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The redesigned Rev Xtreme seat is the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency, this saddle is supportive and plush for all-day fitness rides or just casual spins. Smooth control resistance knob with direct pressure emergency stop for that perfect workout and control.
FLYWHEEL 46 lbs (22 kg) perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth and realistic riding experience.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can improve our site we'd love to hear from you. Please note that we don't have any information regarding orders placed by users of our site. Welcome to our elliptical trainer reviews, where you’ll discover what makes a great elliptical trainer and the best brands and models to consider. Elliptical trainers are a relatively recent innovation in the world of exercise equipment and in our view provide one of the best all round cardio workouts.
In this review we’ll explain just what an elliptical trainer is and what you should look for when investing in a machine for home use.
Our aim is to ensure you’re armed with the information you need to make an informed choice and an investment that will stand the rigours of regular use. If you’re new to exercise equipment you may be wondering what an elliptical trainer is…our elliptical trainer reviews page should provide an answer!
Elliptical trainers have handles, which just like holding and using ski poles whilst cross country skiing provide an upper body workout.
Elliptical trainers are very low impact, which is a great advantage over say a treadmill if you’ve any joint or back problems. I discovered elliptical trainers as a low impact alternative, which gave me a great cardio workout with absolutely none of the discomfort that running caused.
Another factor to bear in mind is that elliptical trainers burn more calories mile for mile than either stationary bikes or treadmills, due largely to the engagement of the upper body. Ok, so that’s what elliptical trainers are, but what makes a good elliptical trainer?
When carrying out elliptical trainer reviews, you’ll soon notice that there are a wide range of elliptical trainers on the market with many different features and price tags. When conducting your own elliptical trainer reviews, there are a number of decisions to be made when settling on the right model for you.

You really don’t need to pay more than $2,000 max for a good machine for home use, though, and there are some great machines around the $800-1,200 mark.
Generally speaking I prefer rear drive because it offers a true elliptical motion and feel. Rear drive machines have the flywheel at the back and is the preferred format for the higher end machines. Ellipticals from Sole Fitness are front drive and are excellent and companies like Schwinn offer some good value front end machines. Smooth Fitness, Life Fitness and Precor for example, all make some great rear end machines. Without getting too technical, the system consists of an aluminium disk that spins between two variable magnetic fields. Many mid-range machines have a motorised brake – a small motor that applies a magnet to the wheel and provides the resistance. The better systems work well and provide a smooth workout, but they’re more prone to breakdown or wear out. Budget machines have a manual system – you basically twist a knob that applies the magnet to the wheel and provides resistance. Generally speaking, the heavier the machine, the better built and more stable it is and the smoother the workout you get. A stable machine, with a solid frame and a big, heavy flywheel is a feature of mid to high end machines. Our elliptical trainer reviews would suggest that budget models can be a little wobbly and the quality of the workout then suffers as a result. It’s important to be able to manually control your program via an electronic interface. Monitoring your heart rate whilst exercising is a useful feature and enables you to gauge the intensity of your workout – as if the aching muscles and gasping lungs weren’t enough!
Heart rate control is becoming more common on low to mid-priced machines and is pretty much standard on mid to high end models. You program the elliptical trainer to the type of workout you want, eg fat burn, interval training, etc and the machine sets and adjusts the resistance accordingly. Some machines have the heart control sensors on the hand grips, others are wireless and require you to strap a heart rate monitor to your chest.

Ok, there are other factors that you may want to consider when doing elliptical trainer reviews for yourself.
For me, as I hate shopping, the best bet is online as you’ll generally get the best deal. The downside is that you can’t try the machine before you buy, although a visit to a retail outlet may enable you to do so. We hope you find the various elliptical trainer reviews useful and a handy guide to find what you’re looking for.
Just as the FitDesk X1 and the Compact Elliptical Trainer, the Seathed Whoole Body Pedaler is designed to allow you a complete cardio training from the comfort of your home. Both pedals and the arm crank can be cycled in reverse to allow you a more complex and efficient workout. All that pounding the tarmac caught up with me and I ended up with sore knees and shin splints. There are machines available under the $500 bracket, typically from large retail outlets like Walmart.
A machine with a shorter stride length will result in a jerky, chopped off, unnatural movement that can be rather uncomfortable. It’s also useful to have a range of pre-set programs to choose from and add variety and progression to your workout.
Specialist fitness stores can offer you some expert advice and of course you can try the various models first. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis. It can be used in combination with most home chairs and, given it’s compact design, it takes little storage space when not in use.

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