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The process for Life Fitness Certified Refurbished products involves completely rebuilding used fitness equipment to ensure that it retains the same high quality that the fitness industry has come to expect from brand-new Life Fitness pieces. Will has been with us since day one of Combat Sports Academy and came to us from CrossFit One World in Union City.
Jackie is a fantastic CrossFit Coach and a fierce Competitor having competed in the 2010 and 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, both years she advanced to Regionals where she finished in the Top 20.
CSA is proud to welcome World Champion Muaythai fighter, StrikeForce Veteran an elite CrossFit Coach Jenna Castillo to our Team. Jenna is also very involved in the fitness industry and has been teaching CrossFit for years and loves the intensity she finds there. Ashley is a current Law Enforcement Officer and life long athlete who brings a wealth a real world competition and coaching experience to CSA.
The “Pendlay” name is synonymous with Olympic Lifting as Glenn Pendlay has been coaching Olympic Weightlifting for over 20 years and CSA is very excited to welcome Mr. Glenn had started School at Kansas State University with the intention of graduating with a history degree and becoming a high school teacher.
Glenn chose to do research in the field of endocrinology while completing his Masters degree, specifically studying how different levels of stress affect the endocrine system and how this in turn affects the bodys adaptation to the stress. Wichita Falls Weightlifting was established in 1999 with Glenn as the head coach, and from 1999 to 2009 was one of the top producing clubs in the USA.
A leader in health and fitness, Donny Shankle is a four time national champion and world team member in the sport of weightlifting. Jessica is also a competitive Power Lifter and holds multiple California State Power Lifting Records for her weight class. We provide carefully designed Type Rating courses for pilots for all aircraft types Finnair Flight Academy operates. ReverseGreen™ Type Rating Training is a type rating training program with integrated training on economical operations. In this exercise the emphasis is placed on non-technical performance and crew resource management (CRM).
Will is our Head CrossFit Trainer and is a phenomenal Coach with an unmatched passion for Fitness. As such, she competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games and she is also one of the very few Female CrossFit- Level 2 Certified Instructors.

Medvedyev invited Glenn to stay and train with him, and taught him the basics of Olympic Weightlifting. His experiences in Moscow, especially seeing the science aspect of training and human performance, made him change his major immediately upon getting back from Moscow to Exercise Physiology. This research led to multiple papers being published in peer reviewed journals, and also to Glenns’ working with not only weightlifters, but athletes from as diverse of backgrounds as cyclists, skiiers, and track and field athletes. During his time as the coach of that club, Glenn produced over 90 national champions, over 20 medalists in international competition, and his athletes have broken as many as 10 American records in a single year. He is the only weightlifter in the United States to defeat in competition a defending world champion in over 30 years. Jessica was a high level competitive gymnast for over 15 years (Level 10) who retired from gymnastics due to a back injury. The courses are provided under Finnair Flight Academy’s ATO Approval with our syllabus and experienced instructors. Pilots will learn efficient operating procedures along with their type rating training and earn back the training investment by guaranteed savings in operational costs. The content of the exercise consists of scenarios that address the relevant areas of non-technical skills, such as leadership, management, situation awareness and decision making. Located in Central Guildford, this full-time Facility includes two training areas, a gym, showers, hanging bags and a training cage.
Jackie was recently part of the CSA Team that took 1st in the 2012 Moxie Madness Team CrossFit Competition helping to bring the Affiliate Cup home to CSA. Jessica has been involved in the Martial Arts for years having studied Escrima, Krav Maga, Boxing and Muaythai. Jenna now competes in Mixed Martial Arts, having won her pro debut at StrikeForce via 2nd round KO. As hesitant as she was at first to start lifting, once she started seeing the results she knew she had found a new passion. He eventually graduated from KSU with a BS, and went on to get his Masters degree in the same field. He has coached successful athletes all the way from 10 year old Schoolage National Champions, to Senior World Team member and Pan American medalist, to Masters World Champion and World Record holder. At the 2007 annual Arnold classic Donny was named the country’s most inspirational weightlifter. Since retiring from competition, Jessica has been coaching gymnastics for the last 8 years.

Will has done a fantastic job in helping to build our CrossFit Community and we look forward to him helping us grow into the future. In Junior College she focused on volleyball and continued playing volleyball at Cal State Hayward. Jessica is a certified Krav Maga Instructor with the Krav Maga Alliance, certified Boxing Coach with USA Boxing and is undefeated as a Muaythai Fighter. Becoming the 1st Female Athlete to win both the Powerlifting and CrossFit Competition Portions of the event. Jenna is also very involved in the fitness industry and has been teaching CrossFit for years. After several injuries inhibited her from continuing with soccer and distance running she was introduced to CrossFit at CSA. His teams also competed successfully for team championships, including 6 mens collegiate national team titles in 7 years, and a string of 3 Junior National team titles in a row!
He is the only American weightlifter to have trained both as a resident athlete at this country’s regional Olympic training complex and under the tutelage of the world’s greatest weightlifting coach and teacher’s Ivan Abadjiev and Glenn Pendlay.
Jessica was recently part of the CSA Team that took 1st in the 2012 Moxie Madness Team CrossFit Competition helping to bring the Affiliate Cup home to CSA.
Upon graduation, Jackie began her career in Fitness and Personal Training where she pursued and received multiple certifications. He is currently in pursuit of the London Olympics and is a full time personal trainer with more than eight years experience certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). While she was incredibly successful in the traditional fitness and personal training industry, Jackie missed the competitive nature of team sports until she found CrossFit. Gym Membership.Owned and run by WKA World Champion Alex Kennedy, the Guildford Academy has a professional and enthusiastic team of instructors, including two full-time Senior Kickboxing instructors, Jordan Heasman and Mary Smitheman.
You get out only what you put in, so a little dedication is required, but both students and instructors are helpful and friendly. A great place to be part of, Guildford Acadamy is a growing and well respected place of learning, and understanding.I can't say a bad word about it.Parking can get busy, but never a problem, just be early and you 'll be ok, free street parking after 6pm, evening adult classes start at 7pm most days so no excuse there !
I recommend Guildford Academy of Martial Arts to any one interested in learning self defence, a martial art and any one wanting to keep very fit and learn a new skill with world professionals.

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