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According to the 2014 Fitness Industry Analysis, there are 41 million Americans that are members of a health club, and half of those are members at a commercial, for profit facility. So that means there are 20+ million Americans that are paying monthly member dues at a for profit gym or health facility.
Before you invest your life savings, make sure you understand your financial projections and what it will take to breakeven. In addition to retail products and gym memberships, you will likely also sell specific classes.
Finally, many gyms have jump start programs for 4 weeks where a customer can try out the gym before becoming a member. Now that we have completed the sales projections, it is time to enter in cost of goods sold for each product and service. 1 Time Classes – Classes will not have material costs, but will have labor costs to pay the class instructors. 4 Week Programs – With these programs we are going to assume you just breakeven because these are often just a program to bring potential members into the gym, so we will assumed a $50 cost of good sold for labor cost per unit. When we add all of these startup costs together we are going to need to raise $200,500 in funding between personal investment, loans and other investment.
The following statistics are of individuals that carry gym memberships and what their typical demographic and trends say.

A report performed on things to look for when choosing the right gym so you can receive the best results.
MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer.
1 in 5 smartphone users track their health through a mobile app with over half using their smartphone or tablet during a workout. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
You can download the 3 year financial projection template that we created on our Templates Page Here. It is estimated that individuals with gym memberships tend to overestimate their use of facilities by as much as 70%.
This new age mobile gym has been changing trends on how people view and maintain their health. Your location is important, your workers are important, and advertising is important to bring people in, but fitness centers run off memberships.In order to keep members at your business, you need to have the ideal setup that is compatible with their needs. The following statistics outlines average gym memberships with some cost effective ways to still get your workout for less. That means having a variety of choices available and enough equipment that members are able to use whatever they want, whenever they want.Yoga, aerobics, running, weightlifting, and more- all forms of working out that your gym can offer to cast a wide net that reels in more potential members.

It extends beyond that, though- you need to offer variety within these choices, as just offering a service isn’t enough.For instance, if you only offer one or two classes for yoga a week and another gym offers quite a few more, than you’re at a disadvantage. Weightlifters who attend your gym are hoping you have a wide selection of equipment that they can choose from to work out with. In other words, your equipment setup has to be nearly impeccable, providing customers with what they want, when they want it.Of course, when it comes to the average cost of gym equipment, finances become a hassle.
Many business owners don’t have the funds to afford all the equipment they need, and they need a way to get that equipment.The Average cost of Gym Equipment LeasesEnter leasing into play when it comes to the inception of just about any business with a large equipment need. With an equipment lease, business owners get to put good, well-running equipment into their fitness center without having to worry about high, up-front payments that drain all of their capital.Instead, companies pay for the service rather than the equipment, getting the ability to constantly use equipment to run their business effectively.
You pay a flat monthly rate to get the equipment loaned to you, meaning payments are much more manageable, and you get the use of capital equipment in your company.The average cost of gym equipment is fairly high, meaning you need thousands of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment in your business and may not have the funds for it. However, the average cost of gym equipment leases is a low monthly rate, which is far more manageable for any business, new or old.Plus, with leases, you get the ability to maintain and repair equipment over time, giving you a long-term way to put equipment in your business.

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