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For well over a decade, the Taiwanese conglomerate Dyaco, has been renowned for manufacturing ‘Sole’ and ‘Spirit’ fitness equipment, picking up numerous consumer awards along the way. Since arriving on the scene in the United States, the Xterra range of products has steadily grown in popularity and five years later it has finally arrived here in the UK. For well under ?1000, top-end models feature a basic amount of inbuilt ‘extras’ such as MP3 connectivity, high quality speaker systems and a cooling fan; but what they lack in ‘gadgetry’ is certainly made up for in performance! The solid construction and use of high quality components throughout is also combined with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on parts and 2 years labour, to give peace of mind in the durability and longevity of the machines. Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification.
Our Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer review examines perhaps the best elliptical in this price range – just how do Spirit do it at these relatively low prices? They’re basically the same elliptical, with a few added features as you work up the range. Spirit are a Dyaco brand, which also owns Sole, and the XE 350 is pretty much the same as the superb Sole E55. These Spirit ellipticals are so good and so keenly priced that I really wonder why with the exception of a Sole, anyone would buy anything else in this price range?
I also struggle to understand how Spirit can turn out such high spec ellipticals for the prices they’re charging. Our Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer review found the same excellent build quality and design as the XE 150 and from the moment you step onboard you can appreciate the quality. The XE 350 has a front drive system, which utilises a heavy 30lb flywheel, an excellent eddy current brake (ECB) resistance system and articulating pedals. You also get an adjustable footplate on the XE 350, which is a useful feature that helps to accommodate different stride lengths and people of varying height. The ride is a dream and hardly distinguishable from much more expensive commercial quality ellipticals that you may use at your local gym. The machine is very comfortable to use and minimises any strain on your ankle, knee and hip joints.
There are 20 resistance levels compared to the XE 150’s 16, which gives added flexibilty to your workout.

Having tried more elliptical trainers than I care to remember, one striking feature of the XE 350 is how quiet it is – a real plus for the home user and other members of the household! The 20″ stride length is more than adequate for most people and enables you to stretch and work your lower body through a full range of motion, maximising calorie burn and the fitness and weight loss benefits of your workout. The upper body levers give the option of an upper body workout, which turns the XE 350 into a veritable multi-gym. Strangely, our Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer review found fewer workout programs than on the XE 150, which has 14. However, whilst there are 6 standard programs, you also get 2 user defined programs and 2 heart rate programs. The latter is a really useful feature as it enables the elliptical to vary the resistance automatically during your workout to maintain a specified heart rate – great for fat burning workouts where you need to exercise at a lower intensity. The display console is an improvement on the XE 150, with a larger LCD display and a 12 character display window. The warranties, on the Spirit XE range are superb, with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the parts and electronics and 2 years on the labour – a real vote of confidence from the manufacturers in their product.
I’m beginning to run out of superlatives, but the conclusion of our Spirit XE 350 elliptical trainer review is that this model is virtually impossible to beat in this price range. Having added up the total package and evaluating what you get for your money, I’d give it a full 10 out of 10 for value.
With the exception of the Sole E55, if I had a maximum budget of $1,500 I’d look no further. Concepita dai tecnici delle Spirit Fitness nella sede di Jonsboro e costruita negli stabilimenti della Dyaco International Corp. La consolle della CE800 é molto semplice da usare e ricca di informazioni emozionali di facile interpretazione. I tasti di comando sono stati ergonomicamente posizionati sulla consolle per una facile e veloce selezione.
La nuovissima funzione AUTO PILOT consente in qualsiasi momento di passare da un allenamento qualsiasi al programma Auto Pilot, assumendo come target la frequenza cardiaca di quel momento.
Se invece preferite le cose semplici, semplicemente premete Start e cominciate l’allenamento con il programma manuale.

Il passo della falcata è di 510 mm, ma le grandi pedane in materiale antiscivolo, Vi consentiranno di aggiustare questa distanza scegliendo di posizionare diversamente i Vostri piedi. La garanzia copre tutte le parti per malfunzionamento conseguente a difetti di produzione o non conformità del prodotto, mentre esclude quelle dovute ad uso improprio o manomissione del prodotto.
Per ulteriori informazioni tecniche andare alla scheda tecnica del prodotto o contattate direttamente i nostri uffici. SEATED BENCH PRESS PECTORAL FLY TRICEP PUSH-DOWNMARCY is a registered trademarks of IMPEX Inc.
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In 2009, a third brand was born from the same prestigious manufacturers, by the name of ‘Xterra’ (inspired by the famous series of off-road triathlon races). Although aimed at a price point to make them a more affordable option to the premium sister brands of Sole and Spirit, Xterra machines boast many similar selling points. Some models offer up to 20 levels of electronic incline, handlebar controls and a challenging array of inbuilt programs inc heart rate controlled sessions and user-defined programs. Un semplice tocco al tasto Fan e sarete piacevolmente rinfrescati dalle ventola posta nella parte superiore della console.
14777 DON JULIAN RD., CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA 91746 Never operate the machine if the machine is not functioning properly.
Showcasing Dyaco’s 30 years of fitness equipment manufacturing expertise, these elliptical cross trainers are also designed with a great focus on user comfort to ensure the user and their joints of a smooth and stress-free elliptical action.
You can expect the same degree of biomechanical innovation such as a natural 2 degree inward slope to the pedals and a narrow ‘Q-factor’ (distance between footplates).

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