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You will find a lot of reasons for cycling on the highway and you will find several various kinds of road bikes.
Which kind of road bike you decide to ride on the highway is dependent on how frequently you’ll use it, the reason, and distance of the trips you are making, in addition to which kind of road bike you prefer riding, as every one has different riding positions. Generally the road bike has drop handle bars and thin tires, and it’s relatively lightweight. Road bikes can basically be split into two sub-groups – touring bikes and racing bikes. Touring bikes have lower gear ratios so that they work with you on the lengthy ride or tour. The ideal choice of road bike for individuals, maintaining fitness and cycling for leisure is the hybrid road bike. Hybrid bikes are simple to maneuver, with a variety of gears making it easy to handle alterations in speed or gradient.
Mountain bikes have tires with substantial tread because they are created for off-road riding, however they may also be transformed to road cycling if you have one and wish to cycle on the highway without another huge cost. Should you cycle on the highway in your journey to operate a handy kind of bike to make use of is really a folding bike. Whichever style you select, when road bike cycling always consider making yourself apparent with other road customers by putting on reflective products and taking advantage of lights. In this continuation of yesterday’s post, Cycling iQ holds a Q&A with Vivek Radhakrishnan, co-creator of Bangalore-based KYNKYNY Wheelsports cycling team, about the road cycling scene in India. For the longest time there wasn’t, but it seems that the federation has recently put something up.
There are many online forums in most of the large cities, and people discuss everything; the various rides on tomorrow morning, traffic problems, what is the best mask to wear, road bike vs mountain bike, slicks vs knobbies, should one really shave ones legs, is it better to start shaving one leg and then graduate to the other… blah blah blah. Trek, Merida, Colnago, BMC, KHS, B-Twin, Cannondale, Willier, Bianchi, GT, Schwinn, Giant; there is a new one every day, the market is opening up. How many road cycling teams are there in Bangalore; is road cycling popular with both men and women?
Lokesh Narasimhachar, one of our KYNKYNY Wheelsports riders, is definitely one of the finest and most experienced cyclists in the country at the moment. Kudos to their efforts in building cycling as a sport and taking Indian Cyclists onto the international racing map. The answer to your question is pretty simple – if you feel like a cyclist, you are a cyclist.
Enter email address and click follow button to get notifications of new Cycling iQ posts by email. Adele Mitchell our resident mountain biking beauty expert, has turned to tarmac, documenting her experience of switching to road cycling.
This month, Adele on her Specialized Ruby road bike, turns model for the morning – and experiences an ‘unusual’ car incident. With a few more lovely miles under my road cycling belt and the sun shining, it seemed like a good time for a few ‘riding my Ruby’ pictures. My other half is a photographer and we chose a stunning location at a nearby pond but, as we were about to head off, he had to take a phone call so we agreed that I would start cycling and he would catch me up. Off I sped along the country lanes, feeling rather smug about how easy my legs were finding the hill climbs and very relieved that the roads were quiet. Unfortunately the calm was shattered when a car suddenly and inexplicably slowed behind me.
It was at this point I glanced over and thought ‘Hang on a minute – I’ve got a car like that’. I arrived at our location, a strip of lovely flat road at the bottom of a valley with tight, narrow corners at either end.
Interestingly, the more shots we did – climbs, turns, descents over and over again – the more my concentration switched from riding the bike to making sure we got the picture. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers.
What’s a better cross training exercise for runners, cycling on the road or spinning? It was a blast: flying downhill at 35+ mph and seeing how fast I could go on flat stretches was exhilarating. First, let’s talk about why runners should even think about cycling in the first place. When added to your running plan, cycling is a great way to add extra fitness with virtually zero injury risk.
Both biking on the road and joining a spinning class can give you a great cardiovascular workout.
While you can control your heart rate and cadence better on a stationary bike, it’s boring as hell. Being out on the road is also more stressful as you navigate busy streets, cars, pedestrians, stop lights, and other cyclists. Road bike workout: I love fartlek workouts and running on feel, so I do similar workouts on my bike. If you live in the middle of Kansas where the biggest downhill is a pot hole, this type of workout may be challenging.
There’s little recovery with this workout and the intensity is high, so you get in a solid stimulus in just 30 short minutes.
Besides a bike and a helmet, there’s not much gear you need to get in a good cycling workout on the roads. If you need a place to store some cash, your phone, or some gels get a cycling jersey with rear pockets. There’s no right or wrong answer to which type of cycling is the best form of cross training for runners.

Both offer a way to get in a great cardiovascular workout without putting additional impact stress on your legs.
Was this post helpful?Then you'll love the free email lessons I've never released here on the blog. One thing I think is worth noting, if you start doing a lot of cycling, is that it’s a very quad-dominant activity.
Cycling in the dark is a risky maneuver – if you can get into a good class it’s fun!
I forgot to say that doing a low intensity bike session after running really makes me feel a lot better than a walk for a cool down. He writes for over 200,000 runners a month and has helped tens of thousands of runners accomplish their goals with results-oriented coaching programs. Sign up for SR's free running e-course and you'll get downloads like workouts, strength exercises, and ebooks to help you become a better runner: claim your free downloads here. The 4 primary kinds of bikes for road bike cycling are road bikes, bikes, hybrid bikes and folding bikes. It’s mostly created for speed to ensure that the riding position is lower instead of upright, because this is probably the most aerodynamic position. Touring bikes are fantastic for lengthy distance rides and cycling holidays, while race bikes are equipped for acceleration and speed.
Race bikes are very light and also have very rigid frames to increase the transfer of energy in the driver towards the wheels, to be able to provide a smooth ride. They are basically a combination of a mountain bike along with a road bike, and they’re growing in recognition constantly. They are ideal if you are using trains and buses in your journey, or maybe storage is definitely an problem at the office or in your own home. This really is imperative for the safety on the highway, no matter the kind of bike you select. With the rapidly increasing traffic, pollution and rampant felling of this city’s beautiful trees, people have become very concerned about the environment and future of the planet. They have control over all the National-level events, and show no support to private teams.
It is a non-competitive event, but covers large distances through the very beautiful landscape of the Nilgiri mountains in southern India. The bottom line is, there are a lot of people talking about a lot of stuff pertaining to cycling!
High-end in India is sort of entry-level in the west, but a proper dealer will arrange any bike from a brand he sells, given a little time. People usually do collective shopping to save on the shipping, but I know quite a few folks who have bought bikes and loads of bits and bobs from Chain Reaction UK. At the elite level you will find other brands, usually bikes that have been specially imported for a team or an individual. The tradition is to drive out and park at a Cafe Coffe Day (the local Starbucks), so rides usually end with a coffee and a bite at the cafe. I’m a mountain biker at heart and faced with a busy row of traffic or a sheer drop off, I’d take the drop off every time.
The road was clear and wide enough for over taking so, determined not to be forced into the verge, I rode on and held my position, only now as the vehicle got even closer, I could hear someone shouting.
I then spotted my husband, one hand on the steering wheel the other waving furiously to catch my attention (not necessary, believe me) “It’s only me!
With the words ‘Just do that again’ echoing in my ears I cycled past the camera with as much style as I could muster, turned at the bend and rode back again. Suddenly I achieved that magic moment when I felt the bike and I were one and that I could have ridden all day long.
When I was in college, I got a Trek road bike to stay fit when I was injured and to add some extra non-impact exercise to my summer training.
When I got a heart rate monitor, I strapped it on during a bike ride and found that my effort level was all over the place. Whether you hop on a road bike or a fitness bike at your gym, both are non-impact cross training exercises that help build your engine – your lungs, capillary network, and heart strength. I’ve written before about my experience with triathlon training and how it helped me elevate my running to a new level. You can fly down hills, coast when you want to, and hit the hills hard if you’re in the mood. It would be too hard to do a long tempo workout on a road bike if you live in a hilly area, for example.
Stationary bikes lend themselves to more structured workouts based on time rather than fartleks based on landmarks or terrain.
This type of workout is best done during a race-specific phase of training where you’re doing high-intensity workouts and getting ready to run fast. These can be fairly cheap and they’re highly recommended for the data nerds out there. The most important factor is actually getting in the workout – so if you’re more likely to do that on your road bike because it’s more enjoyable, then do that. Use them the same way you would a pool running workout: easy and light to promote recovery and moderate to increase your endurance.
If you don’t do some strength work to balance, your hammys and glutes will complain when you start quality running again.
I got one several months ago and my calves were very sore after the first few times I used it, so clearly my calves hadn’t been getting much of a workout.
Many of these kinds of bikes also provide many versions and various designs so selecting the best bike to your requirements could be a large decision.
This kind of bike is unquestionably the fastest option for road bike cycling and it is the bike of preference for racing and many experienced road bike cycling fans.

They have fast spinning wheels just like a road bike, however the riding position is much more upright similar to the mountain bike position.  This is probably due to the flat handle bars. Rather than needing to be worried about where you can leave your bike securely you can easily fold up and make it along with you. Cycling (for some) emerged as one of the most sensible forms of transport, even for those who could afford a car. The system in India is that you can only represent your State, or a Government team such as the Railways, Army and so on.
It has been very influential in popularizing the sport, and has been an event that has launched people into the racing scene. The tour transmission usually comes on at around 60-40km to the finish, and typically the allotted time is only an hour or two at the most.
What is available off the shelf is, however, not bad for recreational cyclists and most enthusiasts. Nineteen year-old Naveen Raj (also of KYNKYNY Wheelsports), symbolizes the potential that India has.
While I knew I’d done nothing wrong I began to fear that I had become the victim of some crazed anti-cyclist road rage scenario. I’ll see you at the pond!” he yelled, before speeding up and heading down the lane without a care in the world. We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy.
You can keep off unwanted pounds and maintain a pretty good fitness baseline even if you’re just cycling. There’s also no risk of crashing, something that I’m all too familiar with after I ripped up my leg during a crash a few years ago. But due to the nature of the terrain you’re riding on, you’re less able to control your level of effort; the road dictates it for you.
A lot of runners get hurt falling off their bike on the trails so I don’t suggest mountain biking for injury risk reasons. I tend to ride at a higher effort level on the bike since there’s no impact forces and my risk of injury is low.
My only recommendation for spinning workouts is an iPod with a good playlist to get over the boredom of spinning in place.
You’ll be able to track top speed, average speed, total distance, and time (among a million other things). About three years ago the PRIVATE (read non-federation) racing scene was born, with newfound interest in the sport and the cycling experience of many foreign-returnees such as myself. It has happened on many occasions that there is about 2km to go, the HTC train is all lined up at the front, you’re on the edge of your sofa with your mouth open and the chip still in your hand, and they end the transmission to re-run some bloody West Indies cricket match from the 70’s, for the eight bloody time!!! The car was now drawing up alongside me, too close for comfort, like one of those support vehicles you see on the Tour de France – only I wasn’t expecting a spot of on-the-go lunch.
So, I had successfully avoided being squashed by my husband in my own car – and proved to myself that I can ride a road bike in a narrow space in the process. I don’t do this on every single hill or flat section, but I love going fast so this is a frequent workout. I failed to realize that there are other muscles involved, however, and that running might be a little more complex than I had thought.
For the last three years, there has been a “Bangalore Bicycle Championship (BBCh)” race every month. This primitive mentality did not allow teams such as ours to participate at elite level events; we had to literally find ways of sneaking in for the first few years.
This does not allow for proper planning, training or peaking, so the racing culture here has been very different from how it is in the rest of the world. There is however a maximum of 70 or so participants, and a selection process as it is a very demanding event. So technically the answer is yes… This year we did get to see a good deal of the stage finishes. He lives and breathes cycling and, given all the necessary training, support and opportunity, he could very well be a name on the ProTour listings one day. Today, folks are flying in from different cities to race here every third Sunday of the month. The future of Indian cycling lies in the hands of private, passion-driven individuals and teams, and KYNKYNY Wheelsports is paving the way! The BBCh races have had a calendar for three years now; all the serious athletes and enthusiasts plan around it.
For proper pro gear, there are only a few good sources; Wheelsports (Bangalore) being one of them.
The Championships are run by volunteers, and people throw money in a hat at the end of every race.
There is an organized points system, so for the real contenders it is pretty bad to miss a single race. It is truly remarkable to see the dedication of the cycling community here, organizing these events in their own time and with their own money. If I have to guide me myself then which are the blogs or websites or forums that can help me?

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