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Burlington Cross Training is now offering women’s fitness classes in their Burlington, NC location. All women can benefit from our fitness classes whether you are new to working or are already participating in athletics or workout routines.
Licensed Training Providers and Authorized Providers are collaborators with the Red Cross in providing quality Health and Safety Services training in local communities.
This is the eighth post in a series taken from a lesson in Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.
The Lean Six Sigma cell layout requires that workers be multiskilled and able to handle any of the tasks in the work cell.
It’s a good idea to keep track of which operator has which skill in a work cell, as shown in Figure 9. An additional advantage to the continuous cell layout is that workers don’t waste time standing around waiting for the machine to finish a task.
How can we arrange the workplace and assign workers so those working in it can easily help one another?
Yet another efficiency enhancement is that when more than one person is working in the cell the workers can help each other if one of them falls behind. Burlington Cross Training offers cross training workout routines and mixed martial arts (MMA) workout routines using a variety of strength and conditioning workouts. Combine the proven best fitness program in the world with the most effective combative system in the world, and you get The Pit Combative Physical Training.
Cross-training is any sport or exercise that supplements your main sport — in this case, running. Some runners, both beginners and experienced runners, may hit periods in their training when they are feeling bored or uninspired to run.
Spin classes are also great low-impact ways to boost your cardiovascular fitness and strength.
Swimming is an excellent cross-training activity for running because it’s not weight-bearing, so it gives your joints a break. Water running is a great alternative for injured runners or as a substitute for an easy running day especially because its places no shock on joints. Yoga and Pilates build core strength, mental focus, balance–and perhaps most important for runners—flexibility. Strength training allows runners to improve the strength in their running muscles, create balance between unbalanced muscle groups, and focus on keeping their legs strong during injury recovery. To learn more about crosstraining please contact Mississauga’s Sport Therapy Expert Dr.
Burlington Cross Training can adapt Cross Training routines to meet your individual fitness level and individual needs. Our Burlington Cross Training instructors will custom design a Cross Training workout routine for you regardless of your current fitness level or age.
Whether providing training for their own employees, volunteers, clients or members of the community, Authorized Providers have an obligation to provide the highest quality training possible.

This differs from an operations-based layout where, for example, all drill presses are placed together and a person would only need to know how to operate a drill press. Instead they load one machine, start it, and move to the next operation in the cell while the machine completes its automatic cycle.
Quality also improves as workers are able to check on each other’s work and often catch quality problems right away.
We implement a variety of cross training techniques involving the use of kettlebells, olympic weight lifting, body-weight movements, medicine balls, box jumps, and nutrition consultations.
Whether you’re a beginner runner or an experienced marathoner, you can benefit from cross-training. Many cross-training activities are great cardiovascular workouts, so they build on those similar benefits of running. By balancing your weaker muscles with your stronger ones, you’ll help reduce your chance of injury. Runners suffering from injuries are sometimes told by their doctor to take a break from running during their injury recovery. In general, if you’re a recreational runner, try to supplement your 3-4 days of running with 2-3 days of cross-training.
Runners also tend to have very strong quadriceps muscles and weak hamstring muscles which can cause injury and spinning is an effective way to increase hamstring strength. You can do either resistance training, where you use your own weight for resistance (pushups, for example), or weight training, where you use weights (free or machine) for resistance (leg press, for example).
Cross Training is a strength and conditioning program used by many of the world’s top athletes, including military special operations, police academies and many mixed martial artists such as BJ Penn and Chuck Liddell. Burlington Cross Training workout routines can be adapted by reducing or increasing the number of repetitions, weight you use and time it takes you to do the exercises, so virtually anyone can participate in Cross Training at Burlington Cross Training and see great results no matter what your current fitness level is.
Grandparents, housewives and professional athletes can all benefit from participating in Burlington Cross Training workouts routines and workouts can be easily adapted to meet each individuals needs. Women’s workout routines can be individually adapted and customized to meet your individual needs.
In contrast, a work cell might have drill presses, grinding machines, mills, a deburring station, etc. Work cell layout should deliberately take this into account, making it easy for a more experienced worker to help a fellow worker. We also implement a variety of mixed martial arts training strength and conditioning training techniques used by top mixed martial arts fighters such as jiu jitsu drills, muay thai clinch and knee strikes, wrestling takedown drills and many other martial arts techniques. You can focus on specific muscles that don’t get worked as much while running and may be weaker than your running muscles. Participating in low-impact cross training activities, will also lessen the stress on your joints, which are often a sore spot for runners.
Cross-training gives runners a much-needed mental break from their sport, which is especially important for those training for long-distance events such as marathons. If you’re a competitive runner and run 4-6 days a week, you can substitute a low-intensity cross-training workout for an easy run or a rest day on 1-2 days week.

Taking a couple days off from running each week to do another activity can help get you excited to return to running.
Keep in mind, that water running in shallow water is more challenging than deep water  due to increased stress on the joints. You’ll also improve your flexibility since it involves a lot of stretching and range of motion exercises. Strength training is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your core, which helps runners avoid fatigue and maintain their form. Burlington Cross Training workout routines combines kettlebells, olympic weightlifting, body weight resistance training and a variety of other strength and conditioning techniques to help you get in the best shape of your life.
Try one of our classes today for free and experience how Cross Training can be easily adapted by one of our instructors. Our knowledgeable instructors will work with you to help you get in top physical condition.
Our cross training and martial arts workouts are great to get you tone and in shape, and best of all, you will be stronger and faster, all while learning to defend yourself. If you have tried the diets and nothing seems to work to get you the body you have been wanting, we can help.
Cross-training can help injured runners maintain their fitness and deal better with the frustration of being sidelined from running. Cross-training can also be great for runners who are traveling and may not be able to run outside or on a treadmill, but have access to other sports. A strong upper body helps you process oxygen more efficiently, which allows you to run faster with less effort. Remy has developed an approach to injury management that is based on current research and measurable patient outcomes. Cross Training workouts use different routines for each workout so your strength and conditioning is continually tested to its limits. Contact Burlington Cross Training today at (336) 380-2142 to schedule your women’s individual or group training class today.
Our unique cross training and martial arts workouts will get your body toned and looking and feeling good in no time.
Try to assign workers so new or slower people have more experienced and faster workers on either side, or immediately after them in the flow.
Swimming is especially recommended for people who are prone to running injuries or are recovering from an injury.
See a sample Cross Training routine in Burlington at our Cross Training Workout of the Day.
To get a workout roughly equivalent to running, you have to swim only about one quarter of the distance you would run.

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