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So, without any further delay, here are my picks for the most stylish cross training shoes for 2013! Sometimes, shoes are not always about performance, although they are important when using them for high impact workouts or aerobics. For the functionality, I have already reviewed it in the article on best cross training shoes for flat feet .  In summary, the shoe is comfortable to wear due to the gel sole technology and is also pretty light. The New Balance wX811 Performance Pack is another great looking shoe that performs as well as it looks.
A rare stylish cross trainer shoe from Reebok, the Crossfit Lite Lo is functional shoe married with good looks.  If you are into weight lighting on top of high intensity workouts, then this shoe is a must. However, do note that this shoe has no arch support of any kind as you can clearly see from the image. Good news though for the wide footed as it has a very wide toe box design that can accommodate the widest of feet.
I like the unique concentric designs that are found on the side of the shoe.  The lacing is also particular interesting.
When the orignal five finger running shoes from Vibram came to the scene, I really hated it.
One of my most visited articles was the one I wrote on best cross training shoes for flat feet. The good news is that almost every brand has cross trainers that are tailored to flat feet or people who have overpronated feet.
For women who loved Asics and have flat feet, the Asics Fit Sana model is great for workouts and under 5km running.  It provide the motion control support needed for flat feet folks and is light weight as well. For men, there is an equally stylish looking Asics cross trainers that is right for people with flat foot.
The GEL-Craze TR design make sure your ankle will not roll with every impact your leg is making. You can use this shoe for running as well although I don’t know how much support it can provide for long distance running.
Sorry folks but I can’t find any good adidas cross training shoes that are suitable for flat feet people. Sometimes, a picture do tell a thousand words and this is the case for New Balance Women’s WX1211 cross training shoe. In my previous reference to this shoe, I have mentioned that the stability provided by this shoe is amazing. Fortunately for men, there is an equivalent model labeled as New Balance 1260.  It boasts the same benefits as WX1211, with its solid arch support and heel cushioning. In terms of design, I am quite suprised there is only this color available as Nike is famous for its stylish and colorful selection.
The cushioning is also solid and reduces the stress you will have during the high impact workouts.
A stylish and nicely designed cross trainer for women who are flat footed.  In fact, I have seen so many reviewers from people who have other feet problems such as plantar fascitis and said this shoe is a relief.
Another good news is that the Reebok Simplytone cross fitness shoe has a wide toe so it is great for folks who have wide feet as well. One of the most stylish Reebok cross trainers also happen to be the model that is best suited for flat feet people.
The problem with flat feet is that they do not cushion the impact when your feet lands on the ground.
Another important thing to note about flat feet is that the ankles tend to turn either inwards or outwards. Whether it is Supinate or pronation, you need cross training shoes that provide good width support. Besides the aforementioned arch and ankle support that cross training shoes provides for people for flat, there is another noticeable difference. I have try to be as comprehensive as possible in this round up of the best cross training shoes for flat feet folks. The most problems I have seen for folks buying cross training shoes are their flat or wide feet. I have review the Puma Tazon model before in my article on the best Puma cross training shoes for men and women.  I gave it a strong recommendation due to its stylish design, solid sole grip and a well cushioned interior. This narrow design is actually great for people looking for cross training shoes with narrow fit.
A plus point is that although the general design is narrow, the front of the feet is actually wide so it can accommodation folks who need a wide toe box but a narrow body.
Besides being perfect for those looking for cross training shoes for narrow feet, it has incredible cushioning, thus making the shoe very comfortable to wear. In terms of weight, it is fairly light although not the lightest women cross training shoes.
The F-lite 230 is another one of these cross training shoes that receive high ratings for its excellent stability, strong lateral support and minimalist structure. Inov shoes in general are well known for doing one thing right: they allow your foot to develop the way it should be, instead of using lots of artificial support to make your feet more comfortable. As this article has shown, the benefit of having narrow feet is that you need to upsize your shoes even when others are complaining about them being too narrow. If your device does not support cookies, many of the features on this site will not function properly.
Keen, a premium shoe brand known for its outdoor and sports footwear, offers the Newport H2 sandals to men who want sandals full of features. Made with durable rubber soles, Teva Northridge walking sandals for men are water resistant, breathable, and lightweight enough to be comfortable no matter what the terrain is like. Supportive and stylish, the Ecco Offroad sports sandals are made of nubuck and offer extended wear.

Heavy duty and affordable, Gola Shingle men's sandals offer flexible, multipurpose benefits, and features such as ventilation panels, covered toes for protection during hiking or walking, and easy-to-lace toggles so consumers customise the way the sandals fit. Created with foot moulding inner soles, the Merrell Kahuna sandals bond to feet for the most comfortable and personalised experience. Functional footwear to supply fundamental support can often be hard to find since it may be difficult to slip high-rigid arches into footwear. High arch feet, or Pes Cuvas, is a hereditary condition which the arch of the foot is higher than the shoe footbed, resulting in poor arch support. If your feet have high arches, you are putting most of your weight on the heel and ball of your foot.
Sandals with Arch Support Sandals being one of the comfy footwear, many prefer to opt for it. Purchase high quality Arch Supports and Shoe Insoles for all types of shoes and activities at the Orthotic Shop.
As someone who likes to look good, the design of my cross trainers played a big part on how I select my running shoes.
Some reviewers might the front to have too much space and that will cause some discomfort when worn.  They might also not be true sizing as some felt they were on bit loose once being worn.
It has a great stability design that gives you that much more support during your weight lifting than a normal cross training shoe. I found out later that this is a new lacing system that is suppose to give you a more snug fit. Using the classic sexy curve line with minimal colors has helped create a design that is modern and sophisticated.  The air cushioning sole makes this a very comfortable shoe for running and other sports activities. Although flat feet is the common term used, the technical term is overpronation.  This means the foot tend to roll inwards upon contact, which results in uneven distribution of the force of contact as well as inability of the foot to fully stablise the body. Since every one has his or her own brand favourite, the best way is to list all the different brands’ flat feet cross trainers and let you buy the brand you want, rather than just recommending a few selected brands that I have experience with.
The shoe is also wider than usually so for men with width feet, this will not cramp your toes, especially when the high impact workouts such as P90 or insanity or HIIT.
They have a great selection running shoes for the flat footed but we all know running shoes are not the most ideal for high impact workouts.
You will notice from the outside that the arch support is stronger than usual and that is very important for person with flat foot.
More specifically, you will feel that your ankle has better support and your feet wouldn’t feel pain from the usual impact. If you have a husband or boyfriend suffering from flat feet, this is a worthy purchase for your consideration. I think that speaks a lot of how good this shoe is in terms of providing the necessary support needed.
That is how I got to know that this is a great cross trainer for flat footed people who love Reebok shoes. When this happens, it will also cause injuries as your feet lack the support neeed to hold the weight of the body. These shoes normally will have thicker cushion around your ankle areas to prevent them from pronating or supinating.
Motion control in general is develop for people with flat feet so they are also relevant to what you are looking for. I left out Puma and Ryka because the former is not famous for having great cross trainers while the latter only has female shoes. They usually require high arch support for the former and a wide toe box area for the latter.
From the image, you can see it is has a slightly narrow design with some degree of arch support. However, I did note that you may need a few wears to break the shoe as the fitting is rather narrow.
In that Puma Cell Riaze review, I again pointed out that it is best to order one size bigger to feel more comfortable. The risk of doing the latter is that your feet doesn’t get strengthen along with the rest of your body. The options presented here have won over customers with their excellent design and support. These brands offer light footwear with adjustable straps, trendy styles and colours, and a range of designs. Not only are the sandals designed for the ultimate in arch support, the insoles actually mould to the shape of each person's feet, providing a fully customised experience. The dual-strap design allows easy adjustment for a perfect fit, and the soles grip easily for traction no matter what the weather or landscape offer. The Arroyo sandals offer water-resistant material with a lightweight mesh inner lining for comfort, durability, and ventilation on hot days. The Offroad sandals include high-performance grips on the soles for traction even in wet environments, and the sandals are equipped with shock absorption as well. The Kahuna offers a distinct sporty style, and the water-resistant material allows users to trek out into lakes, pools, or rivers without a worry. Filter the results by shoe size or price range, and always buy sports shoes from authorised, reputable merchants. Tennis shoes and cross trainers are especially good for relieving pain and discomfort associated with fallen arches. While you shop for one this time, do look for sandals with arch support Pes cavus, high arch shoes, Drew Shoe, the number one source for high arch shoes that relieve the pain of Pes Cavus Footminders Casual Orthotics provide superior arch support, and are suitable for any type of men’s footwear and wider fitting women’s footwear. Every year, I look for the most stylish looking cross trainers towards the end of the year so that I have sparking new shoes when the new year comes about.
The Mx20v2 Minimus is meant to be worn barefooted so if you are intending to wear socks, please order half a size bigger.

The upper layer of the shoe is made of durable water repellent-treated synthetic leather that is suppose to be light and gives your feet room to breathe.
Well, Adidas just came out with their version of their five finger running shoes called adiPURE that look so much better. Hence, what folks with flat feet or over pronation should look out for in a par of cross training shoes that remedies the problem through the design and support. In other words, if you are in these shoes, the chances of you injuring your leg due to instability is reduced significantly. Running shoes tend to be lighter due it doesn’t need to built so much support for the arch and ankle.
Anyway, I have already highlighted some of the best Ryka cross training shoes in my previous article which you can take a look. However, there are also people with narrow feet and they require a different kind of cross training shoe. However, for your narrow feet, you don’t need to buy any thing bigger than your true size. While that may be a bad thing for normal folks, it is blessing in disguise for folks with narrow feet. When the day comes that the shoe can’t provide the necessary support anymore, you will find your feet not being able to handle the pressure from the rest of the body.
Before choosing the right sports sandal, men should factor in their budget, brand names, and the design and features of each sandal style. Microbe Shield lining inside the shoes keep odours at bay and keep the shoes lasting longer.
The Arroyo fits snugly and includes an EVA footbed for comfort and support, especially around the heel area. Ecco shoes fit perfectly, because the design of the shoes simulate the actual movement of human feet to provide a comfortable shoe which moulds to the feet for an exact fit.
The Shingle sports sandals have sturdy soles for traction, and the sandals are lightweight on the feet for hours of comfortable walking. Find out if the seller has any other sandals or shoes for sale to get an even better deal on a bundled shipment. From leisurely walks to high impact running and all activities in between, Redi-Thotics arch supports make you more comfortable and if you’re more comfortable odds Best Shoes for High Arches Shoes for high arches are special of kind that some individuals must use, in order to protect their feet from injuries.
With its signature black and white color tone, and the classic 3 stripes, Adidas has managed to turn the five finger design into something desirable. Its mitten-like toe box makes it possible for the wearer to have more control over actions such as push, arch, grip etc.
If you know of models that are great for high intensity workouts, please recommend them here. They reviewed that wearing this on signficantly reduces the discomfort if you are a flat foot person. However, it is still advisable for people with flat feet to get a cross training shoe even though it is heavier as they are more suited to protect your feet when running. In this article, we will look at which top cross trainer brands has shoes for the narrow feet. The H2 model includes 3 mm lugs, which makes them skid-proof for any type of terrain, and offers just the right amount of traction for wet roads or terrain. These fashionable sandals have rubber soles with 4 mm lugs for the best traction available, and come in stylish colours like grey.
The Shingle is also water resistant and perfect for pool wear, beach use, or outdoor sports like fishing. The straps are adjustable with a loop closure, and contain special Aegis antimicrobial elements to prevent odour and bacteria after wear. In the outdoors, regular sandals end up waterlogged and ruined, but sports sandals hold up to any adventure. Like the wide feet recommendations, they are not easy to find because stores never classify them in this way! These comfortable shoes come in a range of colours, including green, grey, navy, and black.
These stylish, light shoes are flexible and secure, and the special JStep soles make walking over rough terrain and through water completely painless and comfortable. One of the key factors consumers enjoy about wearing the Ecco brand is that no matter how wet feet get, the shoes do not slide around, but instead, they keep consumers steady no matter how much water is involved.
The shoes offer many of the same features as more expensive models for a fraction of the price, and include enough support for wearers with feet problems or sensitive feet. Men's sports sandals stand the test of time, and offer the support needed for long excursions outside, including hikes. Moszkito offers the most quality orthotics and more including orthotic sandals, foot orthotics, walking sandals, footbeds, Arch Support Shoes, and orthotic foot support. I have to painstaking look through every review to sift out those folks who have narrow feet and have no problems with their purchases before writing about them here. The design is similar to sneakers but offers the breathability of sandals, along with the grip of trail shoes for maximum skid resistance on tough terrain. These attractive sandals boast outstanding traction and last for years due to their sturdy design.
Available Free shipping BOTH ways on shoe with high arch support, from our vast selection of styles.

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