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Want to trade your expensive car for a cheap bike in “These Troubled Economic Times”?
Lastly, an old derailleur has been used to guide the chain through the frankenframes, and a pair of wire baskets hung on the sides to carry cargo. Finding an affordable mountain bike can be really tricky.  After all, you are likely going to take this bike off-road and it is going to need to withstand rocks, washouts, mud and logs without breaking. Here are some of the most important considerations you need to know before you buy a mountain bike.
The advantage with full suspension is that it provides incredible cushioning on extremely violent terrain.  So for those crazy times that you decide to throw yourself face first off of a cliff, the bike can help absorb the impact. There are two huge downsides.  First off, it takes a really well designed bike frame, and a high quality rear shock to withstand the impact of the frame. Secondly, these full suspension frames bend and flex with every pedal stroke, costing you a significant amount of power when you are just riding on the road, or trying to climb a mountain.  Unless you buy a bike that has a mid shock that lets you lock it out, you are likely going to consistently find yourself at a tiring disadvantage.
Good quality full suspension bikes that I really recommend are going to start off at about $1,000. One of the neatest advancements in the sport of mountain biking are all of the new 29″ wheels to hit the market.
The 29-er was first invented nearly 15 years ago, by an enterprising adventurer who noticed that road bikes went faster, thanks, in part, to the taller wheel that road bikes use.  So, he built a mountain bike with special tires that let the mountain biker get the speed advantage of taller wheels, with the width of mountain bike tires. What is neat about a 29-inch tire is that for each pedal stroke, you are going to travel further, faster and with less fatigue.  In addition, the bigger wheel rolls over rocks and logs more easily.
However, if VALUE if something that catches your eye, you might want to pull out that credit card and get a closer look at this guy. Diamondback bikes are consistently some of the top performers out there.  They provide value where it is most needed, and upgrade the components that are most likely to have problems, thus creating a complete package that has it where it counts. It’s a shame, but those of us trying to get in shape on a budget keep running into weight limit on these bikes. Oh, and the free shipping that Amazon offers is cool, too.  Just act fast, these are going to move quickly as the days get warmer. The front shock is 75-mm long, offering nearly 3″ of travel, and the SunTour shock brand is considered quite reputable inside the industry. It you are looking for a mountain bike that is ready for adventure and wont’ break the bank,  this is a great one to go with.
Nashbar has recognized that there are a lot of people who really need a mountain bike that is rock-bottom affordable.  So they got creative and did just that. The frame is durable, if a little heavier than the Diamondback.  (However, it will still be significantly lighter than a department store bike). The components are an excellent blend designed for the value shopper who actually does plan on riding their bike off road.
And good quality disc brakes are going to cost you at least a little bit more than a bike with just linear brakes. With that said, good quality disc brakes do offer the advantage of moving your braking surface away from the rims of the bike that tend to get muddy.  When they are well-adjusted they perform noticeably better, and they seem to last longer. The bike that I’m putting in here is the cheapest bike that I could find online  that actually has decent disc brake. The Suntour fork is one that I used to hate on, but they have really improved their game over the past couple of years and I’ve seen these forks take quite a beating. If you are insistent on getting disc brakes but you are saving your pennies, I would whole-heartedly recommend the Karakoram.
Bottom line, if you want a cheap mountain bike with full suspension, you are going to need to outlay some cash. There aren't many sites with current bike reviews out there -- especially for the beginning rider.

After getting our new 1994 Suzuki RM 250 started and running, we corrected a few minor problems like the leaky carburetor and the weeping gas tank. In the 1994 model, the ports were moved around to provide more midrange to top-end power compared to the ‘93, and the piston got another ring for better sealing and life. It will hold the inside line in a corner, but getting the bike to hook up under acceleration is another matter.
The stock engine lost a bit of its snap off of the very bottom, but it has a smoother midrange thrust and more on top. ENGINE TIPS: You can also pick up some more bottom end by advancing the ignition timing two degrees.
BOTTOM LINE: All things considered, we must consider Project Lowbucks to be a complete success.
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Although rather scrappy, the solution is elegant in its simplicity, and while it doesn’t have the flat load-bed of some ready-made options, you do get the extra stability of a long wheelbase.
There is a lot of stress, and most of the cheap springs you see out there don’t last very long. And, unless you are going to be riding 99% off road on some serious terrain, they may not be the best choice. So if that’s what you are here for, you might want to run down to the next one on our list.
So when they design a bike they barter with all of the parts manufacturers to see who will give them a good deal.
The mechanical brakes are good, but there’s something about the stopping power of Hydraulics that are really attractive. It will cost you a little more upfront, but you will more than recoup that in fewer repairs. The disc brakes are especially nice to have at this price-point and these are a high enough quality that they won’t be getting bent or causing all those other problems folks hate about discs.
It’s going to be excellent for single track riding and should even handle some pretty rough riding.
The frame is lighter, the parts are better.  The frame is still that top-notch 6061-T6 aluminum construction, and the Shimano gears with the easy fire shifters makes it really easy to get the right shift every time. It uses a very similar 6061 aluminum to that of the Diamondback, so you can see that they aren’t cutting corners on the frame durability. You get 24 speeds to give you enough low gears for that hill climbing you plan to do, and enough high speed gears to keep you clipping along at a good speed.
Replacement wheels that are reinforced (double-walled) like the Diamondback bikes use, run about $60-$80 apiece should you ever need to replace one. I’ve had so many customers tell me that they regret ever parting with their bikes, and even more who say tell me how much they love the GT that they bought 5 years ago. If you buy some piece of Chinese-made crap that you find at the big department stores, it will not only be heavy and hard to ride, it won’t fit you well, and it will break after 12 months (if you are lucky).
It is my goal to fill this gap with accurate reviews and helpful information to make bike buying (and riding!) more enjoyable. A bit of epoxy solved the gas tank problem and we replaced the o-ring on the carburetor float bowl.

To refresh our memory, I dragged out a 1994 issue of Dirt Bike magazine on the RM 250 test. Notice we said smoother; the RM still has the most midrange of any 250 two-stroke of that time frame and can be a handful on slick tracks. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Clearly a purpose-made cargo bike is out of the question, as it is a relatively expensive specialist machine.
Now, imagine this made with an old mixte or step-through frame, and the extra load-space it would give, and you have a rather splendid and cheap bike, ready for a shopping trip. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. All of the cheap bikes that offer full suspension are just introducing more cheap parts that will break on you.  (Does it look cool?
If you do decide that you need to go full suspension, spend the extra money and do it right.
And, every year, there is at least one model that seems to be a much better deal for the money than all the other bikes. The extra-large downtube allows them to use a more light-weight metal configurations without sacrificing any frame strength. In my opinion they don’t offer the same feel as say a Hayes, but maybe that is just my opinion. Crank bearings were also strengthened, and the clutch cable was replaced with a heftier unit. Materials and finish aren't as good or costly as the works pieces, but the RM forks are reasonable facsimiles. Our bike came with a Pro Circuit pipe that gave a whole lot more end than you would have with a stock RM pipe. The end of the top-tube has been hammered flat and drilled and then bolted onto the back of the seat-post of the front bicycle, and its bottom-bracket bolted to the dropouts. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. And the end result is a bike that is perfectly balanced, ascends like an angel and shreds corners like a demon. You get 8 gears in the rear and the Sram x3 is  one of the fastest shifting systems in this price range. This also helps make the bike more suitable for heavier persons who need reinforced components. Now I just ride for pleasure and work on bikes when one of the local bike shops needs an extra hand for the day (or a bike race needs an extra wrench). Basically, the cartridge is inverted and isolated from slider contaminants, like a shock within the tubes. Average-sized riders will want two clicks more compression on the fork and a click more shock compression.
The RM 250 also received cast footpegs, wider fork protectors, longer-wearing brake pads and narrower radiator shrouds.

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