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Another great choice for women cross trainers with arch support is Saucony’s Grid v2. It is really a great choice for flat foot folks as it has high arch support as evident by its mid sole design.
For women with wide feet, you will be happy to hear that its forefoot area has lots of space for your toes to move. In summary, the Saucony Grid V2 is a great pair of cross training shoes for people who need arch support, wider forefoot and strong lateral support. The Asics GEL-160 cross training shoe has lots of arch support and is one of the best choices for men with flat feet problem.
Since this is Asics GEL model, it comes with a cushioned heel that provide a nice, bouncey feel to your feet movement.
Fans of Reebok can consider this Infrastructure Cross Training model if you need a shoe with solid arch support.
One thing to note is that you probably need to untie the shoelace at the top so that your feet can slide under your shoe.
Since Nike has went to the trouble of creating a shoe model just for this training, it makes sense to start there and see how the reviewers are rating it.  The first batch of reviews for the Nike Lunar Cross Element are, on a whole, pretty positive. However, there were some comments on the narrow fit of the shoe, which can caused problems for women with wide foot or toe box.
Arch wise, you can see that it is higher than the average shoe so it should fit well for people looking for cross trainers for flat feet.
This particular model is called the Ryka Transpire and is great for being a light weighted shoe that has plenty of heel cushioning to absorb the shocks of the high impact workouts.
The arch design can support folks with high arch foot so your feet wouldn’t feel hurt or uncomfortable. One of the reviewers is a boot camp certified instructor and even he recommends it so it must be good!
As previously reviewed,  it has a wide feet design and solid heel support which makes moving in them really comfortable, especially when it comes to lateral movements. This particular Grid V2 model is great for women with flat feet as it provides great arch model.
The only drawback is that it does not seem to have good cushioning but your feet wouldn’t get blisters or anything. Best slip on: cross training shoes without lacesKickboxing shoes from Adidas, which are the best options for men and women? Pull ups seem like quite a basic movement and are present in both bodybuilding and Crossfit protocols. Are you searching for the best in cross-trainer, studio, and minimalist shoes for women from Avia and Ryka?
Avia Women's Studio Shoe699 BlackMove beyond your typical expectation and enjoy the great fit and feel of the 699.
The Fly Fade looks like a basic cross trainer but they’re perfect for your dance fitness needs. If you’re looking for a high performer that’ll attract a lot of attention, the Zumba Fly Print may be the perfect fit. Zumba enthusiasts and instructors alike love the Urtempo for the look, feel, and protection it provides. Dance UR Lead are the perfect dance fitness shoes for Zumba lovers who want to look as great as they feel. Ryka specifically targets the shape and fit of their fitness sneakers to a woman’s special needs. More often than not, people that suffer from flat feet find themselves deterred from participating in the fitness plan of crossfit due to the expected and perceived levels of discomfort. For individuals with flat feet that are interested in participating in the popular fitness plan, it is imperative that they find training shoes that are able to deliver incredible levels of support and comfort.
These training shows are constructed of a combination of synthetic and leather materials while expressly designed for performance that is best described as high octane. Additionally, the Crossfit Nano 4.0 Athletic Shoes contain a low profile allowing feet to remain as close to the ground as possible. The training shoes are more than ideal for all of the elements that are associated with crossfit workouts. The minimalist is constructed expressly for the delivery of support and comfort while integrated with a microfiber footbed as well as a 4mm compression molded EVA midsole cushion. With the Inov-8 Bare XF 260 shoe allows men with flat feet the ability to train just as effectively as those with a proper arch in their feet.
The Inov-8 presents users with a combination of a ROPE-tec grip and a guidance system that affords 360 degrees of flexibility, support and stability for an enhanced offering of acceleration that is accompanied by a decreased amount of drag. This is a shoe that features an innovative design that is accompanied by all of the bare essentials needed in order to tackle the fitness regimen of crossfit. ROPE-tec is coupled with TPU lacing support affords user with adjustment that is easy without the need for tying or retying the shoes after each session. This is a shoe whose design language has been based upon a double layer mesh upper that allows the shoes to be highly lightweight. The exterior and the interior of the shoe have been constructed of materials that are expressly man-made. Not that you have been made aware of the very best footwear options for flat feet, there is nothing stopping you from engaging in an invigorating regimen of crossfit. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. AGGRESSIVE TRACTION FOR CHANGING CONDITIONS The Nike Zoom Rival XC Unisex Running Shoe features an innovative outsole designed for maximum traction on challenging cross country racing courses. Although I have written about the best cross trainers for flat feet, I feel that article isn’t as comprehensive as I like to be. It is no surprise that I consider this Dynamic model as one of the best women cross trainers for arch support.

For the latter, it is as if your feet is not wearing any shoes at all.  If you have not try Ryka shoes before, this aspect might surprise you a bit for first time wearers. If you are using them for classes such as Zumba or Jazzercise, the shoes can also provide you with the strong lateral support that is required for these dance workouts. Most of the reviewers commended that the actual sizing is too tight, especially for the toes. It is a model that I have already recommended in my previous article on flat feet cross trainers as well as my round up of the best cross training shoes for boot camp. Its ankle support is equally good and that makes this shoe ideally for high impact workout such as jazzercise.
The padding isn’t as much as other models such as the Asics gel but it can definitely protect your feet from impact. It might not be the most cushioned or light weighted but that shouldn’t take anything away from its great overall design. The high support is pretty obvious from the shoe design itself as you can see the clear support in the middle of the shoe. For cross training workouts such as cardio kickboxing, this additional heel cushioning will make you feel the difference when it comes to your feet pounding the floor.
In particular, some felt that the previous 150 model has a wider forefoot compared to this latest version.
It is priced very reasonably and as such, becomes one of my strong recommendation for a value buy for a men cross training shoe.
Its affordable price of under USD70 makes this one of the most value for money cross trainers that have excellent arch support as well as being a generally comfortable shoe to wear. It is so popular that even Nike has to create a range of cross trainers called the Nike Lunar Cross Element specifically catering to boot camp folks.  However, is it the best trainers for boot camp exercising? If you belong to this category, make sure to thoroughly test the fit of the shoe before committing to the purchase.
If you are new to this brand, check out this article I wrote that highlights which Ryka shoes are great for different types of foot problems.
I first recommended it as one of the best cross trainer for wide feet but it is also great as a boot camp shoe. I personally have not tried it (I am a girl duh!) so I can’t tell you from experience but the overwhelming positive Amazon reviews should be a trusted guide. This is why I recommended it in my previous roundup article on cross trainers with flat feet. Available in six fresh color choices, these high energy, true-to-size fitness shoes keep you dancing without missing a beat. Available in black or hot pink, your fitness fashion sense can be as subtle or intense as you want it to be. Available in two color combos – dark grey with dark pink accents or black with deep purple – they’re feminine without being too girly. Available in a basic black with yellow accents, they’re subtle enough to keep the attention where it needs to be. Available in black leather, these look and feel more like a basic work or walking shoe than a sneaker. Available in a camo print or solid color upper, the lace up dance shoes keep your feet happy from cha-cha to cool down. There’s no doubt you’ll get tons of attention coming or going in these eye-popping low rise shoes.
The narrow heel, wide forefoot, and extra toe space guarantees comfort and support regardless of which Ryka model you choose. Zumba’s new hightop fitness shoe has a padded tongue, ankle collar, and removable padded insole for maximum comfort. Since people with flat feet are void of an arch, the sole of the foot tends to come in contact with the ground resulting in an increased amount of trauma and impact. Below, we have compiled a listing of the very best options for crossfit participants that suffer from flat feet. The MX20V4 training shoes have been constructed with an impeccable marriage between balance and comfort. The insoles receive an antimicrobial treatment which allows for the shoes to be worn minus socks (if desired) and there will be no formation of an unpleasant odor. This barefoot flux glove sport is the direct result of approximately 30 years of testing and research.
The glove sole is comprised of man-made Vibram while the outer sole is TC-1 as a measure of ensuring that the shoe is capable of tackling high speeds on a variant of surface types. It does need to be noted that they are not the most attractive shoes, but they will afford users with high levels of performance.
This training shoe is more than ideal for a variant of activities whether indoors or outdoors. They have been designed for women that tend to be active while requiring incredible comfort. The side blue accents of the Asics Women’s Rhythmic 3 Dance Shoe is beautifully contrasted with black. The training shoes have been expressly designed and constructed to perfectly fit the natural biomechanics of the human foot.
Additionally, the upper air mesh delivers a proper amount of ventilation so that the feet are not closed off for extended periods of time. This design language also allows the shoes to be visually pleasing as well as impeccably flexible for the completion of high impact activities.
Its midsole affords users with lightweight EVA cushioning while the outsoles are feather inspired and able to assist in the negotiation of rough terrains.
Each of the options that have been presented will deliver the support, flexibility, comfort, durability and functionality that is needed for the fitness program. The lightweight upper is made of breathable mesh for comfort, and the midsole provides great midfoot support with minimal weight.

So, I am supplanting that with this article on what are the best men and women cross training shoes with arch support.
If you have very wide feet, you will need to test this shoe out to see if it can accommodate that. If you are doing high impact workouts, then these qualities will make this shoe a worthy choice for your consideration. This will give you a much fit than if you try to force your feet into the shoe without doing the shoelace. This is what the article is for as I scanned through the various top rated cross training shoes and review which ones is best suited for boot camp training.
It is probably just a feeling as I know there is enough support to absorb all the impact and shocks from the workouts. Perfect for all your high impact classes.Ryka RemedyA casual, minimal ballet flat that allows the foot to move freely. Patented Z-brace, Z–slide, and Z-compress ensure your feet are secure, comfortable and able to move on any surface. These lightweight training shoes offer knockout support and a thick, cushioned, removable insole to provide comfort and joint protection. Four unique color options keep all eyes focused on your steps… which may not be great for their workouts, but hey, this isn’t about them now is it? But for a general non-dance-specific Zumba shoe, you generally need a flexible low grip sole, high rise protection, and interior absorption to keep your feet fresh and cool.
You should note that flat feet is widely considered to be a postural issue due to the fact that it directly impacts an individual’s ability to perform the tasks that are associated with crossfit. They are outfitted with Vibram soles that afford them a high level of flexibility as well as a maximized amount of acceleration that is void of loss in regards to stability and balance.
The Merrell Men’s Train Glove 3 Minimal Shoe is widely respected as the latest evolution of the very best offering os off-road performance shoes to date.
Additionally, the footbed of the minimalist training shoes are treated with an AEGIS antibicrobial solution as a measure of resisting odor. The shoes weigh in at an estimated 8.3 ounces, which makes them among the lightest trainers that are currently available for men.
There is GEL cushioning system within the rear foot of the dance shoe that offers great support for the heels. There is a Zero Drop heel to toe differential and it is made specifically for women that possess extremely flat feet. Given that crossfit is brimming with sharp twists turns, high impact running and more; woman suffering from flat feet will need a shoe that can withstand it all and this is just that shoe. The breathable stretch upper fits like a glove with a removable arch support Ortholitei?? footbed to provide added cushioning and comfort. But serious Zumba enthusiasts need specific dance fitness shoes to keep energy high and injuries low. The thin sole and pivot point let you slide on any surface, whether you’re in your private studio or a packed gym class.
The cushioned insole provides comfort on its own and offers plenty of room for your own orthotics. The breathable mesh upper and fused frame provide circulation while making you feel like you’re wearing air. If you’re new to this type of fitness routine, try them on first before buying simply for appearance. This level is support is more than ideal for crossfit activities given that they require precision, balance as well as speed. Any one of the following best shoes for Zumba can be your perfect fitness solution at a price you can afford. And the cushioned midsole easily absorbs stress, while the built in pivot point helps keep your body gliding on most surfaces.
While the patented Z-slide lets you pivot, move, and slide regardless of the workout surface. In four fresh to eye-popping color options, these sneakers can take you from the studio or dance floor a night out with the family. Super lightweight and flexible, you’ll feel a rush of energy with every step, jump, or glide while looking like you can take on the world. Low profile cushioning and lightweight performance are combined with an adjustable midfoot strap to create a personalized fit and ensure proper foot impact alignment.
Support wraps aid in the secure fit, and the pivotal dance point provides ease for all your dance fitness needs. An absorbent sockliner and mesh lined tongue wick moisture away, while toe and side perforations help with air circulation.
Just be sure to change back into your day shoes after class, so your feet aren’t dancing the rest of the day.
Buy a half size larger than your normal size if you intend to use your own orthotics, and you may never want to own another fitness shoe.
These are generally true to fit but can feel tight to those not used to this type of fitness gear. They’re not great for wide feet, however, so try on in-store before ordering online for the best price. These Zumba shoes offer maximum arch support, killer flexibility, and the Z-slide ensures they glide easily across any surface. But for those who enjoy those specific fitness options, the Flex Classic is one of the best shoes for Zumba.

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