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Our shop is specialized in treadmills and stationary bikes spare parts, such as treadmill belts, drive belts, treadmill motors and controllers.
Please note E1 is usually a speed sensor error but on some treadmill boards is a communication error. LIMIT: If over currency or resistance force too big, LIMIT lights on, and machine stops automatically. This difference is diameter can also be seen as a gear and thus will the flywheel spin much faster compared to the rotation speed of the drive pulley.
As we want to know the RPM (Rotations Per Minute)  while we pedal we need to put our speed sensor in place where the motion is.
When the machine is an Ergo meter* and can function in Watt controlled mode than it does need the speed sensor but only with a time interval of 3 seconds.
This is a high speed measurement in where the trainer do need the sensor to make the machine operate. In this way of measurement the reaction time really as it should process 8 times the amount of signals in the same time.
The standard distance between the active sensor and the magnet should be as less as possible (2-3 mm).

Due to the many moving parts within a Cross Trainer reduce performance and noise can arise during the life of the product. Refer to the assembly instructions for your product for precise details on how to disassemble the moving parts so access can be made for maintenance.
If there is sideways play or excessive noise within the swing arm joint then it may require the fitting application of thin spacers as shown in the diagram below.
If the receiver (monitor display) does not give a steady measurement of the heart rate and you are sure you wear the belt in a proper way. The battery housing can easily be opened with a coin ( see picture 3 ) and turning this counter clockwise. The tension of the battery contact poles will push the battery housing locking disk upwards.
This pedaling sets a drive pulley in motion and this motions drives a flywheel by the help of a drive belt. You can image by the example shown above that it is a huge difference in where to put the magnet. It is adjusted only on the users behalf or in a program*  when a certain time or distance has been achieved.

These do not always indicate a component failure but may mean indicate that maintenance is required. Moving joints and pivots points need to be checked to ensure that they are correctly tightened, free moving and lubricated.
The following schedule should be carried out periodically to maintain the product’s performance or if you experience any unusual noises or a reduction in performance. If you do hear a sound you must be able to generate a heartbeat on your receiver ( trainers monitor ). The reason for this is, that the sensor will not be triggered with full magnet power, and is therefore easier to release the inner sensor switch.
From a picked up signal you can go further and further away from the receiver to see how far the reach is.

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