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PositivesThe DeskCycle sports a sleek, low profile for use under a desk, and it takes up little space in your office. NegativesA height-adjustable desk and ergonomic peripherals are necessary for using a DeskCycle.
The DeskCycle is an under-desk pedaler: a small, low-profile foot-pedal machine designed to fit under your work desk and allow you to move while sitting in your chair.
Installation is a simple matter of attaching the legs and pedals to the bike with the included wrench tool, and plugging in the small display. This goes double on the higher resistance levels; once you get out of that comfortable NEAT zone and start really exerting yourself, you’re not going to be able to get much work done. We’ve had a couple of weeks to test the new DeskCycle out, and through a lot of trial and error have found a comfortable bike desking routine that worked for us. After two weeks and two hundred miles on the DeskCycle, we’ve come to a few conclusions about underdesk pedalers. The DeskCycle is not a substitute for a walking treadmill, which is easier to work on and allows for more full-body movement. Implications - Although there has been an increasing emphasis on health and fitness over the last few years, there has also been a countering emphasis on longer work hours, leaving people little time to hit the gym.
The most ergonomically-friendly way to work is standing up and the Herman Miller Envelop desk promotes this fact.
Standing desks aren't merely a novel craze that's soon to leave -- its longevity is assured because of its overwhelming health benefits!
Adam Ben-David, an entrepreneur and a college student, has officially launched his company GymGym LLC that will market the innovative seating-fitness system, GymGym.
There would many more fit office workers if everyone had to sit at the Elliptical Work Desk.
Office Exercise TipsLet's face it – it's tough to stay fit and lose weight when you're stuck at work all day.
For more than a decade, The Human Solution has been helping people stay healthy, fit and active in the workplace by offering ergonomic tips and the best standing desks and ergonomic accessories on the market. It doesn’t even have to be a real bike, just a pedaling device under your desk improves happiness, reduces sick days, improves concentration and helps you lose weight! Lucas Carr, assistant professor of health and human physiology and member of the Obesity Research and Education Initiative at the University of Iowa, was interested in promoting activity in the workplace to people who sit all day, even if they exercise.
The researchers also found that expensive fitness centres are typically only used by the healthiest employees.
A few years ago I started exploring ways to keep my mind fresh through what I learned later to call 'passive exercise'. I let the problem sit for a while (so to speak), and realized that what I really needed was a standing desk. I did some research, and found that treadmill desks had been being used for quite some time - even in offices by people in suits. I found that there's even a company that sells shiny new "Walkstations" to the tune of $4,499. Eventually I took off some hardware from the bottom of the treadmill because I kept hitting my head on the low ceiling.
I would say that this $100 or so was my single greatest financial investment of my last year. If you've gotten this far, maybe you're actually thinking about taking the next step (ha ha). Listening to music and dance-walking is surprisingly fun, just make sure you're in a private office and the windows are obscured in some fashion. If you have low ceilings, don't have curly hair, otherwise you will have an amazing - but oddly unattractive - 'fro at the end of the day. I work full time on BuildAModule and have been for the last several years, so I'm not generally available for freelancing gigs - but I can give you some tips on where to get some help. My alter ego (the one that's hanging out in the attic until the kids are older) is a musician and is in the process of figuring out what all this is about. I work at a treadmill desk and have had the honor of influencing numerous others to give it a shot.
The DeskCycle’s low profile and quiet magnetic mechanism makes it unobtrusive in offices and cubicles.

It's more difficult to multitask on a bike than at walking speed, and it puts the body in an ergonomically unnatural position: Multiple users cited leg and hip point after prolonged use. We were concerned about their ergonomics and skeptical about their health benefits as well as users’ ability to multitask.
They are less expensive than their large, full-size bike desk cousins, and the ergonomically safer choice for aspiring bike deskers. Unlike a standing or treadmill desk, the DeskCycle doesn’t keep you from sitting, so you’re still susceptible to the aches and pains associated with your chair. Checking e-mails and typing up documents is easy enough to do at a leisurely speed, as is conversing with a colleague or answering phone calls.  Mousing is actually easier on the bike desk than on a treadmill, since you’re not being constantly pulled backwards. At the higher levels you’ll also be using more of your body to pedal, and your typing accuracy will suffer from all that swinging side to side.
First, we make sure our knees aren’t going to hit the table and that our screen and peripherals are in ergonomically sound positions.
Alleviating this problem are office-based exercise innovations that allow consumers to actually work out at their desks. We've even added treadmill desks and bike desks to our list of active ergonomic office products.
Our UPLIFT line is loaded with great office exercise items that will keep you moving and stretching while burning calories and improving blood flow and posture.
Even if you already use a standing desk or a treadmill desk, there are several stretches and office exercises you can do to improve your health. The World Health Organization estimates that 3.3 million people die each year because of inactivity, making it the fourth leading cause of death, and the answer might be as simple as riding a bike. Sitting is a health risk for multiple health conditions including reduced mental function and distress.
By giving every employee a chance to be active at their desk was more effective way of improving activity. Because it's had such a tremendous impact on my life, I'm pretty evangelical about it and have been looking forward to writing this blog post for many months. I slouch like any other programmer (exceptions noted) and can feel my spine ossifying into the twisted curved shape it takes as I hunch over the keyboard in my 'ergonomic' chair. My first attempt at adding said activity into my workflow was a miniature stair stepping machine that fit under the desk.
After a year of having a treadmill desk, I have to say that it would have been worth coughing up five grand for. It's had a tremendous impact on how I feel about my work, and especially how I feel after work, when I'm hanging out with my wife and baby.
At about 2mph using the mouse gets more difficult, but I can use Photoshop and Illustrator at 1.5mph just fine.
I ended up applying this too liberally, and it leaked onto the wheel running the belt, causing the belt to slip if I caused too much friction with my step.
My name is Chris Shattuck and I'm the creator of BuildAModule (over 700 video tutorials to help anyone learn Drupal). Family is the reason I figured out how to work at home, how to run a business, and how to sell products. I'm always looking for ways to make this short life last longer, and exercise while working helps a ton. When combined with a height-adjustable desk, ergonomic accessories, and a walking treadmill, the DeskCycle can complete your sit-stand-walk workstation. While not a complete office fitness workstation, the DeskCycle can nevertheless introduce some measure of movement to your sitting breaks. Our team of experts tested another one of these office gizmos in our lab and we can now report our findings.  Meet the DeskCycle Bike Pedal Exerciser, from 3D Innovations.
Resistance is adjusted by a knob on the front of the unit, and an LCD display is mounted either directly on the bike or on your desk.
Extending your legs forward while pedaling can actually exacerbate those back pains, so it’s crucial to keep the DeskCycle as close to your core as possible.
At ear-level we measured 45 dB while pedaling at 22 mph, making the DeskCycle quiet enough that your co-workers won’t notice. Anything more difficult than simple tasks, however, and you’ll find your feet slowing to a standstill.

Multitasking isn’t as natural as on a treadmill desk, but it’s definitely possible with a bit of practice.
We generally recommend that deskers alternate between sitting, standing, and walking throughout the day.
Such efficiency- and health-promoting devices are still new, but their benefits are not hard to digest: workers are getting their work done while at the same time increasing their energy and reducing their health risks. So it's up to you – yes, you – to put in the work to stay fit while you're tethered to your desk or cubicle. While all of these items will help you feel more alert and healthy and burn more calories at the office, it's also a good idea to incorporate stretching and office exercises into your work day. Here are some resources that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, reduce the risk of injury and pain, and improve concentration and productivity while lessening fatigue.
As is classically said of chewing gum and walking, I found I could either code or step, but not do both, so it got the boot after a week or so.
Here's an interview with the guy that might be the inventor of the treadmill desk on Good Morning America, with some good clips from office environments.
But luckily, I got some good ideas off of some wiley spendthrifts on the web and started scouring Craigslist for cheap treadmills with horizontal handles. I had to wipe the lube off the wheel to get it running right, and still have to do this on occasion. I speak regularly at Drupal events, and have developed a training model that is allowing communities around the world learn Drupal for free across numerous continents.
The FitDesk bike desk actually includes a more traditional bicycle saddle, which allows for more correct ergonomics. Unlike a treadmill desk, which maintains your walking pace automatically, bike desks require you to devote at least some of your attention to pedaling. However, bike desks – which still require sitting –aren’t fit for all-day use, but best in short pedaling sessions.
While standing and walking are both NEAT activities, sitting is usually a sedentary affair. More than any of this, regardless of how I'd like the world to work, there's something about being stuck in one position for hours that really lets physical stress build up, and that physical stress starts to seep into the mind and really cramps up productivity.
I also considered getting an under-the-desk exercise bike, but after discovering my multi-tasking limitations, I figured it would be a waste of a hundred bucks. If I remember correctly, a search on google lead me to the Lifehacker Coolest workspace contest, where I saw several examples of treadmill desks and it struck me that something like that might work really well.
This means that many users, particularly taller ones, will find themselves bumping their knees against their desks. We’re used to walking on a treadmill for up to two hours at a time and tried the same with the bike desk, only to be met with fatigue and sore hamstrings. Moreover, underdesk pedalers demand a complete readjustment of your workstation – table height, monitor height, chair angles, keyboard and mouse position all need to be considered to guarantee proper ergonomic posture while you work. I often take walks to stimulate thought, and thought that maybe if I could code and walk at the same time, I'd be a lot more creative. You can alleviate this to some degree by moving away from the DeskCycle, but doing so often places you too far from your mouse and keyboard. We’ve since shortened our biking sessions to about 20-30 minutes, making sure we didn’t go faster than what was comfortable – which in our case came out to be around 16mph.
And while we like the DeskCycle’s low profile, silent mechanism, and adjustable settings; right now we look forward to returning to our treadmills. You can also pedal backwards on the DeskCycle, allowing you to use your legs’ opposite muscle groups and stave off some of the soreness.
Having a height-adjustable desk allowed us to keep our knees unscuffed without having to reach for our workspace, but not without consequences. Raising the desk higher meant giving up ergonomically-sound posture in our arms and wrists since we had to bend them at sharper angles just to type.

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