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I'm a parent of a 3-year-old and both my husband and I require she wear her helmet when she rides her tricycle. Rather than resembling the look of an actual bicycle frame like fit bikes used to, our patented X-Y positioning system brings superior control and easy adjustment, eliminating any guesswork or frustration from the bike fitting process. With an accurate measuring system, rigid frame construction, and compatibility with a variety of resistance units, the EXiT Fit Bike Classic is undoubtedly the best affordable fitting tool on the market for the price.
Photo-etched scales allow for precise absolute measurements that can be recorded and retrieved later. The horizontal saddle slider is tightened by a lever underneath that is easily reachable even with the rider still on the machine.
The adjustable feet can set the bike to be used on a variety of uneven surfaces while sitting on wide rubber pads that cushion the bottom.
The CompuTrainer Load Generator can be mounted to the base to simulate a real riding experience during a fit session. The Tacx Bushido is yet another alternative that is compatible with the EXiT Fit Bike, it offers wireless data transfer and is also self-powered through pedaling energy, no cables required. We also support the Kurt Kinetic Cyclone for those looking for a simple, more affordable source of resistance without having to deal with computers and complicated programming. If you bought a 50cm framed bike then it should be suitable for someone smaller then me as i'm 1.65m tall. If you have no idea what your bike’s make, model and year is, there is an option wherein you can choose what type of upper head-tube configuration is. The database of headsets is constantly updated with contributions from Trek, Salsa, LaPierre, Specialized, Niner and KHS. You should never be uncomfortable because of your position.  If your position is uncomfortable then it simply isn't the correct position for you! It’s much cheaper than a course of treatment for injuries caused by a poor bike set-up! If your injury is due to a poor bike fit it won’t get better (or stay better) until you correct your bike set-up. We offer a full triathlon service including analysis of running and swimming biomechanics, and can provide an individualised Body Fit program for your triathlon needs (click here to go to triathlon page).
Not only is this protecting her now, but this rule gets her in the habit so we won't have fights about it later on when she's older. A helmet should sit on top of the head in a level position, and should not rock forward and backward or side to side.

While expanding the tires and checking the brakes are critical – a protective cap is key. Back in 2006, the EXiT Fit Bike set the bar a step above other fitting systems and simplified the task of finding the perfect fit for any of your customers. The EXiT Fit Bike was the very first product that used this type of system which allows you to change any dimension in one plane while keeping the other plane constant, even while changing seat tube angle (U.S. They're specially crafted to reduce chipping and retain their appearance after many fit sessions.
These tubes have just the right amount of friction to make sliding easy without any messy lubricant. The horizontal slider provides seat tube angles 70 - 89 degrees, and seat tube lengths 44 - 68 cm.
There are also traction pads that serve to protect the bike and give you a better hold on it while adjusting. This assures that your customer will find the exact fit they need under the toughest of sport conditions.
A custom made bracket can be installed on your machine which will hold the PowerBeam Pro resistance unit. Choose from traditional, semi-integrated or integrated, and then you have to give what is your upper head-tube inside diameter measurement.
When we go on our evening walks and she's riding her tricycle beside us, she sometimes pleads with us to let her ride without the helmet. I ask you- - folks, guardians, and kids - to utilize your head protector every time you ride your bicycle – regardless of to what extent or short the separation voyage. The EXiT Fit Bike is made of steel so that there's no risk of structural failure under the greatest amount of stress.
Adjustment can be done while the rider is still on the machine, without any need for dismounting.
Changing the saddle type is a snap and takes less than a minute with multiple saddle holders. Is that his feet don't touch the ground when seated or something similar which is actually not that the bike is too big rather that he is not aware of the correct riding position?
Their sizing must have been way out, you should be able to return it for a smaller size as it's their fault that the bike is to big.
Whereas I'm arguing that on the listing, the size options were all in cm implying road bike sizing.

Due to the varied 20 conversion headset configurations, with integrated and semi-integrated standards, this can get confusing to any buyer. We give her two choices: walk beside us without a helmet or ride her tricycle with a helmet. All bikes are preassembled at our shop so that when it gets to you, all you have to do is tighten four bolts and you're ready to fit with no other assembly necessary on your part - that's it! Locking mechanisms make sure that your customer will stay in the same position while riding. By releasing only one bolt you'll be able to switch saddles that all retain their specific tilt so that they're ready whenever you need them. I'm 1.72m tall and when I ride it I only raise extend the seat height a few cm from the lowest setting.
I even asked him prior to purchasing the bike and he recommended getting the 53cm which would've ended up being a 21" bike! After doing all of this, you just click on the “Next” button and then you will be given the ideal headset(s) for you. Because of this you can be sure our advice is truly independent and designed with your best interests at heart.
Check out some images of correct riding position and see if he's actually just got the wrong idea of how he should be positioned or whether he would prefer a different kind of bike - roadies are likely to be a less relaxed riding position than a city bike for example if all he wants to do is meander along to the shops on it.Have you considered contacting Cell and seeing if they can swap it for a different size? Problem is it's already been over 6 months since purchase, I don't think Cell would entertain the idea of swapping it for a different size.
ShaferJanuary 4, 2016 at 9:15 AMTake some time and truly consider your choices with regards to how you need to carry your tyke alongside you for your bicycle rides. Turns out the bike is way too big for him and he hardly ever rides it as he doesn't feel comfortable on it. Thank you for the advice, I bought my husband a dahon folding bicycle last year, and he ended up getting into a accident and without his helmet, he would of been really really damaged. The size is OK for me so as a fallback I can keep it as a second bike for short trips to the shops.

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