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Ideal for those who want to have the equipment they use at the gym available at home, the Precor EFX is a self-powered elliptical cross trainer that remains popular in gyms around the country.
The Horizon EX59 is an entry-level cross trainer for those who want a machine that fits within their budget. Appealing to those who value high-tech features, the Nordic Track Elite elliptical cross trainer offers many accessories. With 29 different workout programs, 25 resistance levels, and the ability to store four user profiles, the Schwinn 470 elliptical cross trainer lets everyone in the house create a customized exercise plan.
Sole's E-series elliptical cross trainers remain popular with fans who appreciate the products' combination of value and quality. Designed for people who prefer quality over frills like docking stations and speakers, the Vision Fitness 57100HRT is ideal.
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The Marcy E8820 pink elliptical cross trainer is ideal to give your home gym the wow factor!
Like most things choosing a cross trainer is down to personal preference but here are a few guidelines to help anyone new to working out on an elliptical. So if you are thinking of buying a piece of fitness equipment take a look at our range of elliptical exercise machines. This site uses cookies to deliver its services, personalise content and analyse our traffic. V-Fit Herculean STG-3 Compact Upright Cross Trainer Gym is ideal for bench pressing, chest pressing, lat pulldowns (front & back), pec dec, leg extension, back leg, upright row, crunches, sit-ups, knee raise, leg lift, & aerobic stepping. This compact ProForm 450HR Elliptical Cross Trainer comes with 4 quick select programmes that adjust the resistance & workout time automatically so you can start improving your fitness straightaway. The DKN Fitness X-Trainer XC-120 cross trainer is an incredibly high specification programmable elliptical offering a silent total body workout. The ProForm 695 Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer is the ultimate one-stop elliptical that will give you a great workout every time. Working out on the NordicTrack CX650 elliptical cross trainer is like having your own personal trainer while you work.
The Body Sculpture BE1670HKOH is a magnetic elliptical cross trainer that is perfect for home use as it folds away easily saving a lots of space.
The ProForm 780 ZLT Treadmill is an stylish folding treadmill from one of the leading manufacturers in home fitness equipment. The latest ProForm 280 Razor Elliptical Cross trainer offers 10 levels of silent magnetic resistance, 16 professional designed programmes changing the cross trainer resistance during workout getting results fast! The ProForm 380 Razor Elliptical is one of the latest slim line design elliptical cross trainers from the ProForm, one of the leader manufacturers in home fitness equipment. The DKN Fitness X-Trainer 4-CT Cross Trainer is a compact sized elliptical ideal for a total body workout in the comfort of your own home. The DKN X-Trainer XC-90 Elliptical Cross Trainer features a multifunctional colour LCD console, a heart rate training in 2 different setting & 10 pre-programmed courses programmable up to 16 levels. The Reebok i-Trainer Cross Trainer is part of the Reebok i-series range of fitness products - smart & easy. The ProForm Fitness 900 Elliptical Cross Trainer StrideClimber is a truly excellent value for money front flywheel elliptical cross trainer from the largest manufacturer of equipment in the World.

With the ProForm 5.2 Folding Treadmill (2008 model) compete your way to fantastic shape quickly & easily.
Tacx Satori High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer: The Satori is the warm-up trainer for Pro Tour teams. If you are a fitness freak and looking for a good quality cross trainer that is not compact and is durable, then Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer is certainly worthy of a look. This is an elliptical trainer designed to maximize comfort while at the same time providing effective workouts. This cross trainer from Schwinn makes use of Eddy braking system that is magnetic and smooth that makes no noise and allows you to automatically set the resistance level depending upon the intensity of workout you require. Adjustable ramp allows you to set the incline and target different muscle groups in your body.
This is a big plus for people with a reach that is different from that is set between the seat and the handlebars. Built-in sensors in the handlebars allow the user to keep track of his heart rate through the large LCD monitor provided on the console of the elliptical machine.
Though Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer is a weighty machine, it is fitted with small wheels that allow you to move the machine from one place to another inside the home. The LCD monitor provided on the console of this elliptical trainer is large and bright and contains all the information that the user might be interested in during a workout. The adjustable ramp is not electronic and the user has to get down from the trainer to adjust the incline to increase or decrease it.
This elliptical machine from Schwinn is a great bargain in its price range given some of the advanced features like adjustable incline and handlebars.
When shopping for an elliptical for home use, consumers need to consider as features like a heart rate monitor, an electronic programming system, fans, and entertainment options. It features an adjustable stride and incline, so users have the ability to tailor its movements. This basic elliptical trainer has a built-in audio port and speakers as well as a rack that holds books, magazines, and tablets. This elliptical cross trainer features 21 workout programs and 26 resistance levels that let uses experience workouts tailored for their fitness needs.
With a single press on the full-color touchscreen console, users adjust the incline and resistance.
In addition to its 30 preprogrammed exercise routines and 24 resistance levels that produce quality workouts, the portable machine folds for easy storage. The compact machine features the Eddy Current brake system that keeps it quiet during use, so it works well in any home. These trainers offer consumers a selection of preset workout plans designed to target heart conditioning, fat burning, and interval training as well as the ability to adjust the incline with the touch of a button. It has 20 preprogrammed workouts, a 37-degree adjustable incline, adjustable stride length, and 20 resistance levels that let up to five users personalize their training sessions. The machine features several options like the company's patented Sure-Fit foot pedals, a docking station, cooling fan, and built-in speakers designed to provide users with the ultimate in comfort while working out.
The compact Marcy E8820 pink cross trainer is ideal for upper and lower body workout and features 8 different magnetic resistance levels, a 6km aluminium flywheel for a quiet and smooth workout and an integrated LCD display monitoring speed, time, calories, distance and pulse. These space saving fitness machines can give you a brilliant workout without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.
Some fitness trainers suggest there are advantages buying a rear driven cross trainer mainly the stride length being longer making for a more flexible workout.

You will find a wide selection at all price levels including modern designs fully equipped with high tech features as well cheaper versions too. If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place. The SpaceSaver folding technology allows you to quickly & easily fold up your machine when not in use saving 3 feet of floor space.
A premium specification treadmill for a fantastic entry level price, & packed with quality & features.
Coming from the stable of Schwinn, this exercise machine is for those who want a robust looking full size machine that provides effective workouts without any frills. Long stride means you do not feel constricted and have a natural movement of ankles and feet while working out even if you are a tall and hefty fellow. You can adjust the handlebars to suit your reach and make it more comfortable for yourself.
Whether it is your speed, distance covered, calories burnt, time taken, rpm etc, you know everything by just a glance at the screen.
It is a solid trainer that is very stable and provides smooth and noiseless workouts though it is long and may hinder space inside homes. The top elliptical cross trainers offer a wide range of programs and accessories designed for the home gym. The machine is Wi-Fi enabled and has a book holder, automatically adjusting cooling fans, and MP3 speakers. Like similar machines, it features preprogrammed workouts for weight loss and interval training, as well as a random workout option. It also features an MP3 sound system and tablet holder for entertainment and is compatible with the iFit app. As you look through the listings, pay attention to details like whether the item is preassembled or still in the original box, and consider its location so you can make arrangements for local pickup or shipping. Gym quality equipment with high tech features that can be folded away once you have finished.
The longer stride gives a jogging or walking type of motion when compared to a front wheel cross trainer. This elliptical machine is a big boy among the compact and lightweight machines available in the market. Elliptical Trainer GlossaryElliptical trainers have been around us for the last 20 or so years.
Gym quality versions offer extremely smooth and quiet motion plus an extensive spec including wi-fi connectivity, iPod and tablet compatibility, inbuilt screens, heart rate monitoring and additional fitness programmes to download. Yet it is very stable and inspires confidence in the minds of the user while doping workouts. Big name brands that manufacture folding elliptical cross-trainers include NordicTrack, Kettler, Horizon Fitness and Pro-Form. Other features include user friendly consoles with options for personalised entertainment, charging dock and integrated controls plus comfortable oversized pedals. Tips on How to Select the Best Elliptical TrainerWhether you are a fitness freak or not, you must have noticed growing popularity of elliptical trainers at health clubs, gymnasiums, and even at homes.

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