body pain often use the low-impact elliptical machine.
If you are looking for top Black Friday elliptical trainer deals this holiday season, check out our newly updated Black Friday 2015 Deals post.
One of the most popular brands, NordicTrack, has some amazing Black Friday deals this year that have already started on Thanksgiving Day.
What is the stride length (17 inches is the shortest and strides can go up to 25 inches or more)? Each of these questions is important to narrow your wants and needs to make the best possible purchase. Please provide us with the following information and we'll have someone contact you to answer any questions and to find you the lowest price.
We were keen to review Viavito’s first elliptical trainer to see if this new brand is going to live up to the hype! In terms of look, the Sina has a contemporary design and looks rather sleek in black with highlights of red. The Sina cross trainer is mains powered and offers a computer controlled resistance mechanism with an impressive 32 levels available.
So: it’s a nice looking machine that’s got a decent stride length, nice smooth motion and a spread of resistance levels on offer that’d satisfy both the unfit beginner as well as challenge a trained athlete! Apart from looking stylish, the console is what really differentiates the Sina elliptical from pretty much all the other machines on the market at under ?500. Like many other machines, there are 12 pre-set programmes and the profiles are usefully printed on the console to assist selection. The machine itself weighs a hefty 47kg and this means that the Sina shares a characteristic of many of the higher priced elliptical trainers in that despite the transport wheels, it’s not that easy to move around.
The build quality and the attention to detail paid in so many aspects of this machine indicate that skimping on the components hasn’t taken place and should there be any problems a 2 years warranty is available (machine does need to be registered post purchase on the Viavito website to get the 2nd year). We believe that with their very first elliptical, Viavito has delivered an absolute cracker of a machine.
We had high expectations of the Sina from the newly launched Viavito brand and we were impressed with the machine we reviewed. Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. The feature-rich Nautilus E616 Elliptical will help you get fit without added stress on your joints.

Posts related to Nautilus E616 Elliptical Nautilus E614 EllipticalElliptical machines are known for great workouts without the stress on your joints. Nautilus R614 Recumbent BikeThe comfort and back support of a chair with the fitness benefits of biking.
Plus, you or your loved one could exercise in private on a super low impact machine that gives you great results!
It’s so much cheaper that even if it malfunctions, at such a low price it can be easily replaced whereas other elliptical machines carry very high price tags.
This cost effective machine is a 2-in-1 fitness machine that has settings as both an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike, giving it that extra usability and versatility when you want to variate your exercise and work different muscles without buying a whole bunch of different machines. It’s also got a customizable target pacer to tell you when you need to speed up or slow down to get the best results. Plus it comes with a charging USB port and data exchange to allow you to track your progress for over a year electronically and it can charge your smartphone while you work out so you can use all of your exercise equipment on your smartphone without worrying about draining your battery. This compact and portable elliptical offers a highly patented center drive design that lowers your center of gravity to push your muscles to the extreme.
With a 20″ Precision Path Stride and 10 degrees of motorized power with quick keys this elliptical gives you all you could want as well as the best exercise you can get with an elliptical from Schwinn. They help users burn a lot of calories with different intensity workouts and have been proven to drastically improve the strength of the heart and lungs, and it’s been proven that training on an elliptical machine raises your heart rate appropriately primarily for weight loss, and secondly for physical fitness- a perfect combination for buying this product for someone this holiday season. Also you may get even better deals after or post Christmas Sales due to Over-stock Inventory. If you need to learn about buying an elliptical machine, check out our elliptical buyer’s guide to help walk you through the process.
So, we once we took delivery of our test unit of the ‘Sina’ elliptical cross trainer we jumped straight into assembling it. Certainly, it makes a nice change from the plethora of cream and grey coloured cross trainers flooding the market.
It is well worth noting that the top level of resistance on this Viavito is pretty hard and a just short workout at top resistance left your reviewer out of breath!
The first detail that we noticed at the back of the console (spotted when we were assembling it) was that there was a little switch for “KM or ML”!
The display is a backlit, colour LCD of a good size which makes getting workout feedback a doddle. Unlike the majority of other machines, each of these programmes can be used at 16 different difficulty levels and for a user-defined duration. Whilst this is typically only used by users that are recovering from an injury, it’s presence indicates that the machine has been calibrated as an ergometer which is a reassurance on the quality of manufacturing process.
On the other hand, having a heavy machine under your feet to support a user’s body weight is critical to a stable striding experience! The arrival of the Sina is raising the bar for performance, features and quality in the sub-?400 price bracket! It looks great, has a lovely smooth stride and a more features that you can shake a stick at!
This elliptical machine features a blue backlit DualTrack™ display with two LCD monitors that display time, distance, and calories in different areas so you can view your favorite entertainment while keeping track of your workout. The point is, there are a ton of reasons to purchase one of these machines, either for yourself or as a gift with one of the excellent Elliptical Christmas Sale and deals available to you. Not being crowded around a whole bunch of individuals is definitely a positive in itself- providing you with embarrass free fun and exercise when you or your loved one is working at your own pace.
Its high momentum fan blades produce a cooling breeze to cool you as you exercise; a nice plus, as the tension easily adjusts with the turn of a knob, minimizing the impact on your joints.
With fourteen completely different workout programs and a full 15″ stride, you can make the most out of your workouts without emptying your bank account.
It can hold up to 260 pounds, and has wheels that are great for transportation, plus it’s lightweight- which is great for people on the go . It’s also got a ten degree, six position manual ramp for an time saving, fat-exploding experience- complete with handlebars, speakers and fans.
The features on this gift and the quality of this product would make it a great gift for any exercise enthusiast to remember for years to come. These types of machines are great for keeping you from training too hard, or exerting your muscles too much too soon. For those looking for a low-cost option, the Gazelle Edge workout machine provides a workout at home, all for under $125 on Amazon.

The Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Dual Trainer with Seat is an 2-in-1 machine, that can work as either an elliptical or a bike. From what we know about this brand, it’s got some serious industry heavyweights behind it and the industry whisper is that the intention of the brand is to tear up the rule book and inject some fresh thinking into the sporting good market.
The process is very similar to many machines we’ve put together in the past and took around 45 minutes. With its relatively compact footprint, we’re pleased to see that Viavito hasn’t gone for a short 13 or 14-inch stride on the Sina and have stuck to the 15-inch stride length. Finally, a low-priced elliptical on the market that can be switched between metric and imperial! We’re a big fan of user profiles that allow the age, gender, weight and height of a user to be entered for a console to produce personalised feedback such as more accurate estimations of calorie consumption and the Sina offers 4 user profiles.
This is a pretty neat feature, as it means that the machine can provide relevant exercise difficulty to users of different fitness levels.
This is very much a machine that's been designed with real people in mind and addresses many of the 'niggling' shortcomings of the existing brands in the market. You’ll never be bored with 29 built-in, customizable workout programs, 25 resistance levels, and a motorized incline mechanism. Nautilus U614 Upright BikeMaster hills and flats on the feature-packed Nautilus U614 Upright Bike. Feel great knowing you got the exercise you needed anywhere with this super portable system unlike any other on the market.
If you wanted to add arm stimulation, you could maximize your workout by carrying arm weights.
The Best Fitness also has 17 resistance levels, 12 workout programs, and a comfortable 21 inch stride length to work the upper and lower body simultaneously. Since these machines give you complete control over regulating the speed that you’re exercising at, you can avoid this mistake altogether by giving yourself a chance to work into higher heart rates and still see results as you make small changes and adjustments to eventually train at increasingly higher intensities after building a concrete level of fitness.
This, coupled with a hefty 9kg flywheel weight makes this a rather pleasant rear-drive elliptical to use. Surprisingly for a machine at this price point, there is a Polar compatible heart rate receiver built into the console (which works with any uncoded chest strap) to provide accurate heart-rate information and there are heart rate programmes on offer as well. In both specifications and attention to detail usability, the Sina is setting a new standard at its current sub-?300 offer price!
Bluetooth smart connectivity allows seamless integration with the Nautilus Connect™ website, Nautilus Trainer™ app, and the popular MyFitnessPal app to track your goals and progress. Nautilus U616 Upright BikeReach your fitness goals at home with the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike. It’s also compact and portable to move or transport anywhere, making it a great option for anyone who is using it in a cramped location- literally a life-saving gift for someone who might pick up the habit of being more healthy with this Christmas deal.
It’s easy to adjust these machines with a simple press of a button as well as including interval training into your routine when exercising at various speeds with similar workouts. Interestingly, the stride feels more natural and with a higher momentum that quite a number of machines we’ve tested with higher advertised specs such as flywheel weight. In-console speakers with an MP3 port, a media shelf for your tablet or book, and a USB charging dock will keep you entertained throughout your workouts, and the adjustable fan will keep you cool. Monitor your heart rate with the sensors built into ergonomic handles, or use the motion handles to give your arms a great workout and increase cardiovascular activity.
Plus, you’re sure to get a consistent, smooth motion with the high-speed, high-inertia drive system and perimeter-weighted flywheel. About Nautilus: Nautilus has been a long-time leader in the home fitness industry, introducing machines and workouts to the home that were formerly only available in well-stocked gyms.
They’re exceptionally committed to customer satisfaction and stand by that commitment with lengthy warranties on most products.
For exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, and all-purpose home gyms, you’re sure to find a Nautilus product to suit your needs.

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