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A cycling training is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to lose weight and boost endurance. A very important factor when starting a cycling training program is the “training age”, or how long can you comfortably ride a bike. Select a user-friendly course for the first months of training, with flat roads and less traffic. Women adapt differently to an intense cycling training program because they have less testosterone than men. Another important aspect is to monitor the workload for each session in hours rather than kilometers, because of the terrain variations.
Winter is here and cyclists know how difficult and uncomfortable it is to train in the cold weather. It is very important for any cyclist to keep their legs and brain accustomed to the pedaling motion, maintaining leg speed and power.

All you need to keep your cycling fitness up is to keep training indoors with a spinning bike, or an indoor bicycle trainer, your road bike and a good spinning DVD that helps you stay motivated and engaged during your indoor cycling training sessions.
Welcome to Sierra Cycling Training and Coaching, where your health and happiness come first as you are given every tool you need to achieve your goals. A person can cycle more frequently and with a higher intensity than with running or swimming.
Increase the training intensity progressively and adjust your program until you feel comfortable with it.
Whether your aim is to complete the commute to work, participate in a local charity ride, join the local hammer group, start racing or start winning! If you played another sport and have a developed aerobic and anaerobic system, increase the difficulty of your training after a couple of weeks.
Before you get started, there are some aspects you should consider. As with any sport, cycling is not without risks and often times a cycling accident can lead to many sessions of Ottawa massage therapy.

An inexperienced cyclist might be able to train for two days in a row, but require a day off to rest.
So definitely keep in mind the following tips because they will not only help you improve your cycling, but also keep you from getting hurt. Avoid stressing the weakened area to prevent reoccurring pain and consult a physician before starting the program. In the beginning you can do 2 weeks of training with 3 days of rest and continue with a week of lighter training. Aerobic capacity for a sedentary person that rides 5-10 miles every two days will increase at 65% in about a month.

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