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We gratefully acknowledge the Northeastern States Research Cooperative's support in funding this project. Information about medicinal plant uses is provided for educational purposes only.A  It should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment and is not a substitute for consultation with a licensed physician. When Sandi MacDonald walks her land in Bancroft, Maine, she is often gathering plants to make natural dyes for the wool she shears from her own sheep. These early tactile experiences set Sandi on a course to earn a living from her passions, though her a€?joba€? would vary over the years.A  She studied to become a home economics educator. She chose a breed, Rambouillett, with a€?one of the best qualities of wool,a€? and began raising sheep for fiber on a hobby farm in Pennsylvania.A  Her yarn and knitting business began there in the late 1980s, and later accompanied her when she and her husband moved back to Maine. A quarter of the populations of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts gather wild foods, medicinals, and craft materials, collectively known as nontimber forest products or NTFPs.
Findings revealed that more than 120 species of wild plants and fungi are harvested and used by residents of northern Maine. Marla is a Research Geographer with the United States Forest Service, Northern Research Station. Clare is an associate professor in the Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont.
Allaire is an ecologist and writer with a particular interest in nontimber forest products.
Individual trees have both male and female flowers in separate, cylindrical clusters known as catkins.

In addition, paper birch bark is highly rot resistant, and makes an excellent fire starter, even when wet.
It will simply cause the bark to grow back much darker for several years, like tree in this photograph.A A  But there is a trick to this, so it is best to learn from someone experienced. Gathering NTFPs is important to people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, especially Native Americans, and some gatherers possess extensive traditional ecological knowledge. Her research interests are contemporary nontimber forest product uses, especially in the eastern United States and elsewhere in the industrialized world. Her research interests focus on public policy and planning processes with applications to environmental issues. In the fall of 2009, Michelle began a PhD in Natural Resources at Cornell University.A  She plans to continue working in Maine as part of her doctoral studies.
Gathering provides human well-being benefits, and NTFPs can be vital social and cultural resources.
Ecological and social diversity are reflected in corresponding diversity of gathering practices.
She has conducted research on plants and people in Michigan, the southeastern United States, Scotland, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and, of course, northern Maine.
She has conducted research on the social processes of wilderness, watershed, and forest policy with attention to organizational change, participatory policy analysis, and citizen participation. Although not commonly done in Maine, the sap of paper birch (as well as yellow birch) may be used to make syrup.

However, we lack basic information about the Northern Forest species that are used as NTFPs and the social and ecological relationships associated with their use.
Although changes in landownership are reducing access to NTFPs, there may be opportunities to connect gatherers and land managers to assure a future for these practices. She also has examined the dynamics of linking population, health, and environment issues in conservation groups.
She works with private landowners, non-profit organizations, foresters, students, and towns to offer ecological assessments, design services, and public workshops, and has developed educational materials for the Vermont Land Trust and Vermont Woodlands Association.
This website will introduce you to the cultural and ecological landscape of northern Maine and its Canadian neighbors through the nontimber forest products that grow there and the people who gather and depend on them. Further, ongoing changes in landownership could curtail access to NTFPs before we understand what is at stake socially and ecologically. Her work has been published in Northern Woodlands Magazine, Edible Green Mountains, the Society of American Foresters New England Chapter newsletter, and Hobby Farm Home.
John River Watershed, we spent time talking with gatherers and land managers and learning about the plants that are important to them.

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