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A gym fitness poster can be your "trainer on the wall to help you stay on track and motivated in your fitness routine. Motivation is key when it comes to dieting and fitness and The Sports Poster Warehouse-the world’s leader in sports décor, has just the visual stimuli to keep anyone in shape, whether they’re working out at a gym, fitness center or at home in their basement. As the world focuses on starting 2013 New Years resolutions out on the right foot, many Americans and Canadians resolve (yet again!) to get in shape, lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.
For Stefanie De Rossi, a Toronto fitness trainer, exercise instructional posters help remind her clients of the safe and proper way to perform an exercise, as well as encourage them to try it on their own in between training sessions. The Sports Poster Warehouse is the world's #1 source for new, rare and vintage sports posters. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
If you want to get fit and get into shape, but the cost of a gym membership is too expensive for you, there are effective cardio exercises to do at home. Cardio fitness exercises come in many forms and defined as any type of physical activity that raises your heart rate and blood circulation. Most people enjoy a dip in the pool or the sea, so why not turn that dip into some form of exercise? Walking is a safe way to exercise at home with minimum injury risk and can therefore be done by anyone including pregnant women and older people. If you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t afford to workout because the gym is too expensive, or that you just don’t like gyms, these cardio exercises to do at home will really boost your fitness. This entry was posted in EXERCISE AT HOME, HOW TO GET FLAT ABS FAST and tagged benefits of exercise, best exercises to lose weight, cycling, exercise at home, jump rope, running, swimming, walking, When Should You Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat? I'm one of those crazy people that likes to clean, and I really love a clean house.  There's something about an orderly home that creates a calming atmosphere, and I find that I can manage the rest of my life so much better if my house is clean.
I'm also a list girl, and so keeping a cleaning checklist just makes sense, and helps me to keep track of things that need to be done not just daily, but weekly and monthly.
How does it work?  I have certain chores that I do everyday, and work WONDERS to keep my home looking and feeling clean.  I fit them in when I can during the day, depending on my schedule. It's the first thing I do in the morning--I don't leave my room until it's done.  Having all the beds made is one of the best ways to keep rooms looking tidy, and it always makes me feel better to have it done. I keep Clorox bathroom wipes and Windex in each bathroom, and it takes less than one minute to wipe down the counters and clean the mirror each day when we're finished getting ready.  Doing this daily will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to deep clean the bathrooms--which I do weekly.
We turn on the dishwasher at night, and put them away in the morning, which ensures that my sink can stay empty all day long. I like doing laundry everyday, as opposed to doing it on one day of the week--and I've always done it this way, even before I had to do as many loads as I do now.  Laundry can quickly feel overwhelming, and when I saw a lot of piles, it makes me crazy. We spend the majority of our time on the main floor, and I vacuum it each night after the kids are in bed.  It takes less than 10 minutes, and  No toys are kept in my kids' upstairs bedrooms, so they aren't up there until it's time to sleep, which means I can get away with vacuuming only once a week on the upstairs level. I make a plan for these items, because they take a little more time to accomplish than many of the daily chores.
Friday night is almost always movie night at our house, and this yummy popcorn will be perfect for munching on while we watch our Valentine movie this weekend. I absolutely love this picture of our friends' horse and farm--such a gorgeous white background, and a happy horse playing in the snow!! Paper sack scrapbooks are so easy and adorable, and this one I made of Caroline's first year is one of my favorites.

Cutey-cute Oreo Chicks are super easy to make, and a really fun activity for kids to help with!
A few scraps of fabric, a little ric rac, and I've got an adorable spring garland perfect for my buffet table! The smartphone-connected home security options keep coming, with the Goji smart lock latest to entice us to upgrade our door furniture and hook it up to the cloud. As we've seen before from other systems, Goji mixes together a blend of WiFi, low-power Bluetooth, and "bank-level encryption" with a digital key system controlled from a smartphone.
Meanwhile, there are also programmable fobs for those without a smartphone to gain entry, such as children or the elderly.
Battery power means mains electricity cuts shouldn't affect the lock, and Goji claims up to a year's use from a fresh set; the smart lock will ping out a warning email when they need changing.
When an authorized user walks up to the door and opens it - whether with their phone or a fob - the lock automatically snaps their photo and sends it out to the master app.
Unfortunately, WiFi and a camera add extra cost on top of the sub-$200 August, and Goji is priced at $278 on its Indiegogo campaign right now.
This instructional poster features no less than 38 key dumbbell exercises to work out virtually every muscle in the body.
Instructional exercise and motivational posters, posted in a place where they can be easily seen every day, can provide a powerful visual reminder of fitness and weight loss goals, and empower those looking to get fit to stick to their new workout routine. The Sports Poster Warehouse has just released their list of the top 10 fitness posters, perfect for any gym, weight room or home workout space.
These include a healthy heart, increased energy, improved muscle tone and better sleep, just to name a few.
But cycling is one of the fun cardio exercises to do at home that costs very little and has big benefits.
All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and it’s even more enjoyable when you go with a friend. You can either choose one exercise to perform multiple times during the week or mix it up and do a mixture throughout the week to add variety to your routine. To get the body you want, you don’t need to get an expensive gym membership and you don’t need to hire a personal trainer. For example, I fold laundry each night after my kids are in bed while I catch up on my favorite shows, then I put it away in the morning.  It's a nightly ritual, but it's the way I can keep up with the 15-18 loads I do per week. I also wipe down all appliances (especially the fridge) after each meal--since I have stainless steel, this is a big deal for me! I roll the dough in sugar before baking, and it gives them the most delicious crunch on the outside. We've lived in three states in three years, and there has been a lot of uprooting and re-planting, and we've all felt some "growing" pains. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and today  #ontheblog  I'm sharing a super cute and simple printable tag that's perfect for dressing up a jar of candy or treats! Since the first year we were married and poor students, my cute hubby has decorated a room in our house to surprise me when I wake up on Valentine's Day morning. They have long been one of my favorite treats because they're so yummy and easy, so when Lemon Oreos came out, I knew I had to make a lemon version.
I absolutely adore tulips--they are my favorite--and these yellow ones are the perfect pop of spring! The Goji looks, at first glance, like the August smart lock announced last week, but Goji manages to squeeze in a digital camera to snap photos of whoever comes in and blast them off to the homeowner's phone.

The app can be used to establish permanent or temporary access privileges, including limits on what time of day the lock will open, but new settings can also be created via email or text message. A quick pull on the display - which shows lock status, among other things - reveals a traditional keyhole, too for old-school entry. Unlike August, Goji also provides a telephone call center for access support, complete with the potential to call out locksmiths should that become necessary. You can pick up a second hand bike at a great price and it’s a great way of getting out and about.
Using a jump rope for at least 30 minutes each day will strengthen and tone the muscles in your shoulders, core, arms, chest, thighs, back and legs. When done daily for about 30 to 60 minutes, running helps maintain a healthy weight as it burns a lot of calories. For more great ways to exercise at home, check out the Home Workout Revolution System for routines that can be easily followed on your computer, iPad or iPod. I greatly believe that these daily chores are at the crux of success--do these, and you'll find yourself with more time overall, not less. With another move this summer when our house is finished, one of our family's goals is to be brave, and bloom where we're planted.
It's perfect for all of your spring parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and it's always on my Easter menu!
This is is my absolute favorite rustic stew recipe--it's super easy, and doesn't take long at all to prepare and pop in the oven. I was trying to hurry, so I could get home and rest before the kids got home from school, since I took a red-eye from California at 2am. You’ll often see things on a bike that you miss when you’re driving.  With cycling, you can schedule a certain time of the day to go riding or incorporate the exercise into your daily routines like riding your bike to and from work. In addition, it will boost your cardiovascular health, burn a lot of calories, improve your agility, enhance your coordination and increases your overall endurance. It strengthens your leg muscles, lowers your blood pressure, helps with weight reduction and improves heart fitness. Aside from that, running also improves heart health, adds years to your life, improves brain health, improves mood and strengthens your bones, joints and muscles. I am grateful to all the friends we've made along the way who are making it so much easier!! Regardless of which option you choose, cycling on a daily basis will help you burn calories, improve leg strength and tone your leg muscles. Swimming also improves your flexibility, builds endurance, keeps your heart rate up and helps you maintain a healthy weight. The best way to perform this cardio exercise is to walk daily at moderate intensity for 30 minutes or more.

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