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We’re just about to announce that our bike weight limit is being raised to 32kg form Saturday 11 January. They’re obviously trying to get you to buy another piece of hold luggage, for which you get an extra 20kg allowance and an extra bag.
The crucial thing is that your now 43kg allowance can be split between the two bags as you see fit, although you’re still not supposed to put anything other than your bike inside the bike bag.
Ive tried asking the question on their FB page but Didier their autobot just fobbed me off and then when I told him I wasnt pleased at being fobbed off he ignored me! Reading the reviews on Wiggle, seems that several people have used the CTC plastic bag on EasyJet recently. Would anyone really trust baggage handlers to treat their bike any differently just because they can see what it is? I used to fly with BA for the above reason (it was cheaper, had comfier seats and London Pride in tins), but they changed their policy a few years back. Does anyone have an email address for Easyjet where a complaint about this can be lodged (for those of us not using social media)?
The last time we went, we had two light(ish) 29er trail bikes in Evoc bags, and we’d have struggled getting the packed bags below 23kg.
A whole load of us went to the alps last summer; a mix of Evoc bags, simple lightweight bike bags and one in a clear plastic bag. They know how popular biking is becoming so by lowering the weight limit they will make more money, fundamentally legal theft!
Given other sports equipment has an allowance of upto 32kg this change seems specifically designed to penalise cyclists.
I wondered if CTC was aware that Easyjet have cut the cycle sports bag allowance from 32kg to 23kg.
I have sent a complaint to Easyjet but it would be useful if CTC also engaged them on their discriminatory business practice. We have revised our policy as the weight allowance for bicycles for earlier weight limit were subject to space availability.
In response to your query I would like to inform you that I have some fantastic news for you. When checking the regulations, be sure to note how many surfboards are accepted in each boardbag, as some airlines have a limit as to the number of boards that can be taken.
When flying with your surfboard, always use a proper travel boardbag with more padding than a typical day bag. Boardbags and Surfboard Covers"Best Boardbags" ESPNGet Listed Here - $100 in FREE Advertising! For flights between Ireland and North America surfboard is part of the free allowance, normal excess baggage rates apply if the passenger carries excess to the free allowance. Surfboards are subject to a fee of €30 or equivalent payable online prior to departure or a fee of €40 or equivalent, payable at the airport on the day of departure. If the surfboard you wish to check in exceeds the free baggage allowance included in your fare, you have the option of checking it in as a separate item of baggage under the excess baggage conditions currently in force.
Air Canada Surfboards PolicySurfboards are accepted on a space available basis only and should be pre-registered at time of booking. No oversize charge applies to surfboards, provided they do not exceed the maximum length and linear dimensions stated above. The handling charge applies per surfboard to one-way flights and for each way of travel on round-trip and multi-segment flight. A single fixed handling charge is waived for customers who purchase a Latitude or Business Class fare for travel within Canada, and between Canada and the US. If your baggage count (surfboard + number of bags to be checked) exceeds the maximum number of items allowed by your fare type, additional checked baggage charges will apply, in addition to the fixed handling charge. Important: Paddleboards, although similar to surfboards, are not accepted as checked baggage due their length. Air Caraibes Surfboards PolicySurfboards are accepted and included in your free baggage allowance, as long as they meet the size and weight restrictions, and will count as 1 piece of your free baggage allowance. Air Europa Surfboards PolicySurf equipment may consist of a surf board, mast, sail or a surf board or kite or parachute, a bar and a board. Air Finland Surfboards PolicyWindsurfing boards, surfboards and kayaks are not included in your checked baggage allowance – therefore, you will always need to pay a special-baggage fee at the airport to transport such items.
Air France Surfboards PolicySurfboards, kite surfboards, bodyboards, windsurf boards and longboards can be transported in the hold. If you would like to transport an additional baggage item or a baggage item that exceeds the weight limit, you must purchase additional baggage allowance online or at the airport. Air India Surfboards PolicySurfboard will be charged equal to 6 Kilos of excess baggage per kit. Air Mauritius Surfboards PolicyThe following rates apply for travel in Economy and Business classes. If dimensions (length + width + height) of equipment are less than 200 cms and its weight is within 23 kgs, the equipment is considered as part of the passenger baggage and no charge applies.
In case the dimensions exceed 200 cms or the number of pieces exceeds baggage entitlement, then a charge of USD 200 (one-way) applies.
Air Mediterranee Surfboards PolicyWe transport special baggage in the limit of available space in the plane.
Air Moldova Surfboards PolicySmall sports equipment is items which do not exceed the maximum allowed weight per item and 203 cm in three dimensions. Air Nelson Surfboards PolicySporting equipment is counted as a piece of baggage therefore once the allowance has been exceeded domestic piece charges will apply. Sports bags can contain multiple items as long as they remain within the stated weight and dimension limits, e.g. Additional charge will be applied for baggage that does not fall within the free baggage allowance.
Bulky items are subject to the bulky item fee plus the rate of excess weight beyond each passenger's allowance. Bulky items consist of any 'one' piece exceeding 158cm (62in) but not exceeding 277cm (109in) in total dimensions, (maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs)), which may include surfboards, golf bags and other equipment. When passenger is making its reservation, must advise airpanama that he or she wishes to carry a surfboard. The surfboard may be included as a suitcase depending on the flight path but some routes can not carry surfboards as suitcase and other passengers maybe carrying surfboard also.
When a passenger is making its reservation, they should advise airpanama that they wish to carry a surfboard. The surfboard may be included as luggage depending on the flight path, as some routes are use small aircrafts which can not carry surfboards, also there are other passengers carrying surfboards. Air Pullmantur Surfboards PolicyWith Pullmantur Air bicycles can be billed, golf clubs, snowboards, surfboards or windsurfing subject to certain considerations. Air Tahiti Surfboards PolicyVoluminous luggage such as surfboards are not accepted at check-in.
Airlines of Tasmania Surfboards PolicyBulky items (maximum 2 metres), including but not limited to bicycles, surfboards, skis, golf clubs, snow boards, may be included within the 15kg allowance, subject to space availability.
Airlines PNG Surfboards PolicyThe only regulations would be that you have the items packed so that it is applicable by air carriage & won’t be damaged in the process of handling.
One item of surfing equipment is defined as one surfboard, not required to be in its case, or a surfboard case with up to two surfboards inside. Alitalia Surfboards PolicySports equipment weighing 23 kg or less is considered normal baggage and is included in the baggage allowance. Depending on the size of the aircraft, surf and windsurf boards may not be accepted on board. If you pack more than 1 surfboard in a bag that weighs under 70 lbs., you’ll only be charged for 1 surfboard. Asiana Airlines Surfboards PolicyOne surfboard per passenger is allowed.Safely keep equipment in its proper carrying cases. When the total weight of baggage including the equipment does not exceed the free baggage allowance, no extra charges are applied. When the free baggage allowance is exceeded, the excess baggage charge per piece is applied.
Aurigny Surfboards PolicyWhenever space and payload permits Aurigny will endeavour to carry your sporting goods. If your total baggage is within your 20kg allowance no additional charges will apply, except in the case of sporting weapons for which an administration charge of 35 EUR. Sporting goods and any other baggage in excess of your free baggage allowance will be carried subject to payload.
Pre-booked Enhanced Baggage Allowance - Passengers may pre-book one additional bag, weighing up to a maximum 20kgs. This service is not available on inter-island services, operated by Trislander aircraft equipment.
Sporting goods are carried on a Limited Release basis only; Aurigny will not accept responsibility for accidental damage in transit.
Austrian Airlines Surfboards PolicyAustrian Airlines charges more for longboards than shortboards. A charge of USD 125** applies, with the exception of Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica or San Jose Costa Rica to Miami, where a charge of USD 100** applies. On flights operated by Cessna Caravan aircraft, the board must be transported outside its bag. AZUL Brazilian Airlines Surfboards PolicyThe weight of your surf board is counted with your regular luggage. If the total weight of the luggage (sports goods weight + other luggage weight) exceeds free luggage allowance in the correspondent service category the payment is collected according the rates under transportation regulations for “Excess luggage” for every excess kilogram.

The additional allowance of 5 kg applies only and exclusively to the transport of sporting material, this being understood as all equipment used for practising sports: diving, surf or boogie equipment, wind or kite surfing, parachuting, golf equipment, bicycle equipment and skiing equipment.
The total weight of the sports equipment will be deducted from the normal allowance for the tariff or the customer’s condition as a BinterMas Gold or BinterMas Silver customer as well as the additional 5 kg for sports equipment.
Space reservation: for acceptance on the flight, the space must be reserved before the passenger checks in.
Presentation of passenger at the airport: Given the nature of this equipment, the passenger must arrive at the airport sufficiently beforehand to allow for the checking in and transport of the equipment to the aircraft and its loading into the hold.
When the weight of the sports equipment plus the weight of the passenger’s luggage does not exceed the allowance (normal allowance and additional 5 kg), there will be no special surcharge. Taking into account their properties, which normally prevent their transport on luggage belts, the use of a system that facilitates the carrying of this equipment from the check-in area to the aircraft is left to the judgement of the company's staff.
Blue Islands Surfboards PolicyAll excess baggage is free of charge however is subject to space on the aircraft.
If you are travelling with a kiteboard or surfboard with a sail and other equipment, it must be packed together in a bag. Use the SAS Baggage Calculator to estimate your excess baggage cost when flying with a surfboard.
British Airways Surfboards PolicyWe will accept surfboards as checked baggage providing they do not exceed the maximum weight restrictions for checked baggage and are packed in a recognised bag or case to safeguard against damage.
Many types of sports equipment can be carried as part of your free checked baggage allowance or as part of an additional purchased allowance if required.
We will only accept sporting equipment if it is packed appropriately (to avoid damage) and meets the given size and weight restrictions. Brussels Airlines Surfboards PolicyAll sports equipment can be accepted free of charge if they do not exceed the free baggage allowance (number of pieces, weight and dimension per pieces, depending on your travel class). We have also extended good care to our guests, who would like to indulge in their favorite sports hobby just during their vacation time. Have you ever been on a long trip away and had a nightmare trying to squeeze all your climbing gear into one hold bag with a maximum allowance of 20 or 15kg?
EasyJet now have new guidelines about hand luggage which may help with your clothing and bits and bobs of non climbing equipment. Checking with the airline easyJet, they responded that all the equipment used by climbers has to go in the hold as they can be used as a potential weapon on-board.
There are many climbers who have taken their climbing equipment on the flight in their hand luggage and had no problems getting through security, but there are many others who have lost their expensive equipment too. EasyJet responded that the reason for not allowing the climbing equipment as hand luggage is because they can be used to harm others. However they will be unable to comment on the other passengers who were allowed to take those items as hand luggage. Sporting equipment that fits within the maximum dimensions for standard luggage is accepted without problems and can be booked as normal excess luggage. Recently he noticed that easyJet have changed their sports equipment weight allowance for passengers with bikes impacting their customer experience. Previously, with an appropriate 32kg maximum weight, a bicycle could be well packaged and transported in a padded bicycle bag.
We are exactly not sure why easyJet have reduced the maximum weight allowance for a bicycle or even why they have reduced the maximum weight by so much? We would assume that the majority of customers who travel with bicycles are either mountain bikers going on holiday, or cyclists with touring bikes.
Because of the new maximum weight allowance, many of easyJet’s customers will have to replace their bicycle bags for a cardboard box instead, which offer little or no protection if mishandled. In turn, surely they will most likely see an increase in damaged bicycles, insurance claims, complaints and unhappy customers, which can only be bad news for their Customer charter, something that they surely don’t want? He also removed some of the parts from the bike frame itself and put carried these in his hand luggage instead. Unless they decide to increase the maximum weight allowance for bicycles back to a reasonable weight, they are going to notice a decrease in customers during the summer season if they have to spend extra for those overweight baggage penalty fees. At the time of writing this post easyJet have acknowledged the issue on their Facebook page so it will be interesting to see how this develops.
What policies have you changed that are causing a negative impact upon the customer’s experience?
When you change policies does anyone actually consider the impact upon the customer journey?
Are you about to make any policy changes and if so who is standing in the customer’s shoes to consider the impact?
I am Managing Director and Design Director for my own Company, 'The Customer's Shoes Ltd' and 'Our Training Cloud'.
Since releasing this post I have received an important update from easyJet which we received this within 24 hours of our post being published.
Thanks to easyJet for taking the trouble to let me know of their change of heart, this moves them into our category of a Golden Shoe Award. CustomerThink to receive our weekly Advisor newsletter with Top 10 Editor's Picks and resource Alerts. EasyJet is a low-cost airline well known for its very low fares, but just as notorious for its additional fees and charges. One piece of hand baggage is allowed on easyJet flights, with standard maximum dimensions of 56x45x25cm. There is no weight limit to your carry-on bag, but the one piece limit is strictly enforced.
There is no free checked baggage allowance on easyJet; you will have to pay for every item you check in. If you will exceed the 20kg allowance that you have purchased, you can buy an extra weight allowance on a per kilogram basis. Where checked-in hold baggage exceeds 20kgs in weight per passenger who has paid the fee (subject to the checked baggage rules), an excess weight charge per kg up to a passenger maximum of 50kgs will be payable at the airport, as follows.
If you are travelling in a group of two or more on the same booking and have booked bags, you may spread the weight of your luggage across the bags.
We support health and safety guidance for checked luggage and recommend that you keep the weight of each individual bag below 23kg wherever possible. Legally we must apply a maximum limit of 32kg so any individual bag weighing more than 32kg cannot be accepted! To keep our fares low, be able to board the plane as quickly as possible and ensure your comfort onboard, if you bring more than one piece of hand baggage we’ll check the extra into the hold.
One very important thing to remember: if you’ve told us you’ll be bringing sports equipment, you must do so. Each airline has a list of requirements that you must meet before you can put your bike on the plane i.e.
The penalty for going over the allocated weight limits with airlines can be breathtaking – so don’t exceed the limits. Plan well in advance of your flight and practice taking the relevant bike components off and back onto your bike. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. Whilst this will take a number of weeks to be applied to all our systems no customer will be charged an excess for bikes between 23kg & 32kg going forward. It seems to me the more of us who voice our concerns, the more chance there is of them changing this.
None came to any harm but I watched them loading my bike from the plane to the trolley; utter disregard for the fragile sticker as it was thrown (!) onto the trolley slamming onto the side. I have just booked trip to Geneva and noted the radically reduced weight allowance for cycles (23kg down from 32kg). Just wondering if easyJet will apply this retrospectively or whether bookings made under the old weight rules will be honoured. This seems to be unfair for cyclist and discriminatory as the other sports bag allowances have not been reduced.
I will be flying to the French Alps this summer and from past experience, 23kg is not enough to accomodate my bike in an appropriate bike bag.
From Saturday 11th January 2014, the weight allowance for bikes will now be 32kg instead of 23kg in line with other large sporting goods.
There are also limits on the size of boards, so some longboards and SUPs cannot be taken with some airlines.
Each surfboard counts as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type.
Most paddleboards are in excess of 304 cm (120 in), which is over the maximum allowable length of 203 cm (80 in).
If you are planning on travelling with any special equipment, like a surfboard or kayak, you should notify us when you make your flight reservation.
However, if you want to transport more baggage items or if you exceed the baggage allowance for your ticket, you can purchase a Baggage Option online or pay a fee for this option at the airport. Since it is acceptable to have a certain number of surfboards on every flight, we will carry your surfboard. The of "wind-surfing" consists of table, boom, luff, mast and sail.You must make a reservation of space with a minimum of 48 hours prior to billing. If your total baggage weight exceeds the combined 40kg allowance, normal Excess Baggage charges will be applied.
In the event of items travelling on a later flight than yourself, you will be responsible for collecting these from the destination airport. The cut-off is at 2 meters, so boards longer than 6'6 are qualified as longboards and charged the higher amount.

If you exceed the weight limit, the charges for excess baggage or extra piece apply as appropriate. One surfboard per case; except items weighing more than one hundred pounds (100 lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage. Sports goods in quantity of more than one set is not included into free luggage allowance and is paid additionally according the rates under transportation regulations for “Excess luggage” for every kilogram. When sports equipment plus the passenger’s luggage exceeds the allowance, the passenger must pay the amount for the excess luggage for the journey.
Whether we are able to carry this on one of our aircraft's depends which route you are travelling on.
Your bag full of quickdraws, trad gear, helmet, climbing rope or rope ladders and safety equipment for DWS? After reading this list and getting a lot of contradicting advice, we contact them to ask if they could add climbing equipment onto the list.
They suggested that you should register for their easyJet e-mail updates on their website to keep up to date on any future changes. Gatwick and Heathrow airport have security guidelines which include a whole selection of items that you cannot take on-board an aircraft. EasyJet said that climbing equipment is a danger on-board and must go in the hold (ropes as well!).
Any item which has a sharp edge or can be used to harm any person or any property of the aircraft is classified as a weapon. Which is actually quite a good deal compared to some other airlines that have been currently researched. It does not matter if it is sporting equipment or not, as long as it meets the size limit and is no more than 23kg.
Not only does he ride downhill extensively in Europe, but he has his own company specialising in titanium suspension springs for Mountain Bikes and nearly new bike parts. The maximum weight is now just 23kg, meaning it’s almost impossible to pack a bicycle without coming in over weight! As a Customer of easyJet you will have to pay £70 return alone just to take the bike, then you pay an additional £40 worth of penalty fees at the airport for being 2kg overweight! Although it will take a number of weeks to be applied to their systems no customers will be charged an excess for bikes between 23kg and 32kg.
On this occasion it's awarded not for back pedalling (no pun intended) but for the rapid response they took and the fact the change is in-line with customer feedback.
Join this webinar to learn why omni-channel programs fail, secrets of "best-in-class" contact centers, and how to align channel-mix and customer preferences. Held May 17-19 in Denver, Colorado, this event will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. Learn How Five Customer-Centric Habits Drove Sprint's Turnaround from "Worst to First"E-book and newsletters will be sent to your email address. Fortunately, EasyJet has slightly more lenient fees than Ryanair, it's major competitor flying throughout Europe.
This weight allowance applies to the passenger rather than to the bag so purchasing extra bags is possible but will not increase the weight allowance.
For example, two passengers with a bag each may carry 20kg of luggage each, but if you wish to put 18kg in one bag and 22kg in the other, then that’s okay with us. We’ll need to charge you for this – at the airport this fee is ?25 due to higher handling costs at the airport if you don't buy the bag online and at the boarding gate this increases to ?40 to ensure that we can bring you to your destination on time. You must be travelling with sports equipment (as listed in the booking process), although the exact weight distribution between items doesn’t matter. This gives an allowance of 2 items (which must include 1 sporting item), at a total weight of 32kg.
This gives an allowance of 3 items (which must include 2 sporting items), at a total weight of 44kg. In the example where one hold bag and one piece of sports equipment had been purchased, one of the two items must be genuine sporting goods! It means less hassle when packing and offers greater peace of mind during the flight; just make sure you get one the correct size for your bike.
They are generally lighter and somewhat roomier, so getting one to fit your bike is much less hassle. A very expensive mistake, and they make it near on impossible to lodge a complaint at the airport- Easyjet really don’t like cyclists. And Easyjet get a lot of cyclists using them for Majorca: Easyjet or more like an EasyTarget.
I won’t pack my carbon bike in anything less than an evoc bag but 23kg is just ridiculous!
Neither would be regarded as heavy (in fact the mountain bike is one of the lightest in its class).
I flew last summer with Easyjet and the weight limit was 32kg, which was a reasonable limit for bike and bag (mine was 30kg).
You should also ensure that you arrive at the check-in well in advance of your flight’s departure time. Remember also that should be at the airport for check-in luggage with maximum allowable advance.These teams will be charged as excess baggage always, regardless of the baggage that the passenger is entitled. Anything over this will be subject to an excess baggage fee, in accordance with local legislation. We recommend that surfboards travel in a hard-sided (rather than soft-sided) case to prevent damage. With only a couple of t-shirts, a pair of pants and bar of soap to accompany you on your travels? They accept such items as sporting firearms as extra sporting hold luggage so why not climbing equipment. When asked about who to contact regarding getting climbing equipment onto their lists, they responded that regretfully there are no contact details which can be shared to their passengers to contact their head departments directly, and that suggestions as such are forwarded to their management internally.
Are they thinking that our ropes would be used to tie up the cabin crew and our trad gear used to knock them on the head? You need to pre-pay for these; otherwise you get charged an excess baggage fee of £20 per kg at the airport! Once easyJet class climbing gear as sporting equipment, then their sporting allowance will be the best option. This will surely encourage passengers (customers) to drive to their holiday destinations instead of flying or choose another carrier.
Attendees will also receive two special reports focused on research and best practices for CX leadership.
Keep in mind that it is always cheaper to purchase your checked baggage allowance online on the easyJet website. If you think you’ll need to take a little bit more with you, you can buy some extra weight – it’s best to do this online before you fly as the online charges are considerably cheaper than at the airport. You’ve just got to remember that you cannot exceed the 40kg total weight allowance without paying additional charges.
The exact distribution of weight between baggage items doesn’t matter, subject to the maximum weights detailed above for health and safety reasons. We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy. Any weight of such kit in excess of 15 Kilos will be charged normal excess baggage charge per kilo. They are always treated as excess baggage with a fixed rate of 150 EUR payable only at the airport, regardless of the destination. Also listed are no blunt instruments, (which could be interpreted to be climbing equipment at the airlines discretion). Minimum of 1 hold bag per passenger is required to trigger the baggage allowance of 20kg.For a fee, you can put one bag in the hold weighing up to 20kg. They also mention that this is not an exhaustive list, and if in doubt please check with the airline you fly with.
The fee can be paid in one of three ways:online (?11 - ?21 per bag per flight, depending on the route and flight period)via call centre (?11 - ?21 per bag per flight, depending on the route and flight period)or at the airport where the fee is ?30 at the check-in and ?45 at the gate. However, if the sporting item is 18kg and the bag is 14kg then that's fine with us!For example:Two passengers are travelling with one hold bag and two pieces of sports equipment. No single piece of hold baggage can weigh more than 32kg, due to health and safety restrictions.Payment of the fee entitles each passenger who has paid the fee to check in one item of hold baggage with a maximum weight allowance of 20kg per passenger.
You may carry additional items of hold baggage upon payment of the fee per additional item, but this does not increase the weight allowance per passenger. The 20kg weight allowance per passenger may only be increased by payment of the excess weight charges set out. If you are travelling in a group of two or more you may spread the weight of your luggage across the bags. For example, two passengers with a bag each may carry 20kg of luggage each, but if you wish to put 18kg in one bag and 22kg in the other, then that's okay with us.
Instruments which fit into this category include violin, viola, piccolo, flute, clarinet, bugle and trumpet. You've just got to remember that you cannot exceed the 40kg total weight allowance without paying additional charges.The applicable online fee will be displayed at the time of booking baggage (whether during or after booking your flight).
The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kg.Cellos may be taken into the cabin as long as an additional seat is purchased for the item.

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