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Right now money is tight for me so I took the cheap route and got some an ebay and Deal Extreme light. A quick, cheap, and easy way to add a bike light is to use two hose clamps to hold an LED flashlight. Wrap something around the handlebar to keep the hose clamps from digging into the handlebar. No offense, but looking at the wear on your bars, it doesn't look like the clamp method works very well. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. The paint is missing because for a couple of years I used the hose clamps directly on the handlebars. A flashlight may not be perfect, but a pair of these 120 lumen flashlights does a fairly respectable job on the road and they illuminate better than many far more expensive bike lights.

I used the original internal magnetic reed switch to turn a power MOSFET off an on to supply power to the LED.
Yeah, you can use cheap X-mart flashlights and rig up a DIY mount but you aren't going to get the output and runtime that one of these cheap Chinese bike lights can offer. When I said cheap I meant I spent $24 US on a 1 XML T6 lamp with cheap battery and charger from ebay.
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The circuit board of the cheap lights are not trustworthy, they always uses cheapest electronic components and without enough test.
A good aluminum bike light case must uses aerospace grade aluminum(6061,7075), perfect CNC maching and type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

The cheap lights always advertise wrong battery capacity( In other words, they cheating customer, because they know the truth). I have a 3x XML T6 light head coming from DX for $30 and a $50 Xeccon 6600 mah battery to power the 3x light head. If the junction of the two hose clamps is made at the slotted secton, the hose clamps will crack prematurely at the slotted section.

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