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Elliptical trainers, ever since they made their appearance in gyms during the 90’s, have become very popular among the health conscious people. As the feet movement plays the most important part during a workout on an elliptical trainer, it pays to choose the trainer according to your stride length.
Alternatively, you can walk from the goal line to another goal line in a football field which is a measured distance of 300 feet and divide this distance with the number of steps taken to arrive at your stride length. It is only natural for short people to have a shorter stride length than taller people as tall people can cover a larger distance with their larger feet. If you are in the market looking at different models of elliptical trainers, you obviously do not come prepared with a measuring tape to calculate the stride lengths of the trainers.
The stride length of the elliptical is often provided in the features or specifications that are given in the manual. It is prudent to check the stride length of the trainer with your own stride length before purchasing.
Elliptical Trainer GlossaryElliptical trainers have been around us for the last 20 or so years.
OUR SPECIAL REDUCED SALE PRICES and a FREE Lifetime Extended Warranty Upgrade* ($1,000 to $1,500 value) mention Sale Discount Code: 72653792 when you contact us. The NEW Spirit EL-555 Series elliptical has one of the Smoothest and most Natural feeling stride motions of any elliptical machine in its class! We have yet to unpack everything but I wanted to thank you for the quick and timely process of order to receipt. I am very pleased with the professionalism and follow through of all the folks on your team. We are the world's only FACTORY DIRECT elliptical trainer dealer offering this Incredible Upgrade! DKN X-Trainer XC-120 Elliptical Cross Trainer with 16 Inch Stride Length and 12 Exercise Programmes. There's a rear mounted 14kg flywheel which smoothes the individual cross trainer steps no matter how jerky your movements into a smooth and fluid cross trainer action so there's no vibration and you don't get tired so quickly. In the soft touch handlebars your find stainless steel resistance sensors have been embedded hold these sensors as you exercise and your pulse rate will be measured from your hands and displayed on the colour screen. Using an elliptical trainer is a great way to stay in shape, be healthy or lose those extra pounds.
We love our new elliptical!, we have had a Tunturi, it was also around the same price, everything cracked off of it, foot pads were the first to go. What should be said, and never is, at least not in any of the reviews that I had read, nor in any of the specs that I read, mentioned that this machine actually is duel directional, which in layman’s terms means that you can go either forward or backward, we so wanted this feature but none of the other machines had it, believe it or not!
How ironic that the stride length of elliptical trainers would be the one feature that most folks dona€™t consider when making a purchase of one of these fitness machines. So that youa€™ll understand the concept clearly, just remember that the stride length of elliptical trainers needs to be determined by the usera€™s height. Generally speaking, shorter people (5a€™3a€? or smaller) can comfortably use elliptical machines that have a 16a€? to 18a€? stride length, and if you are 5a€™7a€? to 6a€™7a€? your best choice will be a 20a€? or 21a€? stride length. The exception would be if you are out of shape, then you may be able to work out on an elliptical trainer with a shorter length without too much discomfort.
When you workout, the longer the stride range you can achieve the better it is for you, and any up and down motion doesna€™t count.
Since every individual is different, each of us will experience different comfort levels on elliptical machines as far as ergonomics is concerned: the smoothness of the flywheel, the angle of the footpads, the brake systema€”all of these factors come into play.

Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center.
This is because of the ability of these machines to not only provide effective cardio workout but also fact that the workout is very low impact and does not cause any strain on the joints of the user. Place the measuring tape at the heel of your right foot and then take a step with your left foot as you do while walking. While people close to 6 feet of height have a stride length of 20 inch, those around 5’6” have 18 inch stride length. This is why people generally rely on the quick estimate that is based upon the height of the individual.
If you are not able to ascertain the stride length, the best way of course is to check your comfort level by sitting and pedaling along for some time on the trainer yourself. This is largely due to the precision balanced, extra large and heavy weight flywheel, along with Spirits 'Patented' Adjustable Pedal Angle Design System.
The machine is worth a buy purchased directly from Sole, but its hell putting together by yourself. I’m not going to repeat the features of this machine, as they have been well documented.
Programs, resistance levels, attractiveness, and warranty are all important of course, but the ability to work your muscle groups and heart rate properly is the goal of working out on ellipticals in the first place, isna€™t it? It needs to feel comfortable (and preferably with articulating footpads to keep your feet from falling asleep!) yet many people may not realize they are working out on a machine that is too small for them.
Any time you come across a stride length of an elliptical trainer with less than 18a€?, ita€™s going to feel less comfortable to most people, resulting in short choppy strides. Most commercial health club models have a minimum 20a€? stride since the machines need to accommodate multiple users of different heights.
Elliptical trainers are designed to work the muscles groups of the upper and lower body but especially the legs. Just remember that it is the stride length of elliptical trainers that provide the starting point when deciding which model to buy for your home use. One can see members of a gym making a beeline to get a chance to step on to the elliptical trainer. Some have a 16 inch stride length, while there are also trainers with 20 inch stride length. Divide the length of the track with the number of steps you have taken to arrive at your average stride length.
Nautilus E514c Elliptical Machine is one elliptical machine that has a fixed 18 inch stride length. This method says that you have a stride length between 16 and 18 inches if you have a height of less than 5’3”, a stride length between 18 and 21 inches if you have a height from 5’6” to 6’. This unique Pedal Angle System also helps to maintain virtually perfect posture through every stride motion taken, and minimizes any possible stress to the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.
I suggest you have someone assist you I spent 3 hours putting it together resting and cooking in between. It is long, so if you have to move it after assembly, measure to make sure you you can get it there. While it may not have all of the bells and whistles as some of the more expensive machines it does have enough to keep your workouts interesting.
The assembly kit and directions were easy to follow and the color-coded packaging made it easy to identify right and left parts while they were still in their protective bags.

The amount of calories burned on an elliptical machine equals that burned on a treadmill, but with a lower impact on the joints a€” more akin to riding a stationary bike. Elliptical culture has made many words and technologies associated with these cross trainers household, and one such term in the elliptical glossary is stride length.
It is better to go for elliptical trainers with a variable stride length such as Schwinn 460 Elliptical Machine. Tips on How to Select the Best Elliptical TrainerWhether you are a fitness freak or not, you must have noticed growing popularity of elliptical trainers at health clubs, gymnasiums, and even at homes. This model is fully programmable with contact heart rate sensors to help you achieve your optimal cardiovascular workout every time. But its a worth it buy I worked out at NY Sports Club and NYC Racquet Club (Precore and Lifefitness for years, this is the same gym quality for a at home price. We assembled it half-way, then moved it to the room where it will be used, then completed assembly.
Plus I love that you have to push down too in ever rotation because it seems to intensify the workout. The only thing that I had problems with was the instruction manual was not in order and trying to figure out where the plug went into the machine.
For a home unit, this machine is very well made, sturdy and durable, with a nice, clean finish. If you can drop your hands to your sides and not use the handles, the act of striding and balancing yourself on a trainer helps to further target the core muscle groups. Every individual has a different stride length depending upon his natural body movement during walking and also upon his height. This allows the users to adjust the stride length depending upon their natural stride during walking and making them feel most comfortable while doing a workout on this fitness machine.
Schwinn 420 Elliptical Machine is a popular fitness machine that has a fixed stride length of 18 inches.
Includes the upper arm motion for a total body, full cross training and muscle engaging workout! Invest in yourself and invest in your personal health no gym rats staring you down or limited cardio work outs. So I’ve been using level one and have only been doing 10 minutes at a time, twice a day. The program does beep at the start, during changes in the workout program, and at the end, but the machine itself is super quiet when in use. Experience the fantastic benefits of this Health Club quality elliptical machine in the comfort of your home, for less than HALF THE PRICE of commercial health club models!
My old gym had this machine, but since I moved out of state I can’t find a gym that has this machine now where I currently live.
When I do find a gym that has this machine I am cancelling my current gym membership immediately and signing up at the new place – NOTE TO Gyms: not having this machine is a dealbreaker!!
The point that might trip you up is installing the pin between the lower arm and the stepper leg. Make sure the locator is lined up with the notch or your won’t get that connection tight enough (eventually, the nut will back off).

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